Tea Leaf Reading

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When the beverage was brought from the orient in the 17th century, tea drinking quickly became a popular pastime, and from this emerged the art of tasseomancy, or tasseography, a type of divination by tea leaves. Tea leaf reading is one of the most commonly accessible forms of divination as it requires no special tools or training�just an awareness of one�s own intuition which can be achieved through the act of enjoying the tea itself.

Brew the tea using loose tea leaves, and pour yourself a cup of the invigorating liquid. A plain china cup is usually recommended, as the lack of decoration and the shape and depth of the cup itself aid in discerning the images, although the cup used will have no bearing or relevance if the person has strong concentration and a powerful mind.
Sitting quietly, or perhaps with some soft music playing in the background, inhale the aroma and sip the tea, relaxing and opening yourself up to the sense of inner stillness that accompanies the deepening feeling of relaxation. When only a small amount of tea remains in the bottom of the cup, swirl the contents several times, upending the cup on its saucer to empty the remaining liquid. Now you are ready to interpret the images formed by the leftover tea leaves. Images near the top of the cup represent events or situations that will come to pass in the near future, while the farther toward the bottom the images appear, the more distant the event, and the larger the image, the more significance it will have.

The images you see in the leaves can be many and quite varied. They can consist of letters, numbers, designs, straight or wavy lines or any number of shapes resembling animals or objects. This is where your intuition�heightened by your relaxed state�comes into play. To accurately interpret the leaves, you must allow your intuition to follow its first impressions of the image, as the conscious mind will often step in to second guess the intuition. If you�ve ever written a multiple-choice quiz in school, chances are you have already learned the value of sticking with your first inclination. Although it�s not always easy to allow your intuition free reign, with practice you can access and maintain the level of intuition necessary for a successful reading, and sites such as Mystical Minds offer advice and guidance on the subject.

Divination by tea leaves is not reserved only for catching glimpses of the future but can be used as a focus for practical magick. Consulting the leaves can reveal aspects of the present that were not hitherto a part of our conscious realization. The symbols found at the very bottom of the cup, in fact, can represent an underlying influence at work in our lives, or they can symbolize aspects of ourselves that require attention. Engaging our intuition to read the leaves helps to bring these conditions out into the open for our conscious inspection and allows us to direct our inner natural energies toward positive changes in our environment. In other words, it allows us to practice magick.

Check out Willa.com for an online tea leaf reading (click to link to it)

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To look at tea leaves and interpret them by their shapes is like looking at an inkblott. When you look at the patterns in the cup - they move for you - they dance - take shape - 'speak' to you.
Anyone can look at patterns and give them meaning on the third dimension level. The trick is to see beyond third dimension - and psych on the formations that are created.
Remember when interpretating the images - listen to thoughts in your mind as to clues to true definitions for the person you are reading. Visualise them in your mind. You can also use a Dream Interpretation Book to get further clarification of images.

ACORN - at the top means success and gain: At the bottom means good health.
AIRCRAFT - journey; if broken means danger of accident; can also mean a rise in position
ANCHOR - at top rest, stability, constancy; at bottom means clouded, inconstancy
APPLE - achievement
AXE - difficulties; if at top overcoming of difficulties
BABY - small worries
BAG - a trap; if open, escape
BALL - variable fortunes
BELL - unexpected news; good if near top
BIRDS - good news
BOAT - visit from a friend, protection
BOOK - if open it's good news; if closed you need to investigate something
BUSH - new friend or opportunities
BUTTERFLY - fickleness
CABBAGE - jealousy; with dots means at work
CANDLE - help from others
CAP - trouble
CAT - deceit, a false friend
CHAIN - engagement, a wedding
CHAIR - a guest
CIGAR - a new friend
CIRCLE - success, completion; with dots means a baby
CLOCK - better health
CLOUDS - trouble; with dots means many problems
COIN - money coming
COMB - an enemy
CROSS - suffering, sacrifice
CUP - reward
DAGGER - danger from self or others; beware
DISH - trouble at home
DOG - good friend; if at bottom friend needs help
DOOR - odd event
DUCK - money coming
EGG - good omen
ELEPHANT - wisdom and strength
ENVELOPE - good news
EYE - caution
FACE a change, may be a setback
FAN - flirtation
FEATHER - lack of concentration
FENCE - limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent
FINGER - emphasizes whatever sigh it points at
FIRE - at top achievement; at bottom danger of haste
FISH - good fortune
FLAG - danger
FLY - domestic annoyance
FORK - false flattery
FORKED LINE - decision
FRUIT - prosperity
GATE - opportunity, future success
GLASS - integrity
GLOW - a challenge
GOAT - be careful of enemies
GRAPES - happiness
GUN - anger
HAMMER - hard work needed
HAND - if open means friendship; if closed means an argument
HARP - love, hamony
HAT - improvement, especially in a new job
HAWK - jealousy
HEART - pleasure, love, trust
HORSE - if galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover
HORSESHOE - good luck
HOURGLASS - need to decide something
HOUSE - security
ICEBERG - danger
INSECT - problems are minor and you will easily overcome
JEWELS - gifts
KANGAROO - harmony at home
KETTLE - any illness is minor
KITE - wishes coming true
KNIFE - broken friendship
LADDER - promotion, a rise in life
LAMP - at the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom means postponement
LEAF - new life
LETTER - news
LINES - if straight means progress; if wavy means uncertain path
LION - influentain friends
LOCK - obstacles
LOOP - avoid impulsive actions
MAN - near handle means a vistor
MASK - excitement; insecurity
MOUNTAIN - great goals but with many difficulties
MOUSE - theft
MUSHROOM - at top means journey or moving to the country; near bottom means rapid growth; if reversed means frustration
NAIL - injustice, unfairness
NACKLACE - complete, admirers; if broken means danger of losing a lover
NEEDLE - recognition, admiration
OAK - health, long life
OCTOPUS - danger
OSTRICH - travel
OWL - gossip, scandal
PALM TREE - success, honor
PARASOL - new lover
PARROT - a journey, but also can mean people talking
PIG - greed
PISTOL - danger
PURSE - at top means profit; at bottom means lose
QUESTION MARK - need for caution
RABBIT - need for bravery
RAKE - watch details
RAVEN - bad news
RING - at top means marriage or the offer of marrige; at bottom means long engagement; if broken means engagement broken off
ROSE - popularity
SAW - interference
SCALE - legal issues; if balanced means just result; if unbalanced means unjust result
SCISSORS - quarrals, possibly separation
SHEEP - good fortune
SHELL - good news
SHELTER - danger of loss or ill health
SHIP - worthwhile journey
SHOE - change for the better
SNAKE - an enemy, but also wisdom
SPIDER - reward for work
SPOON - generosity
STAR - health and happiness, hope
SUN - happiness, success, power
SWORD - arguments
TABLE - social gatherings
TENT - travel
THIMBLE - changes at home
TORTOISE - criticism, usually benefical
TOWER - disappointment
TREE - improvements
TRIANGLE - something unexpected
UMBRELLA - annoyances
URN - wealth and happiness
VASE - a friend needs help
VIOLIN - egotism
VOLCANO - harmful emotions
WAGON - a wedding
WASP - romantic problems
WATERFALL - prosperity
WHEEL - if complete means good fortune; if broken means disappointment
WINGS - messages
WOLF - jealousy
YOKE - domination
ZEBRA - adventure, especially overseas

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