A Mirror Scrye

To see how you looked in a recent past life: Be prepared to see someone you don`t expect to see. If you see things out of the corners of your eyes then stop what you are doing and ask for protection then turn the lights on.( This is not meant to scare you it is meant to protect you) Burn Althea incense, good for protection as well as enhancing psychic abilities. While in states like these, you are vulnerable so it is best to protect yourself as much as possible.

* One black candle
* A black mirror if possible

Make the room as dark as possible, burn incense and light the black candle. Gaze into the mirror at yourself, but look directly at your middle forehead, where your middle eye is. Keep a constant gaze here and train your mind to think of nothing else. If you think of what you were in a past life, etc, you will influence the outcome and what you see will not be true. Lose your ego and try very hard to remain blank ,open and receptive. You may have to try this several times at different times before getting a response, but it works.

If you have any scrying methods using the above(mirrors,stones,water or fire), please contact me using the link at the bottom and email them to me. Anything posted will have a note to ackowledge the person it was sent by, and credit will be given where it is due. Thanks ;-)

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