Candle Magick-black

Absorption, why it is used for funerals. The void of all colors, it has the ability to absorb.

Quiet power, self-control, restriction, depression sickness, but new changes, rebirth. Wisdom, Control, Resilience, Discipline.

Personality: Someone who often dwells in his own dark recesses. A strong silent type but someone you don't want to deal with if crossed. A night person as the darkness seems to be their safe place, their solace and quiet space. The things that make the "black" person unique, has also the tendency to dwell on things and has more bouts of depression than most others. This person tends to keep a lot of secrets.

Magickal uses: Banishing negative thoughts and situations, reversing, uncrossing, binding negative forces, releasing, removing confusion, contact with spirits, dark magick, defensive spells (can be used with RED to increase intent).

AURAS: Indicate a sickness, disease,depression

ELEMENT= Air, water, fire, earth


PLANET = Saturn

DAY = Saturday



SCENT / OIL = Holly, Juniper, Yew,Myrrh, Cypress, Pine, Apple, Yarrrow,Rowan, Vervain, Peppermint, Basil.

PLANT/HERB = Oak, Yew, Beech, Elm,Comfrey, Holly, Ivy, Horsetail, Reeds,Solomons Seal, Mullein, Cedar, Clove,Cypress, Rue, Betony, Elder, Fern, Yarrow,Cayenne, Dragons Blood, Mandrake, Flax.

WOOD = Oak, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Hazel,Rowan

ANIMAL = Bobcat, Dragon, Panther, Raccoon,Rhinoceros, Groundhog, Blackbird,Lynx, Bat, Owl, Jaguar, Praying Mantis.

FEATHER = Hidden secrets, changes.

STONES = Onyx, Jet, Obsidian, BlackQuartz, Black Star Sapphire, Agate,Tektite, Pyrite, Diamond, Moonstone,Galena, Pumice.

TAROT = the Threes and the Queens

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