Nidia: A 24 year old who stands at 5'7" and weighs 130. She met Jeff at a club in Chicago and a few weeks later they were heating up, but Nidia then  meets an enemy of Jeff's, and sparks start to fly. She's 5'3 with long brown hair with red streaks, and hazel/brown eyes. She loves to party (She's Litina!!) and is really out going.

Rachel: A   26 year old who stands 5'6" and weighs 150. She is Matt's bestfriend, later to become the love of his life. She's 5'4" with long brown hair and brown eyes. She's always there for Matt but they consider themselves friends but everyone can see the truth. She's a dare devil. Whatever she does next, no one will ever know.

Megan (Hazel): A 24 year old who stands at 5'8" and weighs 145. She is Adams ex-girlfriend. Who introduces Jeff to the girl who changes his life. She's 5'9" with green/hazel eyes, and  short brown hair with red streaks. She's a fun loving and open minded super star, who does try her hardest to be the best she can be.

Nicole: A 21 year old who stands at 5'4" and weighs 146. Who works for UPN. She meets The love of her life through Meg. She's 5'3" with blue eyes and long blonde hair. She is fun loving and laid back, she loves staying at home. And is always there for her friends.

Cory: A  22 year old who stands at 5'9" and weighs 195 and is built. He is Nicole's boyfriend. He has a short temper and a bad attitude. He's 6'1" with green eyes and blonde hair. He's an ass and  is not laid back he freaks if something doesn't go his way. He's also a womanizer.

Jeff:  A 24 year old superstar. He is the boyfriend of Nidia. He is 6'1" with blue and green hair (naturally blonde) and hazel/green eyes. He's fun loving, talented, laid back, athletic  and easy going. He is always there for  his friends. And is the sweetest guy you'll meet.

Adam: A 27 year old superstar. He is the ex of Meg. He is 6'2" with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is out going, caring, athletic, and Canadian. He loves to dance and go to clubs.
Matt: A  27 year old superstar. Who is Rachel's best friend. He is 6'1" dark hair and brown eyes. He is the 'serious' one. He plans everything out. And hates it when things go wrong. (JIMMY LEGS!) lol that's for you meg.

Chapter 1
***Tomorrow is the big day. Meg's taking me to a UPN party and she's going to introduce me to Jeff.  I haven't met him yet so I am excited about meeting him. I only have one thing to worry about, Cory. Cory is my controlling boyfriend. We met in geometry class my sophomore year, he was a junior. We went on a few dates and have been together for 4 years off and on. Cory is very jealous. I think that song by Destiny's Child called "Bug A. Boo" says it all. He gets mad over the littlest things. He just started getting abusive about a month ago when I got my job at UPN as a reporter. Well, lets get off Cory. I get goose bumps just talking about him. On to my friends... Starting with the Meg and Adam situation. Meg and Adam use to date back in the day. They were together for about a year. She felt like the relationship was getting to serious. She was only 20. She told Adam that she just wanted to be friends. He was heart broken but he agreed to just be friends, when lord knows he didn't. Hopefully they will get back together. We have been thinking of a way to get them to get back together but they are to stubborn to just admit they missed up and want to get back together. On to Nidia and Jeff......Nidia and Jeff are dating. I've heard it's not the happiest relationship from Rachel. I've also heard she can be the biggest bitch when she wants. That's about all I can tell you about that relationship because I haven't met Jeff yet. Now last but not least Rachel and Matt. They have known each other for 3 years. They are in love without a doubt but when someone notices a hug that lasts a little bit longer than some friends do , Matt says "I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks, that's all."  Knowing fully well he loves her and vice versa. But only love can tell where this story ends.

