Chapter 1
"Jeff I don't want you to go."Nicole yelled.
"It's my dream! You can't make me choose"
"Jeff, I'm not making you choose, I'm just saying I have a bad feeling
about you going."

{Nicole sat down on Jeff's bed and put her head in her hands. Jeff knelt down in front of her}.

"Baby, I'm not gonna leave you if that's what you think."
"We will never see each other. You'll be around all those girls."
"I'm around girls all the time at school, What's the difference?"
"Jeff, you know the difference."
"Look, I've never thought of cheating on you, and I never will. I've
been with you since you were 13 that's almost 4 years. Why would I give up 4 years

{  Nicole looked into Jeff's eyes He smiled. Nicole smiled back}

"You're rite"Nicole said smiling

{Jeff kissed her and held her in his arms. She ran her hands up and down his back, she then ran her hands through his short blond hair. Jeff looked into her eyes. He then picked her up and laid her down on his bed he laid over her. He ran his hands down her body. He leaned down and began to kiss and suck on her neck. Nicole pulled up Jeff's shirt and threw it on the ground. He looked at Nicole, then took her shirt off, kissing her chest then down to her stomach to the button of her pants. He unbuttoned them and pulled them off. He then went back up to her chest and took off her bra. He kissed around her nipples then nibbled at them making Nicole moan. He then kissed her stomach until he reached the top of her panties. He pulled them off and threw them to the floor. He pushed one finger into her entrance and began to move it around making Nicole moan louder. Jeff smiled and pushed in another finger. Nicole grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of her. He looked her.}

"What's wrong?"

{She looked deep into his eyes}

"Make love to me, Jeff"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I am."

{Jeff leaned over top of her}

"It's gonna hurt."
"I know, go ahead."
"Let me know if you want to stop."

{Nicole shook her head as Jeff placed his throbbing manhood at her entrance. He slowly pushed himself into her. He waited a few minutes letting Nicole get used to him. He then began to go in and out of her, tears were forming but she didn't want to stop. After a few minutes, Nicole's hips began to move. He moved faster and faster until her muscles tightened forcing him to release inside of her. He collapsed onto her, both there bodies were trembling. He looked into her eyes.}

"I love you."

{Nicole looked at him completely shocked at what he had said.}

"I love you too."

{A few minutes later they got dressed and laid in each others arms, and fell asleep.}

Chapter 2
{Jeff and Nicole were woken by the ring of the telephone.}

"Hello?"Nicole said
"Where have you been mom's been looking for you."Nicole's brother Shannon said
"I've been here. Jeff's leaving tomorrow and I was going to spend some time with him before he left."
"Well, I'll talk to Mom and see if he can stay over here tonight. She wants you home though because she's going out of town tonight."
"OK, well me and Jeff will be over there in a little bit."
"OK, bye"

{Nicole sat back down on the bed and brushed her hair. Jeff got up and walked over to his dresser and pulled something out. Nicole couldn't make out what it was.}

"What's that?"She asked
"It's something I got for you the other day."

{Jeff walked over to her and handed her a stuffed white bear with a purple around its neck. Nicole smiled.}

"Thanks Jeff, it's so cute."
"That's not all."

{Jeff reached in his pocket and handed her a little box. She opened it and her mouth dropped. It was a sterling silver heart shaped locket. She opened it and on one side there was a picture of her and Jeff and the other of Jeff. She smiled and hugged Jeff.}

"It's so beautiful Jeff"
"that's why I bought it. I knew you would love it."
"I do, thanks."

{Nicole kissed Jeff and the two got there things and headed for Nicole's.}

~ At Nicole's ~

{Nicole and Jeff walked  into the house. Her Mom had already left. Shannon and his girlfriend Meg were sitting in the
living room. Nicole walked in and sat down on the chair.}

"So can he stay?"
"Yea, Meg's staying too."
"OK, cool,"
"But, Jeff can't sleep with you."
"Your 17."
"So, It doesn't matter"
"Yes it does your too young."
"Your too late."
"What? Shannon said looking back at Nicole then to Jeff
"We already did." Nicole said
"Are you serious? When?"
"Earlier today before you called."

{Shannon starred at Jeff. Jeff backed behind Nicole.}

"I can't believe that. You used protection rite?"
"Yea,"Nicole lied

{Shannon shrugged his shoulders and changed the subject.}

"So what are you guys going to do tonight?"Shannon asked
"I don't know, I just wanted to hang out since I'm leaving tomorrow."
"Sounds good to me."

