Herbs and their uses in detail...P-T

Here is a list of some of the herbs mentioned before in the suggested herbs for specific purposes and intentions.
This shows the element and planet it is connected to, is the part of the herb which is used, how and why.



The whole Herb. Passionate Love, Fertility Business Growth. Used primarily in attracting a powerful passionate love. Burned for new business growth and also placed in the garden to help it grow healthy. Worn in a sachet or an oil for fertility. Also used with other Earth element herbs for divination and increasing psychic awareness.

PENNYROYAL = Earth/Venus

The whole Herb. Protection, Banishment. Burn for protection in meditation and astral travel. Used also for ridding oneself or the home of negative thoughts against you. Carry in a sachet or amulet when dealing with negative vibrations of all kinds. Place a little on a candle before or during uncomfortable meetings.


Banishing, Protection. Another wonderful and cupboard ready herb for banishing negativity. Burn to rid the home or office of bad vibrations or before you move into a new place (make sure you then use Sage.) Carry with you to ward off petty jealousy against you. Aids in summoning up your courage to face things or do things you just don't wanna do but have to.



ROSE = Fire/Venus (Also attributed to the element of Water, and also the influence of Mars. Flowers.)

Ultimate Love, Protection. The ultimate in love wishes, this will aid in bringing a true lasting love and help also to mend any spats between you in an already committed relationship. The petals can be bathed with while thinking a new love to you, the dried flowers are burned in love wishes. Sleeping with the flowers will protect your dreams. Carry a sachet or amulet for protection against bodily injury or when working healing wishes.

ROSEMARY = Fire/Mars (Also Fire/Mercury.)

Leaves and small branches Contentment, Love, Protection, Clear Thinking and Money. This is a good all around herb to have and I like it even better that you can find it in your cupboard. Used primarily for contentment and happiness to the home and to the person, a branch is hung, food is cooked with it or it can be worn to be a tension relieving and contented feeling. This also added to other appropriate herbs is a great boost for money, when you don't need your own money making press, just enough to say, cover those concert tickets you want. Carried in a sachet, talisman or amulet, this is a great guard against negative energies. Tea is drank to improve mental clarity and aid in the memory.


SAFFRON = Fire/Sun

The whole Herb. Clairvoyance. Another cupboard-ready herb, this herb whether burned, worn, carried or drank, helps to develop and strengthen your psychic awareness. Use liberally when working with the chakras. Use as a substitute for Orange. Also used with other herbs for healing.

SAGE = Earth/Jupiter

Leaves. Healing, Purifying. Used in sachets and amulets for all healing wishes and also burned or placed near a personal object of the person for whom the healing wish is made. Burned and the smoke is walked to the four corners of the room to repel and rid negative energies and influences. Especially good when moving into a new home. Can be drank as a tea to help promote a hasty healing. Also used when meditating.


The whole Herb. Protection, Banishing Calming. Use the leaves in a necklace to ward off sickness and tensions. Carry to strengthen your courage and conviction, or when about to confront a nasty situation. Burn to repel and banish negative thoughts and energies from yourself or others.


Wood, Resin. Protection, Cleansing, Meditations and Healings. Burn to enhance your meditations and healing wishes. Use the wood also for a healing wand or tie a piece on a healing wand. Burn to cleanse and purify yourself or the home by passing the smoke over your body or through the house. Used with other herbs in developing your spirituality.


THISTLE = Fire/Mars

The whole Herb. Healing, Protection. A spray of thistles aids in the speedy recuperation after surgery or illness, Hang in the home or plant around the home to ward off unwanted visitors and thieves.

THYME = Air/Venus

The whole Herb. Clairvoyance, Sleep, Cleansing, Healing and Love. Use in dream pillows to ward off nightmares, burn or use with other oils for aid in psychic awareness, wear a sprig to ward off severe grief, Burn and/or hang a sprig to banish and purify a home or room. Use with other herbs for healing and take a cleansing bath before working candle magick.

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