Revenge Of The Gamer Chick

(a website by, for, and about female role-players)

OOC (Out Of Character)

The meat and potatoes of Revenge Of The Gamer Chick: essays on gender, gaming, and beyond.


My nifty forum where you can talk back to me about any and all aspects of gaming.

St. Olaf Hunter-Net

Info on the two Hunter: The Reckoning games going on in my immediate vicinity.

Mage: The Prodigal Sorcerers

Memories of the game of nine mages, two chantries, one cabal, and no clue.

Characters I Have Known

Everybody's doing it, so why can't I?  These are my favorite characters for my favorite games.

"There I Was, In A Game..."

Those gaming quotes and stories of mine that everyone inexplicably loves so much.

The Gamer Chick's Link Collection

Just what it sounds ever-growing directory to the best of the Web in gaming.

If you came directly here from a webring, a link on another site, or some other source, please take the time to check out the main page. I've got movie reviews, creative writing, more fun short, tons of cool stuff, just for you!

Want to link to my page?  Go right ahead, and take note that I have a nifty banner you may feel free to use!  Grab it at:

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