{Nicole walked off towards her room and Jeff followed. They sat down on her bed and watched TV. Jeff was unusually lovable, and it was shocking Nicole. A few hours passed and Jeff was passed out. Nicole got up and walked into the kitchen where she saw Shan making something to eat.}

"Hey" she said sitting down at the table.
"Hey, you hungry?"

{Shan and Nicole sat down at the table and began to eat.}

"So what made you have sex with Jeff?"he asked
"I love him."
"Your not scared that he'll leave you?"
"No, he loves me."
"Yea, he probably does, but things can change. He can find someone
else and go for her."
"Why can't you just be happy for me? For us? Why do you have to try and put all these thoughts in my head?"
"I'm just trying to prepare you for the worst. Just in case it does happen."
"Well, it's not so just shut up about it. And stop worrying about me."

{Nicole got up and walked outside to the balcony.She walked over to the edge of the pool and stuck her feet in. A few
minutes later Jeff walked into the kitchen looking for Nicole. Shannon looked up at him.}

"Where's Nicole?"
"Out by the pool."

{Jeff walked towards the door and Shannon called him back}.

"Jeff can I ask you something?"
{Jeff said as he walked back into the kitchen and sat down.}

"Are you serious about my sister?"
"Yes, why?"
"How serious?"
"I'm serious why?"
"I don't want you to hurt her. She loves you."
"I'm not going to hurt her. I love her too."
"Are you sure?"

{Jeff was silent and looked out at Nicole. He looked back at Shannon.}

"You what?"
"I want to marry her......Does that answer your question?"
"She's to young to get married."
"I know I didn't mean now. I mean I love her so much I want to spend the rest of my life with her."
"Just don't hurt her."
"I'm not planning on it."

{Jeff got up and walked outside and sat next to Nicole. She was looking down and her hair covered her face. Jeff
pulled her hair back. Nicole looked away from him.}

"What's wrong?"He asked

{Nicole just shook her head. He pulled her closer to him.}

"Is the stuff that Shan said getting to you?"

{Nicole shook her head.}

"Look, whatever Shan told you, he was just worried. None of it was true. I'm not going to leave you, and I'm not going to hurt you. I love you Nicole."
"Really?"She asked
"Yes, I wouldn't say it unless I meant it."
"Well, I love you too."

{Jeff smiled and kissed Nicole on her forehead. She moved closer to him and he put his arms around her. The two sat out but the pool and watched the sun set.}

Chapter 3
{Nicole and Jeff spent the whole night with no one but each other. It was going to be there last time seeing each other for a while. The next day, Jeff woke up with Nicole in his arms. He stared at her and ran his hands down her cheek and threw her hair. He kissed her on the forehead and her eyes opened.}

"Morning Angel" He said
"Morning" She said

{Both knowing Jeff had to leave in 6 hours they laid there in bed by each other for an hour. They then woke up and took there showers and got dressed. By the time they ate it was time to go to Jeff's.}

~At Jeff's
{Nicole helped Jeff pack. He gave some of his things to Nicole for her to keep and have when she missed him. Then it was time for him to leave. She walked him out to Matt's car. Jeff put his things in the trunk and in the back of the car. He turned and hugged Nicole.}

"Lets make this short, so we don't take it so hard."He said
{Nicole nodded and kissed him. A few minutes later he was in the car and driving off. Nicole's heart was torn. She walked back into Jeff's house and called Shannon to come get her. She then grabbed the box of things Jeff gave her and waited outside for Shan. A few minutes later Shan pulled up and Nicole got in. She didn't speak a word the whole way home. She went straight to her room and laid in her bed. A few hours later she realized that she couldn't let this get to her so bad. Weeks went by and she had only received a few letters and a phone call from Jeff. He was pretty busy. She would watch him on the TV and try to keep up with him. She understood how busy he was. And that she was still really important to him. Shan soon left after that. Meg and Nicole were spending a lot of time together to keep there minds off of it. A few weeks turned into months and it was now October, Nicole's birthday was a few days away so Meg decided to throw a birthday party for her. She invited all her friends, including, Jeff, Matt, Shane, and Shan. That day came and none of them could make it. So it was just her and her friends. Meg had invited one of her friends to the party and him and Nicole clicked automatically. She liked him, but was still with Jeff so she never thought anything of it. The next few weeks her and Eric got closer. Jeff finally was able to come home, but couldn't get a hold of her. So unexpectedly one night when Eric dropped Nicole off Jeff was standing on her porch. Nicole was shocked and ran up to him. She went to hug him and he gave her a weird look.}

"Come in" She said

{Nicole opened the door and Jeff followed her in. When she set her purse down he handed her a dozen of flowers, and a white teddy bear. Nicole was happy to see him. She had missed him so much. They sat down on the couch and began to talk}.