Chapter 2
*** I was at my apartment that I shared with Cory getting ready. I had a hard time covering the bruises, it took a lot of cover up. Cory didn't know about the party. I was being very quiet getting ready, he was in the living room sleeping on the coach. If he were to find out where I was going he would flip! I was almost out of the door, when the phone rang, I tried to run and pick up the phone before he woke up but I got there too late. He sat up and looked me over. ***

"Where the hell are you going?"
"My work is having an employee party and I'm going."
"No, your not."
"Yes, I am Cory, they'll think something's up if I don't show."
"I don't care get in here now."
"No, I'm going" I said running out the door and running to my car.

*** I got in my car and drove off. I pulled up in the parking lot and saw a group of people standing around a car. I saw Rachel and Meg pop up and wave. I waved back. I got out and started to walk over to them. I saw This tall blonde guy. oh, he was so gorgeous. He was the complete opposite from Cory, at least he looked. Cory has the look of ASSHOLE. While this guy had the look of sweetness. I stared at him on my way over to them. He smiled as I approached them, ***

"Hey, Nicole" Rachel said
"Oh, this is Jeff, Jeff this is Nicole"
"Hi Nicole"Jeff said with a sweet voice.
"Hi." I said back.

*** We walked into the building and everyone scatters. I find myself a table and sit down at it. I order a drink and look around at everyone dancing and laughing. I then hear 2 people arguing I look behind me and it was Jeff, he was arguing with this tall thin brunet. I automatically knew it was Nidia. Rachel described her to me. Next thing I know Nidia is screaming and  goes to walk away from Jeff, I then hear Jeff say "God you can be a bitch". He looked over at my direction and I hurried up and turned around. A few seconds after I turned around, Jeff came up to me. ***

"Do you mind if I sit with you?"
"No, not at all."

*** Jeff sat down and ordered a drink. I caught him starring at me a few times but I just smiled. The last time I turned to look at him it looked like he was stressed. ***

"Are you ok?"I asked
"Me? Oh yea I'm OK, just sick of shit."
"Yea, you heard?"
"We've been together for so long, but god she's been a bitch lately."
"I'm sorry. Why were you guys fighting?"
"Oh, because I asked her if she would sit with me instead of the person she is supposed to be with in the story line and she went off!"
"Oh, I'm sorry."
"No, I'm sorry, I just met you and I'm telling you all this stuff."
"No, that's OK. That's what I do, I listen to peoples problems. Ask Meg and Rachel, they'll tell you the same thing."
"So where's Cory?"
"What?" I asked
"Rachel told me you had a boyfriend named Cory. I was just wanting to meet him."
"Oh, well, he didn't come. He was sleeping."
"At  6:00?"
"Yea, he sleeps all the time, he stays out at all hours of the night, then sleeps all day."
"When does he go to work?"
"HAHAHA Cory? Work? Please he hasn't had a job since he was in high school."
"You support him?"
"No, not really, he lives with me, but I wont buy him anything. He does that himself."
"Oh, well that's good."
"Yea, I'm not that stupid."

*** Me and Jeff sat there talking for 2 hours. I never once brought up how Cory treated me. And I wasn't going to. Nidia had called Jeff out to the car, and I was walking to the bathroom when Cory jumped out and grabbed me by my arm and pulled me behind some trees. ***

"Cory let go."
"No, your going home."
"No, I'm not. I'm staying here."
"Listen bitch I'm sick of you going around telling everybody lies. Your coming home and your staying away from that guy."
"What guy?"
"The guy that you have been talking to since you got here."
"You spied on me?"
"Your damn rite I did, and I'm glad too. Oh and your brother told me about you telling everyone you want to leave"
"I never said that, let me go."
"Are you going to leave?"
"No, but I need to stay here. It will be too suspicious."

***Rachel saw Cory pulling me behind the  trees. Her and Matt walked over to the trees and made sure I was OK. ***

"I want you home at 12:00. No later. And if I suspect anything you'll regret it."

*** Cory let go and walked off. I stayed back there trying to calm myself down. But I couldn't he's never scared me this much before. He's never been so aggressive. Rachel and Matt were worried when they saw Cory come out and me not with him. ***

"Are you OK?"
"Yea, I'm fine."

