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Welcome to Keef's IMVU Developer Tutorials

"They know enough who know how to learn."
Henry Brooks Adams

As I discover how to do things I’ll try and share my discoveries with you so you can be a developer too. This is not intended as a replacement for the IMVU tutorials but as a supplement.

I STRONGLY suggest you first complete the IMVU supplied tutorials to gain a basic understanding of the tools.

In order to be an IMVU developer you must buy your name and register as a developer. You will be unable to submit a product until you do so.

Remember, No one learned to do this overnight, so take your time, learn at your own speed and have fun allong the way!


IMVU Developing Links


IMVU Catalog
Developer’s Page
Creator Education Center
Texture Downloads
Help Forums
Copyright Policy
Mature Content Policy
Tiers Info
Peer Review


~Keef's Developer Tools~

Skinners Resource Page!

-Keef's Skin Testers!
-IMVUs Skin Templates
-IMVUs Skin Texture Download Links

IMVU Source products listing

~Keef's Developing Guides~

Lab Study Class: Tips Tricks for Furniture and Room Deriving NEW!!!

A Shortcut Guide to IMVU's Creator Education Center

A Guide to help you navigate IMVU’s creator center

I Want to Develop Too, Developer Basics

Answers to common getting started in developing questions.

IMVU Dictionary

Polonius: What do you read, my lord?
Hamlet: Words, words, words.

Keef's Total Noob’s (and old farts) Guide to Deriving

Deriving and Deriving chains explained

An Explanation of IMVU's Tier Rewards program

A basic guide to IMVU’s Currency and its Economy.

What it all means to you as a developer
A guide to understanding Peer Review.

What’s the difference between JPG GIF and PNG anyway? And what the heck is 2x?


~Beginning Tutorials~

How to Submit Stickers!

A quick guide to what you need and how to submit your stickers.

Make a Shirt in Photoshop
(written for Pre. 1.9)

-How to use the Mapping Template.
-Takes you step by step through using the Previewer.
-How to make a texture from scratch in Photoshop.
-Photoshop tricks.
-How to submit your product.
And, with the update I added what I hope are extremely clear instructions on the IMVU pricing structure, since it seems to be a common point of confusion.

Tips on How to Texture a Kick A$$ Room NEW!!!

An overview on room texturing, and room texture making tips.


~Intermediate Tutorials~
(Require a basic understanding of the Developing Process.)

How to Retexture a Shirt with an Opacity Map using Photoshop
(written for Pre. 1.9)

-Explores what an Opacity map is.
-How to derive from a developer product.
-How to determine what has an Opacity Map.
-A short lecture on copyright
-Tips on how to make a texture when an Opacity map is a part of the design.
-How to make an Opacity map for your texture.

The Previewer's Texture Tab
(written for Pre. 1.9)

-A Texture Tab Overview & How to Make Cycling and Scrolling Animation in the Previewer.
-A description of EVERY option on the Previewer’s texture tab.
-A click by click tutorial on making scrolling animations
-A click by click tutorial on making cycling animations.

The Hidden World of the XRF

How to add Opacity to anything and how to customize XRFs for use in Your Products

Q and A

Questions I get asked (names removed) on my homepage and their answers. For every one person who askes a question, there are many who want to know too but are afraid to ask.

Other's Tutorials!

Cool Links to other developer's tutorials.


This website is owned and operated by Keef.
This is not an official IMVU website but an independently run support site.
All content with in is solely the creation and opinion of Keef.
Any comments or suggestions should be directed solely to Keef.
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