"How long can you stay? She asked
"A week."
"That's good,"
"And I want to spend every day with you. I've missed you."
"I missed you too."
"So, are you the only one that stays here now?"
"Yea, moms usually out of town all the time or staying with her
boyfriend. I usually either have Meg stay with me or I stay somewhere else."
"So would it be OK if I stayed here with you?"
"Sure, I would love that."

{Jeff and Nicole talked for hours. They watched a few movies and then went up to her room to go to sleep. Jeff looked around and noticed a picture of Nicole and a guy.}

"Who's that?"
"Who's who?"
"That guy in the picture with you."
"Oh, that's Eric."
"Yea, Meg introduced us. He's really cool you'd like him."
"Does he know about me?"
"Of coarse he does."
"Is that who dropped you off tonight?"
"Yes, Jeff why?"
"Just wondering."
"Jeff were just friends,"
"I know"
"Well, then don't wonder."

{Jeff blew it off and got ready for bed. Nicole and Jeff laid down next to each other and Jeff put his arms around her. He looked into her eyes.}

"I love you Nicole."
"I love you too." She said with a smile.

{They talked for a little bit before passing out. Nicole was really happy that Jeff was home. She had no worries, or so she thought.}

Chapter 4
{3 days passed, and Nicole and Jeff were still as close as they ever were. Jeff met Eric, so the three would often hang out, Nicole didn't think that Jeff minded, but he did. Jeff got a bad vibe from Eric, like he was invading his territory. Eric would often act like he knew Nicole better. Like Jeff and Nicole were just acquaintances and Eric and her were together. Jeff never said anything to Nicole. He felt it would only cause a fight. One day Jeff was at Gill's house for a few hours to spend some time with him. Eric was over at Nicole's. The two were listening to music and talking. Somehow they got on the Jeff subject.}

"So how long have you guys been together?" He asked
"A little over 4 years."
" So you guys are serious?"
" Yea, pretty serious, or we were before he left, I'm not sure anymore."
" Why?"
" Well, we haven't really talked about it. So I don't know if he feels the same or what."
" Oh, Do you still feel the same?"
"Why are you asking so many questions about him?"
"Just curious, that's all."

{Nicole looked at him and he moved closer to her. She moved away a little, and he moved closer.}

"Nicole, what would you do if I told you I had some feelings for you?"
"I don't know."
"What would you do if I told you I wanted you?"

{Nicole was shocked at what he said, she looked at him and he kissed her. She didn't stop him they kissed for a few minutes before Eric pushed her back on the bed. Eric ran his hand over her chest and began to kiss at her neck. Nicole began to think about Jeff and there relationship. Nicole pushed him off.}

"What are you doing? I'm with Jeff not you!" She screamed
"I....I thought you wanted to."
"No, I didn't."
"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it."
"I think you should leave."

{Eric got his things and left. Nicole began to think about how she was going to tell Jeff what had happened. And that she didn't stop him at first. She walked down stairs and sat on the couch, and  searched for a way to tell him. Jeff walked in a few minutes later.}

"Where's Eric?"He asked
"He left."
" I told him too."
" What happened?"
"I just thought that maybe you were uncomfortable with him being around all the time." She lied
"OK, what's wrong then?"
"Nothing why do you ask?"
"You seem as if you were hiding something."
"No, nothings wrong."

{Jeff sat down next to her.}

"Good, I have something for you."
"Really what's that?" She asked

{Jeff pulled out a small silver box and handed it to her. She looked at it.}

"Open it" He said

{Nicole opened it. It was a silver ring with a small diamond in it. She was shocked she looked at him.}

"It's a promise ring."
"It's beautiful."She said

{She couldn't keep it from him anymore she had to tell him.}

"Jeff, I have to tell you something."         
"What?" He asked sitting down
"There's a reason I told Eric to leave."
"He, well, he kissed me,"
"What?"He asked
"And, I didn't stop him."  
"I don't know, at first I just didn't know what to do, then I thought about you and us and I pushed him away."
"So what all happened?"     
"Well, we just kissed at first then we ended up laying on the bed and  he was rubbing on me, and kissing my neck. And I thought about us and I pushed him off."