*** I whipped my face and walked out. ***

"He didn't hit you did  he?" Matt asked
"No, he just said  I have to stay away from Jeff."
"What? Are you going to?"
"I don't know,"
"You and Jeff were hitting it off though."
"I know, but he's got Nidia anyway so he doesn't even need me to be his friend or anything."

*** Just then Jeff comes walking up to us. ***

"Where's Nidia?" Rachel asked
"Um... with Jay."
"Yea.....We broke up!"
"What? When?"
"Just now, she called me out to the car to talk because she has fallen in-love with Jay, and wants to be with him."
"Are you OK?" Matt asked
"Yea I'm fine, it wasn't working out for us. Plus now I won't be so stressed out."'
"Well, that's good." I said

*** I gave Jeff a smile and started walking off. Jeff watched me walk off then looked at Matt**

"Is it just me or did her attitude just totally change? Especially against me?"
"No, it has, Cory showed up he told her to stay away from you."
"And she's listening?"
"You don't know?"
"Know what?"
"Cory hits her."
"He hits her."
"She told me he was an asshole, but she never said anything about him abusing her."
"Jeff look at her face."
"What about her face?"
"Just go up to her and look at her face closely."

*** Jeff took off after me came up behind me and grabbed my hand. I looked back to see who it was. ***

"Jeff what ...."
*** Jeff was starring at my face. ***

"That asshole."
"I know Nicole."
"You know what?"
"Stop denying it I know what he does to you."
"You do?"

*** I started to cry and Jeff pulled me against him and wrapped his arms around me. I cried into his chest***

"It's going to be OK. I know we just met but, you don't deserve this. You can do way better. Leave him."
"I can't."
"Yes, you can"
"Look, I can't he's strong, I'm not as strong as him. He knows where I live. Where I work. I know him he'll be pissed and he will come after me."
"Nicole, you need to get away from him."
"I know,  I will. Just at my own pace."

*** Jeff looked at me and whipped my tears. ***

"Lets go talk."

*** Me and Jeff went back inside and I told him about everything. ***

Chapter 3
*** Me and Jeff talked about everything you could imagine 11:30 came around. ***

