Chapter 1
"Nicole wait." Jeff yelled. As his girlfriend of 4 years runs out of his house.
"Would you stop!" He yelled. Nicole stopped and turned around. Her eyes piercing into Jeff's.
"Baby, Everything Stephanie told you is a lie."
"Why would she lie about that stuff Jeff?"
"I don't know, but it's not true."
Nicole rolled her eyes and turned to walk away.
"Nicole, I never cheated on you with her."  
Nicole got in her car and drove off.

-Jeff's House                                   
"Have you heard from Nicole?" Shannon asked
"No, it�s been 2 weeks, she refuses to talk to me."
"Man, how could you do that to her? She was perfect for you."
"Do what to her?"
"Cheat on her."
"I didn't cheat on her."
"That's what everyone's saying."
"It's not true, Stephanie lied. Nothing happened between us."
"Then why would Nicole believe her?"
"I don't know. Maybe because we had a past. Nicole didn't know that. Maybe Stephanie told her some shit about me and she figured Stephanie wouldn't know that unless it were true."

Shannon shrugged his shoulders and walked into the kitchen. He looked out the kitchen window and saw Nicole's car pull up.

"Hey, Jeff?"
"Yea?" He said walking into the kitchen.
"Nicole just pulled up."
Jeff looked shocked. He sat down at the kitchen table and waited for her to come in. 10 minutes later she walked in the door.
"Jeff?" She called entering the kitchen
He looked up. And nodded his head.
"I just came to get some of my stuff." 
He nodded his head. Nicole walked into the bedroom they had recently shared. As she began to pack her things, Jeff walked into the room. She looked up at him.
"So it's over?" He asked
"Why wouldn't it be?"
"Because it's a lie. Nothing happened."
"Then how does she know certain things about your body?"
He looked at her. And sat down on the bed.
"Because me and her were together once."
"The year me and you met."
"And she remembers this stuff from over 4 years ago?"
"I guess she did. Nicole I wouldn't do that to you. I love you."
"I've heard that before. And it turned out the same way."
Nicole finished packing and stormed out of the room and left the house.

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