{Jeff was shocked. He looked away from her. Nicole could tell that he was hurt, and angry.}

"Did you feel anything?" He asked
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, Jeff, I love you."
"Then you shouldn't have done that with him."
"I know, I'm sorry Jeff.
"Is this the first time?"

Jeff got up and got his coat.}

"Where are you going?"
" Out,"
"Jeff where are you going?"
"I got to find someone."
"Jeff, no, leave him alone."
"I'm not going to do anything to that bastard. I just want to talk."
"Then let me come with you."
"I don't want you to be there if I loose my temper."
"Then I'm not letting you go."

{Jeff looked at her. Frustrated he agreed to let her go. Nicole grabbed her coat and they got in Jeff's car. Jeff didn't say a word to her the whole way to Eric's house, Eric wasn't there so Jeff drove around town looking for him. Jeff finally found him outside of Meg's house. Jeff got out of the car and Nicole followed. Meg looked at Nicole then at Jeff and knew that something had happened. Jeff went up and told Eric to turn around. When Eric turned around Jeff punched him. The impact made Eric fall to the ground. Nicole didn't know what to do. Meg grabbed Nicole and told her to stay back. Eric got back up to his feet.}

"What the fuck was that for?" Eric yelled
'I don't know what the hell your talking about."

{Nicole was shocked that Eric was denying it all.}


{Meg looked at Nicole.}

"Your girl was the one to fucking make a move on me. Why would I turn her down?"

{Nicole was pissed that he had turned it around on her. Jeff looked at Nicole and knew that Eric was lying.}


{Eric threw a punch at Jeff but Jeff ducked and grabbed Eric by his shirt and threw him up against a tree. Eric fell to the ground and Jeff started kicking him in his ribs. He then grabbed him by his hair and started to bang his head into the grass. Nicole and Meg were seeing a lot of blood and went to break it up. Jeff was so strong they couldn't pull him off. Nicole jumped between the two and Jeff held his fist back.}

"Move Nicole."
"NO, you've beat the shit out of him if you don't stop then you'll
kill him. Please stop."

{Jeff looked around and noticed how badly he had beaten him. He let go of Eric and went over to his car. Meg and Nicole followed. Jeff laid his head down on the hood of his car.}

"What happened?" Meg asked
"I kind of cheated on Jeff." Nicole mumbled
"What? How can you kind of cheat on him?"
"Well, I kind of made out with Eric."
"Kind of?"
"OK, I did, but I stopped before anything major happened."
"I was waiting for something like that to happen."
"What is that supposed to mean?" Nicole asked
"Well, you spent so much time with him. Plus Jeff being gone all the time."
"That had nothing to do with it."
"So your saying you would have done this if I wasn't gone all the time?"Jeff asked
"No, I didn't mean that."
"Look, you guys should talk,  fighting and yelling isn't going to get you guys anywhere."
"Yea that's rite," Jeff said
"Come on lets go."

{Nicole said bye to Meg and got in the car. The ride home was really quiet. When they got home, Jeff went straight up to her bedroom and Nicole followed. Jeff sat down on the bed and Nicole leaned up against the wall.}

"So what's going to happen? Do you want your ring back?" She asked
"No, I don't want the ring back. I gave it to you."
"So what about us?"
" Nicole, I'm just pissed, it's not like you had sex with him, or fucked around with him on more then one occasion, or that you two were together behind my back or anything."
"So we're still together?"
"Yes, but I don't want you around him anymore. And I'm still going to
be pissed, and my trust in you I'm doubting."
"I know"

{Nicole walked over and sat next to Jeff. Jeff looked over at her.}

"You didn't have sex with him or anyone else did you?"
"No, Jeff, I have only slept with you. And I don't want to sleep with anyone else."
"Thank god." He mumbled.
"I can't believe he turned it around on me."
"I didn't believe it for a minute" He said
"You knew he was lying?"
"Yea, I have noticed that everytime he lies he looks up. And he was doing that. Plus I knew you wouldn't have been able to make the first move."
"What are you talking about? I make the first move with you a lot."
"I mean with another guy."