"Oh, shit I have to go."
"Because I have to be home by 12:00."
"Or, nothing, I just have to be home by 12."
"OK, go home, but here's my number if you ever need to talk just call
"OK, I will."
*** I walked in the door at exactly 12:00. Luckily Cory was sleeping so I got changed and went to bed. ***

~~~ Back at the party~~~

"Nicole left."Jeff told Matt
"Aw now you don't have anyone to talk to."
"Actually I don't..I'm going to go home."
"OK, bye."

*** Jeff left and went home. ***

~ 3 weeks later. ~
*** Jeff and Nicole talked as much as they could when she was on her break at work and at night when Cory was gone. The beatings had calmed down and Jeff was slowly talking her into leaving. One day at Nicole's house Cory woke Nicole up by pouring hot water on her. ***

"What the hell"
"Get up bitch! NOW"
"What the hell did I do now"
"What the hell did you do! Where the hell is my food BITCH!"
"I don't know...."

***Before Nicole could finish she was stopped by Cory
smacking her in the face. He threw her onto the bed and went in the closet to get a belt. Nicole made a run for it but was quickly stopped by Cory smacking her in the back with the belt. Cory threw her into the table in the kitchen. All Nicole could do was cry**

"Cory, I'm sorry."
"Sorry doesn't make up for it"

***With that said he continued to beat her with the belt until he got tired and went to bed. Nicole crawled over to the phone and grabbed her purse and began to dial the only person she thought she could talk to.....Jeff. The phone rang about 3 times before someone answered it. ***

"Yea. Who is this?"
"It's me..Nic..Nicole"
"What happened?"
" me Jeff"
"I'm on my way."

***Before she knew it Jeff was ringing and knocking on her door. Nicole slowly crawled over to the door and unlocked it. Jeff turned the door knob about 3 times before he could get it. He walked in and looked around for Nicole. ***

"Oh my god,"

***Jeff flew over to Nicole and held her in his arms while she cried. Cory walked out of the bedroom to see Jeff moving Nicole to the door. ***

"What the hell do you think your doing?"

***Cory ran and kicked Jeff down and grabbed Nicole by her hair and flung her to the wall. Nicole hit the wall with so much impact that
she busted her nose. ***

"You stupid bitch. You can never get away from me."

***Cory walked over to Nicole and started punching her in her ribs and face. Jeff slowly made his way up and speared Cory. Cory reached for the lamp and tried to hit Jeff with it but Jeff ducked and hit Cory in face with a couple of punches. Cory kicked Jeff in the stomach and began to go for Nicole but Jeff tripped him. Jeff rammed Cory's face into the wall and Cory was knocked unconscious. Jeff quickly grabbed the phone and dialed 911. Jeff told them what happen and they told him help is coming. Jeff went over to Nicole and started rocking her back and forth. ***

~~ At Matt's house ~~
*** Jeff called Matt and told him what had happened. Matt then left and headed for the hospital. On the way Matt stopped by to pick Rachel up. A few minutes later they were barging in the hospital and went to the first nurse they saw. ***

"Can you tell me what happen to Nicole Jennings?"
"Just have a sit in the waiting room and the doctor should be with you

***Rachel and Matt took sat  in the waiting room.  About 10 minutes the doctor walks in. ***

"Is there a Mr. and Mrs. Hardy here?"
"I'm not.."
"Over here."

***Rachel looked at Matt shocked. Matt just smiled and walked over to the doctor. ***

"I'm Dr. Jenson. Ms. Jennings and Mr. Hardy are not hurt badly. Ms.
Jennings has a broken nose and 2 bruised ribs. Mr. Hardy only has a couple of bruises. They will be okay. They just need a little rest. You can take them home after the police asks them a couple of questions."
"Thank you doctor"
"No problem"

***Matt went back over to Rachel and told her what the doctor said. Meg, and Adam, walked over to Rachel and Matt. ***

"What happen to Jeff and Nicole?"
"Are they OK?"
"Where is Cory?"
"If you let me talk, I can tell you.

***Matt and Rachel told them what they know. Nicole and Jeff walk in the waiting room***

"Hey guys"
"Are you guys OK?"
"Thanks to Jeff, I am"
"It was nothing, just helping a friend in need."
"I just need to lay down."
"Nicole, where are you going to go tonight?"
"I don't......"
"You can stay over my house as long as you want."
"Thanks Jeff."

Chapter 4
*** Matt, and Rachel dropped me and Jeff off at his house. And Matt and Rachel went to Matt's. ***
~~~ Over at Matt's house~~~
*** Matt got dressed into his pajamas. Rachel did too. Matt laid down on the couch. ***

"You have any blankets and a pillow I can use?"
"To sleep."
"Your not sleeping on the hard couch."
'umm yea OK."

*** Matt laughed and walked into the bedroom. Rachel followed. Matt laid down in the bed and Rachel laid next to him. Rachel turned around and faced Matt. She leaned in and kissed him. When they broke Matt looked at Rachel with those puppy dog eyes. ***

"Matt, I love you."

