Herbs and their uses in detail...F-J

Here is a list of some of the herbs mentioned before in the suggested herbs for specific purposes and intentions.
This shows the element and planet it is connected to, is the part of the herb which is used, how and why.



GARDENIA = Water/Moon

Flowery Tops. Healing, Friendship, Love Carry or wear the pure fragrance or the crushed flowers to attract a new easy love or friendship, Burn with other healing herbs for added peace and comfort for the person who is ailing.

GARLIC = Fire/Mars

Clove, Flower. Protection, Strength, Promotes Communication Hang in kitchen, patio, windowsill, to help keep you strong in your will and/or to bring togetherness in the family, burn while you make your wish add to banishing wishes for added punch, carry as a sachet for trips over water, also, said to ward off bad weather when you are participating in outside events.


HAWTHORN = Fire/Mars

Wood, Fruit and Flowery Tops. Protection, Success in working matters, Purity The wood is used in making magickal wands and other tools, the tree and/or other parts of the tree are used in attracting Faeries, The leaves are also used in protective sachets and caplets. A tea is made and drank during incantations of the wishes.

HEATHER = Water/Venus

The whole Herb. Protection, Peace and Healing Carry as an amulet for a powerful protection. Also promotes peace in the home when hung or used in decorations for the home, hang in the bedroom for peaceful sleep, place on the altar for boosting other herbs and items to enhance psychic awareness.

HIGH JOHN = Earth/Saturn

Root. Prosperity. An excellent herb for increase in all areas of prosperity! Add to other money herbs and oils for a huge wallop of power.

HONEYSUCKLE = Earth/Jupiter

Flowers. Divine Inspiration, Peace, Balancing also Prosperity Fill a sachet and wear it or light a scented candle for clairvoyance or crush the flowers and rub into the forehead for psychic powers. Place flowers in a herbal bath for balancing yourself when feeling out of sorts. Add to all prosperity oils incense, sachets and wish items for a quick abundance.

HOLLY = Fire/Mars The whole Herb Protection Its wood is used for all magickal tools as it will enhance any wish you have. A powerful protection in the home. Also said to heighten masculinity if the fruit and leaves are carried by a man.

HOPS = Water/Mars

Fruit. Healing, Balancing A tea drank before bedtime helps with a restful sleep, also drank after magick acts to help balance and refocus oneself back to the everyday world. Use in healing sachets and amulets and the dried herb is also burned during healing prayers.

HOREHOUND = Earth/Mercury

The Whole Herb. Protection, Energy, Power. As a tea, used for increased energy and strength when needed in situations. Increases the power of strength and mental clarity wishes. Carried or burned for protection wishes.



JASMINE = Earth/Jupiter

Flowers. Spiritual Love and Dream Sleep. Used in dream pillows and sachets for sweet dreams during troubled times. The fresh flowers and oils are used for attracting and maintaining a spiritual love. Very powerful, only a little will do!

JUNIPER = Fire/Sun

The whole Herb. Money, Protection and Love wishes Used as an oil to add to the other herbs for increasing money status, light a juniper scented candle for prosperity. Use in a string of the fruit for attracting love, burn leaves and fruit for magickal protection. Place a sprig at the door to the home for protection against theft and unwanted visitors. Place a twig or leaves with valuables to safeguard.

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