Candle Magick-blue

Emotion ,mental, calming, tranquility, sleep peace, loyalty, good will, purifying and protection, hope, sincerity, truth and patience Poet or Bard , communication mental, written and oral skills Sleep, twilight

The Personality : Sensitivity, introspection, communication .This person has the sensitivity of a poet or an artist. Loves family and home. Is loyal, conscientious and observant . Also, may be a little more psychic than he/she believes themselves to be.

Magickal uses:Water magick. Balance, peace and patience, communications, health friendships, dreams, sleep, inspiration, harmony in the home, meditations



CHAKRA= Fifth, Throat Chakra

PLANET = Neptune/Mercury

DAY = Monday/Moon = Light Blues - peace, patience , Wednesday/Mercury= Blues - friendships, creativity, dreams Thursday/Jupiter = Royal Blue - honor, happiness Saturday/Saturn = Dark Blues - communication


MAGICKAL TOOL = Wand,Cauldron ,Chalice

SCENT / OIL = Lily of the Valley,Honeysuckle,Cedar, Basil, Jasmine, Sweetpea, Lotus

PLANT / HERB = Carnation, Honeysuckle, OrangeHeather, Cypress, Hazel, Oak Moss, Mallow, Aloe Vera Buttercup(communication), Daffodil and Baby's Breath

WOOD ANIMAL = Dolphin, Whale, Mermaid, BlueJay, GullGiraffe, Robin, Deer, Ass, Clam, Lizard and the Frog

FEATHER = BLUE = psychic awareness, peace and health

BLUE/BLACK/WHITE = change and easy transition

STONES = Azurite, Turquoise, Coral, BlueOpal, Tanzanite, Sapphire, Chrysacola, Hematite,Sodalite, Blue Laced Agate, Lapis Lazuli,Aquamarine ,Sapphire.

TAROT = The Heirophant , Suit of Cups

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