Tarot Love Spell

An easy tarot love spell, using visualization, a pink candle, pink quartz, cinnamon and red rose petals to attract your soulmate

What you`ll need:
A quiet undisturbed place to place your cards and perform the spell.
Star card - Lovers card - King of Cups
pink candle
pink quartz
red rose petals

Lay out the Star card and visualize obstacles that may keep you and your soulmate apart.
Next lay down the King of cups card and visualize everything you want in your soulmate.

Then place the lovers card in the middle and place the pink candle on top. Surround with the pink quartz and red rose petals. Light the candle now. Sprinkle cinnamon on the flame and speak from your heart and feel with your heart and ask for love from a soulmate,to be with your soulmate,to love your soulmate,let the goddess know this is important to you, you want to be with your soulmate and you need to be with your soulmate to be complete and happy in life." Let the candle burn out all the way.

You may leave the candle burning and return to it every so often and every time you return sprinkle cinnamon on top of the flame and visualize for a few minutes being with your soulmate, your heart opening,visualizing. Let the smell of the roses intoxicate you. Roses throughout history have reflected love, pure love and motherly figures.

When the candle has burnt itself out then again visualize your soulmate, your intent, your need and say " with this spell goddess, I ask you to help me,show me what I need, so mote it be"

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