Nicole's Fan Fic
Here is Nicole's fan fic. Just click on the title that you would like to read. A rating is placed behind the title, along w/ characters involved and a short summary (when available). Disclaimer: All original characters are owned by Nicole. She owns none of the WWE wrestlers and never will.
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R (language)
Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore
Nicole believes a close friends lie over Jeff's truth or is his a lie?
Blinded Love
R (language, sexual innuendoes)
Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Trish Stratus
Consequences of Betrayal
R (language, stalking)
Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Edge
Nicole and Jeff�s relationship goes through ups and downs after his ex and a stalker comes into the picture
PG-13 (slight language)
Adam wants to get back with his ex, after making the biggest mistake of his life. Will she forgive him?
First Love
NC-17 (sexual innuendoes, language)
Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore
Jeff Hardy leaves his 17 year old girlfriend to fullfill his all time dream
Found It In Your Eyes
R (language, minor violence, sexual relations)
Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Lita, Edge , Maven, Nidia, Christian
A young girls dream come true when she meets the love of her life
Hidden Truth
Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Edge, Christian
Nicole brings Megan into the federation
I Won't Forget You
PG-13 (death)
Jeff Hardy
Jealous Suspicions
R (language, violence)
Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore
Shannon and Nicole begin to suspect that their signifcant others are cheating
New Found Love
R (language)
Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore
Only Love Can Tell
R (language, minor violence, sexual innuendoes
Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Edge
Jeff's heart is broken after his girlfriend cheats on him with an enemy. But meets a young girl who would change all the hurt in the same night
Send Me An Angel
R (language, violence, sexual innuendoes)
Jeff Hardy, The Hurricane, Trish Stratus
Nicole admits she has feeling for a friend
Shared Heart
PG-13 (sexual innuendos, language, abuse)
Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Lita
Nicole leaves the WWE after Jeff breaks her heart
The Truth of Love
R (language, drinking)
Jeff Hardy, Trish Stratus, Edge
What Love Hides
NC-17 (language, abuse, sexual innuendoes)
Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Lita, Trish Stratus
Jeff's girlfriend of 7 years ends the relationship after Jeff cheats on her. She then gets involved with an abusive man. When her friends finally talk her into telling someone, she chose Jeff. And their love is rekindled.
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