Candle Magick- brown

Earth Energy! Grounding, centering consciousness, the soil, practicality.

Personality: down to earth, common sense, security, practical, stable, loves to work with their hands, homebody

Magickal uses: Earth magick. Centering ,grounding ,plants and animals, finding lost items,gardening.



CHAKRA= Feet Chakra

PLANET = Earth

DAYS = Moon/Mondays - Tan Browns Friday/Venus - All Browns Saturday/Saturn - Dark Browns

NUMBER = 2 and 3

MAGICKAL TOOL = Wand, Salt and Goblet

SCENT / OIL = Birch, Cherry, ClovesLilac, Rosemary, Orange Blossom,Bergamot, Comfrey, Linden, Patchouli and Myrrh.

PLANT / HERB = Corn, Tansy, Ginseng, Willow,Lily, Ivy, Grains, Oats, Mushrooms,Orange Tree, Almond, Begonia, Daisy

ANIMAL = Toads, Cowbird, Faeries, Dog,Ostrich, Gnomes, Wolf, Bison,Elves, Pigeon, Horse, Deer,Pelican,Turkey, Woodpecker, Ants, Snake, Pheasant, Beaver, Goat, Moose,Cow ,Bull.

STONES = Rock Crystal, Smokey Quartz, Amber, Tiger Eye, Sandstone, Granite,Pumice, Turquoise.

TAROT = Pages , Tens.

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