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I know that I have not been exactly forthcoming with updates over the past months, and for that, I apologize.  This is partially due to the intrusion of real life, and partially due to my new freelance writing job at Gamegrene.com.  If you want to read things I’ve written, you can usually find a brand-spanking-new article of mine posted over there every two weeks or so.  I won’t stop updating here, but articles at Gamegrene will be more frequent (since they are giving me deadlines and paying me and stuff).  Thanks for supporting Revenge Of The Gamer Chick!

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How I Became The Gamer Chick


The Joy Of Transgender Role-Playing


Woman's Work: Making Realistic (And Fun!) Female Characters


How To Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes Through RPGs


Gaming Pet Peeves


Sex, Lies, And 20-Sided Dice


That Feminine Touch?


(Gamer) Girls' Night Out


The D&D Of The '90s?

Corollary to OOC #9: Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Drink Blood


"Shut Up Mikey, You Don't Exist!"


A Gaming Group Of One's Own


A Column I Hoped I Wouldn't Have To Write


Woman's Work (Part 2)


We Represent The Lollipop Guild...

Reader Response: How To GM For The Lollipop Guild


Gamers In Search Of A Name

Reader Response: Gamers In Search Of A Name: Feedback


Not A Pretty Girl


"Dungeons & Dragons" Review


I Am A Gamer


The Gamer Nation’s Seat Of Power


The Girl’s Guide To Gender Bending


The Xena: Warrior Princess Syndrome


Legends Of The Gamer Chicks: The First Session


The Unreal World Gets A Little Less Real


Lost In The Forgotten Realms Of Love (Part 1)


Lost In The Forgotten Realms Of Love (Part 2)


The 100 Most Important Things To Know About Your Character

**revised and updated, 08/12/02


Everything I Need To Know About GMing I Learned From “The X-Files”


Guest OOC Article: The 10 Commandments Of Storytelling, by Philerius

**new, 08/12/02


Guest OOC Article: Rules For Character Creation, by Tyson

**new, 08/12/02


Everything I Need To Know About GMing I Learned From "Babylon 5"

**new, 08/12/02



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