*** Matt smiled and kissed her. They fell asleep in each others arms. ***
~At Jeff's house~
***Me and Jeff decided to watch the Ring. I was close to Jeff as possible without jumping on him. He looked at me and smiled**

"The movie isn't that scary. I will protect you."
"My hero"
"Your probably going to have dreams about this movie. Maybe we should sleep together"

***I turned  and looked at Jeff shocked. Jeff must of realized what he had said his eyes grew wide***

"I didn't mean it like that. I meant maybe we should sleep in the same bed and do nothing but talk."
"Jeff, it's okay. I'm not going to flip or anything" I said laughing

***I started to laughing until I turned  to the TV and a scary part is shown. I jumped on Jeff quickly. ***

"I can't breathe"
"Oh. I'm sorry Jeff"

***Just as quickly as I jumped on him, I was off. ***

"Maybe we should go to bed. It's getting kind of  late."
"Yeah Maybe"

***Jeff walked into his bedroom and I followed. Jeff began to strip forgetting that I was standing right there. Jeff has on his boxers now and turned and saw me staring. ***

"Can I help you?"
"What? got to...bathroom?"
"Two doors down on the left"

***I ran out of the room to the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and made my way back to the room. I was about to get in the bed with Jeff***

"Are you sleeping in that?"
"Yeah, I didn't bring any clothes with me."
"Here, you can where one of my shirts."
"Are you sure?"

***Jeff grabbed a shirt from his closet and threw it at me. I looked at Jeff for a while and he finally got the message. He turned around while I changed***

"All done"
"You look...WOW"

***I turned bright red.***


***We get in bed and Jeff scoots as close to me as possible. I acted like I was a sleep. He wrapped his arm around me and we both fell asleep with smiles on our faces. ***

~Back at Matt's house~
***Amy is ringing the doorbell like crazy. Matt gets out of bed trying to make sure not to wake Rachel. He answered the door. ***

"Amy, what the hell is going on?"
"Matt, I love you"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Matt, I want to be with you. Now and forever."

***Amy kissed Matt as Rachel walked out of Matt's room. She stood there in shock. Matt broke the kiss and Amy has a smile on her face. ***

"I would love to go to dinner with you Matt!"
"My answer is yes!!!"
"How could you?"

***Matt turned around and saw Rachel standing there looking pissed. Amy moved closer to Matt***

"This is not what you think."
"The hell it is."

***Rachel grabbed her purse and ran to her car. Tears falling down her face. ***

"Rachel please listen?"

***Amy tried to say something but Matt grabbed his keys got in his car and sped off. He walked in Jeff's house and slammed the door. I woke up hearing the door slam. I shook Jeff's arm he woke up***

"Wha...What's wrong?"
"Jeff I heard something."
"Are you sure? Maybe the movie just scared you."
"No, I heard something."

***He opened his eyes and looked at me. ***

"I'm sure it's nothing babe."

*** We heard the noise again. ***

"I told you."
"OK, I'm sorry I thought you were just scared."
"It's OK."
"I'll go check."
"No, don't leave me here."

*** I grabbed his hand forcing him to stay. He laughed and leant back down towards my face. ***

"Then come with me. I won't let anything happen to you."
"Ok,"I said

*** I followed Jeff. I was behind him. Jeff's house was earie. I don't do very good at peoples houses. Especially ones I've never been in before. The floor beneath us made a slight squeak and it scared me I ran to Jeff's side and grabbed his arm. He looked at me and smiled. We walked into the living room and see a figure walking around  Jeff turned on the light. ***

"Matt what are you doing here?"Jeff asked
"Amy showed up at my house...........She ruined everything."
"Amy did?" I asked
"She wants Matt."Jeff explained.
"Well, do you want Amy?"
'"NO, I want Rachel. I don't like Amy like that."
"Well, I'll talk to her. She'll listen to me. We're best friends. I'll explain to her what Amy's doing."
"If you say so. I hope your rite."

*** Matt walked out of the living room before I could respond. I looked at Jeff. ***

"I hope he's OK." said
"Yea, me too. Lets go back to bed."