{Nicole got up and got dressed for bed. Jeff did the same. and the two fell asleep a few minutes }

Chapter 5
~Christmas time~
{Jeff was still out on the road and Christmas was rite around the corner. Nicole was worried Jeff wouldn't make it home, he was booked for RAW on Monday. Nicole was now nearly 19 and was now living with Jeff. The two had never talked about the promise ring or anything in that direction since that night, but they were still very much devoted to each other. Shannon and Matt were home for the holidays and Matt brought home his girlfriend, Amy (better known as Lita). Shannon and Meg are still together and are getting married in April. Everyone was in the Christmas spirit except Nicole. All she wanted was Jeff to be home, and he might not be. She wanted Jeff home for a few reasons but one in particular, she had the biggest present for him, and it was growing inside of her. She had been hiding it for a few months now, and was wanting to save it for Christmas. Little did she know that Jeff had a surprise of his own for her. Christmas Eve came and Jeff still wasn't home. The last time she talked to him was early that morning and he promised he would try to get home. Nicole joined Matt, Amy, Shannon, Meg, and Gill at Gill's house for Christmas Eve dinner and opening presents. Nicole spent a lot of time sitting on the front porch looking out the window at the snow. It was now 6:00 and dinner was almost done. She walked in the kitchen and helped put the
finishing touches on the table. When she heard the dogs bark and someone at the door.}

"You made it!" Matt said

{Nicole saw Matt get up and walk towards the door. Wondering who it was she put down her towel and walked in the living room where she found Jeff standing in front of her. She was so excited she smiled and ran into his arms.}

"I can't believe you made it!"She said kissing him
" I never break my promises" He replied.

{After a few minutes of visiting everyone sat down and ate dinner. A few hours later the exchanged presents, Jeff and Nicole each gave each other one present to open in front of everyone. Jeff got her a dolphin necklace, and she got Jeff a guitar belt with his band name engraved in it. Shannon finally got that engagement ring for Meg that he promised, and she was in love again.
10:00 came around and Jeff and Nicole headed back to the house.Nicole couldn't wait to give him his big present. After Jeff got settled He built a fire in the fire place and the sat down on the couch in front of it. Jeff wrapped his arms around her and his hands rested on her stomach. She smiled and looked up at Jeff.}

"What?"He asked

{She just shook her head.}

"I'm just glad you made it home." She replied.
"So am I."
"Jeff I cant wait anymore can I give you one of your presents tonight?"

{Nicole stood up and walked into Jeff's office and brought out a paper. She sat down next to Jeff and handed it to him. He read that paper over a few times looked at Nicole then back at the paper.}

"Oh my god." He said

{Nicole's smile went away, she began to worry that he wasn't happy. He looked at her.}

"I'm going to be a dad?" He asked

{She shook her head}

"Are you mad?" She asked
"Of coarse not I'm everything but mad."
"So your happy?" She asked
"Yes I am." He replied "How far are you?"
" 3 months."
"How long have you known?"
"About 2 months."
"And you kept it from me that long?"
"I wanted to wait until Christmas. It's the perfect present."
"Yes, it is."

{Nicole was relieved that he was happy. Jeff pulled her back down to him. And wrapped his arms around her, where his hands rested on her stomach, he ran his hands over it and kissed her on the forehead. He then took one hand off and reached in his pocket and pulled out a little blue box opened it and put it in front of Nicole's face. She looked at it then at Jeff. He got up and stood in front of her she saw him kneel down on one knee and her heart began to beat faster.}

"I was going to wait and ask you on New Year's Eve, but I'm just so happy now I can't wait."
"OK," Was all she could say.
"Will you marry me?"

{Nicole looked at him. Then back at the ring.}

"Yes, I will" She replied.

{A few hours later when they were lying in bed Nicole began to think that maybe her being pregnant made him pop the question. She looked at him.}

"Jeff you asleep?" She asked
"No, Why? What's wrong?"
"I just wanted to ask you something."
"OK shoot"
"You didn't ask me to marry you because I'm pregnant did you?"
"No, I was going to ask you anyway, I just asked you sooner, because I was happy."
"So it's not just because of the baby?"
"No, You don't believe that I want to marry you or something?"
"No, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't because of the baby."
"No, it's not. Your happy rite?"
"Yes, I am. You?"
"As happy as anyone can be."

{He kissed her and they both fell asleep watching the snow falling outside the window.}
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