Herbs and their uses in detail...K-O

Here is a list of some of the herbs mentioned before in the suggested herbs for specific purposes and intentions.
This shows the element and planet it is connected to, is the part of the herb which is used, how and why.



LAVENDER = Air/Mercury

Flowers. Love, Protection and Purification. Burn to induce a restful sleep, place on the pillow or temples for a restful sleep, use as a bath to purify and cleanse, or burn for the same reason. Long ago, it was believed if you carried this, you would see ghosts.


MARJORAM = Air/Mercury

Flowery tops Helps to accept deep changes in life, Prediction, Balancing, Protection Burn over burner when someone or something dies, either figuratively or physically or place herb under pillow and ask for a revealing dream. Place a pinch of the herb in the corners of the home for protection, Added as a booster for all love wishes.

MEADOWSWEET = Water/Jupiter

Love, Happy Energy. A subtle but beautifully aromatic herb this is used for the symbol of love when mixing up your potions. Add a fresh pinch to boost. Burn the dried herb to relieve disharmony in the home or to relieve tensions when the in-laws are coming. continue to burn in a scented candle, no one will know!


Protection,Healing and Love Harvested on a Waning Moon, used to repel negative influences and protect against unwanted advances. Used in sachets and amulets, or hung in the home, it is a general all- purpose protector. Use in a bath for healing wishes or the herb added to a prayer bowl enhances the healing. Worn, it is said to help conceive and to hold on to your current love. Hunters were said to carry some of this for luck and protection. Wear when astral traveling for protection.

MUGWORT = Air/Venus

The whole Herb. Travelers Protection, Divination. Harvested at the Full Moon, this is carried for protection when traveling long journeys. Used as a tea to enhance psychic powers or rub the leaves on the forehead and on the divination tool to increase clairvoyance.


NUTMEG = Air/Jupiter

Seeds. Clairvoyance. Used to strengthen your psychic powers. Carry the seed or anoint candles with this herb,used also with other appropriate herbs to enhance psychic dreams and wishes.


OAK = Fire/Sun

Wood, Fruit and Leaves. Protection, Strength, Longevity Wisdom and Fertility. The most sacred of all trees, its wood is often used for many magickal tools. Many things are buried under an Oak Tree for the manifestation of wishes. Burn the leaves to purify the area. The fruit is used for most fertility wishes and is used in sachets and amulets or just alone. A sprig hung in the home wards off negativity and strengthens the family unit. Carried also for wisdom and strength in any given situation. Also carried to preserve youthfulness. Men carry to increase their attractiveness. Never cut an Oak for magickal purposes unless it is during the Waning Moon.

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