*** Me and Jeff go back to sleep in each others arms. ***

~~~~~ 1 month later~~~~~
*** Me and Jeff are best friends now, but I'm so wanting to be more then that. Matt hasn't talked to Amy since that night Meg is miserable. She has pulled herself away from everyone. She hardly talks to anyone. If she does it's about the match for the night. She doesn't even go out anymore. Recently we haven't seen Meg in a few days. I called her house but would always get the answering machine. Adam was getting worried. He called her house but this time she answered. ***

"Meg? What's wrong?"
"Nothing.....look I...I'm busy I'll call you later."

*** Adam heard a dial tone.'Shit' He thought to himself. He had a bad gut feeling. He had to go over and make sure she was OK. He pulled up to her house. He saw the blinds were shut and The windows were closed. He went to the door and knocked but didn't get an answer. He went to open the door. It was unlocked. He walked in and called out to Meg. ***


*** No answer. He walked throughout the house and still couldn't find her. He came to the bathroom. He opened the door***

"Megz?..Oh my god, Meg No."

***He looked down and saw Meg with a razor in her hand. She looked up and tears poured. Adam began to cry. ***

"Meg stop"
*** He went down to her. ***

"Because I love you. Please don't."

*** Meg looked up as Adam took the razor from her hand and put it in the trash. He pulled her to him and she cried into his chest.***

"Meg, I'm sorry. I love you. I have always loved you." He said kissing her fore head
"I love you too Adam."

***Adam and Meg settled all there differences in Meg's bathroom. They decided to go see how the others were doing. Adam took them to Jeff's house. When they pulled up they saw Amy standing at Jeff's front door.***

"Hey Amy. What's up?"
"Hey. Last night was the worst night of my life."
"What? Why?"
"Well, I went over Matt's house to tell him how I felt about him and it turns out he had something going on with Rachel. She left and gave me a flat tire."
"Are you serious? She really did that?"
"Yes and Matt doesn't want to tell anybody."
"Well, are you going in or just staying right here?"
"I'm going to go home. Don't tell Matt I told you that. He doesn't want anyone to know."
"Okay bye Amy"
"I'll call you later Meg."
"OK, bye"

***Amy got into her car with a smirk on her face. Meg and Adam went in Jeff's house to find Matt, Nicole, and Jeff sitting on the couch talking. ***

"Hey guys."
"Hey, I see you guys got back together."
"Guys, where's Rachel?"
"She's at home I guess.
"Well, what happened?"

***Matt told them what happened and Meg and Adam were looking at him like he was crazy. ***

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?"
"What about the tires and Rachel giving Amy a flat?"
"What are you talking about?"

***Meg told us what Amy told them and Matt's mouth dropped to the ground. ***

"That lying bitch."
"So none of that happen."
"Your damn right none of that happen."
"What is wrong with her?"
"The hell if I know she's a bitch."
"So have you found a place yet Nicole?"
"Um... I don't know. I have one place in mind but its kind of close to the old apartment. I think I'm just going to move to  Sanford."
"Why?"Jeff asked quickly.
"I don't know, I don't feel safe here. Especially now that Cory is running around."
"But you have Me and Matt."
"Jeff, why is this bothering you so much?" Meg asked.
"I don't know, I just don't want her to move to Sanford. It's like a ways away from me."
"You want her to stay.....So you can keep a close eye on her."Adam said
"No, I just don't want her to move."
"Well, then where do you suppose I live?"
"I don't know. Here with me?."
"Umm we'll talk about this later. I got to go shopping."

***I grabbed my purse and my keys and went out to my car. I open the door when Jeff runs out. I look at him. He ran up to me and grabbed my face and kissed me. When we broke I was completely shocked at what he had done. I looked at him.***

"That's why you can't move."
"Because you kissed me?"
"No, because I want to be with you. I feel something  when I'm with you. And when I think of you."
"When did you start feeling all of this?"
"Since the first night we met, but I just thought that it was because I was attracted to you. But I've had these feelings since then and they're not going away. They're getting stronger. That's why I had to tell you."
"I don't know what to say."
"Say you feel the same"
"I...I do Jeff."

***I smiled at Jeff and he smiled at me.***

"But I got to go shopping."
"OK, can I go with?"

*** Me and Jeff get in the car and drive off to the mall. ***
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