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It is not evil - it's merely a board with some black letters and a planchette (pointer). If you go looking for evil or demons you might possibly get something unwanted such as that. These are not good at all. These are very vicious spirts and just may affect normal life as we know it. I've heard of stories of people trying to invoke demons and the like of the devil. They suddenly find members of their family having tragic accidents and suddenly developing terminal diseases with no ill effect to themselves. DON'T DO IT. It's not worth trying, otherwise be prepared to deal with what you bring on! This IS NOT fun. They are serious and WILL curse you.

Spirits that talk through the board are just like you and me, they deserve respect and should be treated well. Before you start asking what your future will be like as questions about the spirits past ALL EXCEPT how they died. This will bring back sad memories and will turn the spirit angry.
Nothing will come from a board if you leave it lying around, you DO NOT need to burn it or throw it away if you have a bad experience, it cannot work without people making it work. ALWAYS include prayers amongst the circle of people involved in the seance to both OPEN and close the circle. It is a good idea to make sure you protect yourself before the seance is begun with a few prayers.

2 or more people are recommended for using the Ouija board at a time --- more than three can be a bit two crowded --- the general feeling is that three is just about the right amount for a seance.
Form a circle around the board with all participating members
Link hands left on top of right
-Say any prayers that you wish
-Place 2 fingers of each person upon the planchette
-Have someone standing by with a pen and paper to write everything down
-Ask questions such as "Would anyone like to come forth and talk"?, "Spirit are you there"?, "Spirit are you with us"?
-Make sure only one person asks questions at a time which avoids confusion
-Never EVER ask for anything you do not wish to deal with - do not do the typical stupid teenage thing of asking for a "sign" that the spirit is really there. This WILL result in major consequenses.
-If the board does not work try swapping participants around and taking some participants hands off the planchette
-The planchette should start off by spinning circles --- some say that this is the spirit trying to gain energy to communicate --- some say it is the spirit finding it's way around the board.
-If you do not understand what the spirit is trying to communicate to you ask it to either repeat it or ask questions that will clearly define what you would like to know. The spirit should gladly participate.
-If a spirit appears to be having trouble communicating ask what you can do to improve the communication between you, your seance parteners, and the spirit.
-if a spirit points to "good bye" let it go. You never know what an angry spirit will do!
-If you want to finish the seance place the planchette on "Good Bye" and say that you are now leaving. Everyone should then remove their hands from the board and the table. The board will be closed.

Sometimes spirits will show up as liars and deceivers, just like they were in human form. There aren't so many out there like this but they are out there, don't believe everything you are told, or if you are told something, try to prove it to yourself by trying to find evidence to prove it. Sometimes use letters like U for You and R for are, 2 for to and so on. Quite often they simply use the initial of the person they are talking about (or to) instead of spelling out their name. Be aware that it requires a lot of energy on both sides to have a seance going.You may become very tired after a seance with the board.
If the spirit gets tired they find it difficult to communicate with us and things will not run as well or as smoothly as you would wish. Since so much energy is used a possession or something similar would almost be unthinkable and unrealistic (and impossible) - it just doesn't happen!

Should a spirit show up that is overly rude, annoying or appears to have a violent personality communication should be broken immediately, do not attempt to talk to this spirit in any way shape or form. You never know what these spirits will do, if you keep the board open it will only return and annoy you. It's best that you stop the seance, put the board away, and give it a rest for a while, hopefully the next seance will not bring back this pesky spirit or any other pesky spirit.

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