Herbs and their uses in detail...A-E

Here is a list of some of the herbs mentioned before in the suggested herbs for specific purposes and intentions.
This shows the element and planet it is connected to, is the part of the herb which is used, how and why.


ACACIA = Air/Sun

Wood. Protection, Psychic Enhancement. Burn while you announce your desire. You can also add to burn with other appropriate herbs for money and friendship


BASIL = Fire/Jupiter

Flowery tops and leaves. Money and Riches, Protection, Love. Burn crushed powdered Basil while you announce your desire. You can also sprinkle a little on your person. Can be mixed with other herbs for protection and love

BAY LAUREL = Fire/Mercury

Leaves and Wood. Divination, Protection, Purification Justice and sleep/dreams. Burn the fresh leaves for divination, hang up at the highest point in the home for protection or burn and let the smoke hit the four corners of a room for purifying and cleansing of negative energies. Place in a dream pillow for safe sound sleep or with other herbs for psychic dreams.

BENZOIN = Air/Sun (Also Air/Mars)

Root and Leaves. Purification and Intellect. Burn for success in intellectual matters. Burn crushed and powdered leaves for purifying the home, self and other items of negative energies.

BETONY = Fire/Jupiter

Leaves and Tops. Protection, Purification and Love. Carry a sachet for protection and/or scatter at the four corners of a room in the house. Burn and let the smoke cover you for purification. Carry with you in an amulet for love advances. Burn for banishing disharmony in a relationship.

BURDOCK = Water/Venus

Roots, Tops and Leaves. Protection, Purification. Carry as a protection sachet or burn for purification of the room, Rinse with a root decoction for ridding oneself of a gloomy feeling about yourself or others.


CAMOMILE = Water/Sun

Flowers. Prepares body and mind for magick, Healing and Prosperity wishes. Drink as a tea, place small amount in the bath to prepare for magick, use as an amulet for prosperity, Burn for restful sleep, visualize your desire

CARAWAY = Air/Mercury

Seeds. Protection, Passion, Memory. Carry in a sachet for protection, add with other appropriate herbs for love, carry the seeds to strengthen the memory and use in sleep pillows to help remember your dreams.


Flowery tops. Creativity, enhance magickal powers, achieving balance. Also used with other appropriate herbs for healing, Energy. Light a scented candle, use in bath, place with other herbs for added energy, Burn flower tops for creativity.

CATNIP = Water/Venus

Roots and Leaves. Happiness, Animal Magick, Psychic Enhancement, Healing Pets. Use as a tea for happiness and increasing the pet healing. Can also be used as a relaxant during meditation, burn dried leaves for love wishes.


Bark. Protection, Healing, Love, Passion and Money wishes. Burn to promote clairvoyance and protection, Add to other appropriate money herbs for an excellent boost, wear an amulet for passion in men, and mix with other appropriate healing herbs to add energy and quickness to healing.



The whole Herb. Sleep Protection, Healing. The roots are used for sachets in dream pillows and sachets, the leaves and flowers are used in a tea for healing.


Resin (Gum). Energy, Purification and Protection. A strong banishing resin for ridding strong negative influences and bad habits, add to other herbs and incenses to add a power packed helper. Also used for magickal ink.


ELDER = Air/Venus

Wood, Leaves, Fruit and Flowery Tops. Purification, Love, Magick Tools. Used widely in the making of wands and other magickal items, the dried fruit and leaves are used for protection, also burned for cleansing and other personal magick.


The Whole Herb. Clairvoyance, Meditation. Used in a tea form and anoint the eyes for aid in clairvoyance. Helps too with other appropriate herbs to open the third eye and aid in meditation.

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