Chapter 1
"Hey guys, did you hear about the new girl that�s starting tonight?" Adam asked
"Yea, she's one of Nicole's friends." Jeff replied.
"So has anyone met her yet?"
"Yea I met her back when me and Nicole were together. Matt and Amy know her too. She's pretty cool."
"Is she cute?" Jay asked with a smirk
"Yea, she is." Matt replied with a smile.
"So when do we get to meet her?" Adam begged
"I dunno her and Nicole should be getting here soon"
"Well then call her, Jeff"

*** Jeff laughed and  took out his cell and called Nicole's.***

"Hey it's me"
"Oh, hey Jeff."
"Adam and Jay want to know when your gonna be here"
"I'm pulling up in the parking lot now."
"Oh OK we're all in  Matt�s locker room so if you want to just meet us down here."
"Oh OK I'll do that."
"OK see you soon."
"OK bye Jeff."

*** They hung up the phone and Nicole and Megan got there bags and entered the locker room. Megan was nervous. It was her first time meeting a lot of the superstars. She knew Matt, Jeff and Amy from when Jeff and Nicole were together they were always around. She was nervous because she was going to meet the "man" of her dreams. Adam.***

"Hey guys, this is Megan"
"Wow, Matt was rite you are cute." Adam said smiling.
"Thanks" Megan replied blushing.
"So are you nervous?"
"Yea kind of."
"Who are you teamed up with?"
"I'm supposed to help Jay in his match against Chris tonight."
"Really? That's cool."

*** Adam and Megan talked longer then they were supposed to. Megan and I had to rush to our locker room to get ready for our matches. I walked with Megan down to the entrance and talked to her. Jay�s music came on and he went out to the ring. I talked to Megan until it was her turn to go out and help 'Christian'. Chris had Jay in the "Walls of Jericho" and Megan ran out with a chair an hit Chris in the head with it. Chris fell down and Jay was able to pin. Megan ran out of the ring and out of the ref�s site.  when Jay pinned Chris ,Jay ran up to the ramp where Megan congratulated him on his win.***

"You did very good Megan" Adam said smiling and patting her on the back.
"Thanks I was scared I was gonna mess up."
"Well I got to go get ready to go out with Jeff and everyone. Are you going?"
"Oh I dunno, no one said anything to me, so probably not."
"Well I'm inviting you."
"Oh well then I guess I'll have to go."
"OK just meet us out in the parking lot after the show."
"OK I'll do that"
"Well I'm going to go got to get a shower and everything."
"OK, oh have you seen Nicole?"
"Umm last time I saw her, she was over with Jeff. They got into another one of there arguments."
"What do you mean?"
"Oh well her and Jeff have been arguing for weeks, about  what happened when they were  together."
"Yea,  he still keeps saying that she ruined him when she cheated, but she keeps swearing that she didn't cheat on him."
"Oh. Well then I guess I'll leave her alone."
"Alright well I'll see you later."
"OK bye."

*** Megan walked down to the girls locker room where she heard Jeff screaming at Nicole. She didn't want to hear what he was screaming about but she wanted to make sure she would be there if anything were to happen. She backed up to the wall so no one could see her***

Chapter 2
"Jeff stop yelling people are going to hear."
"I don't care if anyone hears. They all know how you ruined us!"
"I did not ruin us! You did by not trusting me and not believing me."
*** Jeff shouted and Nicole jumped. It was the loudest he had ever spoken to her. And she was scared. Tears began to run down Nicole's cheeks. Jeff knew that he had hurt her. And he didn't like it, but  he thought that she did the worst thing she could ever do to him. He thought that she had slept with Chris.***   

"Jeff I swear I didn't do anything with him. He just had me stay there. Because I was drunk and he didn't want me to drive."
"You could have called me to come get you."
"Jeff I was drunk I didn't think about it I just went to bed."
"Why would Chris lie about something like that?"
"I don't know. But none of it is true!"

*** Jeff just looked at Nicole with anger in his eyes. He knew she was scared of him. ***

"I can't believe you."
"I can't believe that your calling Chris a liar!"

*** Jeff turned to walk out. Nicole grabbed his arm and asked him to wait. Jeff yanked his arm out of her hand***

"Why should I wait?"
*** Jeff grabbed his bag and walked out of the room. Megan still  against the wall, tried to act like she had just gotten there, but Jeff knew she heard it all. Megan could tell that he didn't like what he was doing to Nicole, but didn't say anything. Jeff looked at Megan.***

"Hey Meg."
"It was nice seeing you again. Are you going with us tonight?"
"With you and Nicole?"
"No, me and Nicole aren't going to be going anywhere with each other."
"Jeff, nothing happen between...."
"Don't start Megan."

*** Jeff turned around and walked down the hall. Megan rolled her eyes and entered the locker room. Nicole noticed Megan entering and hid her tears and collected her things and put them in her bag.***

"You OK Nicole?"
"Yea I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"
"I just saw Jeff and he looked mad. So I thought something happened."
"No, I'm fine he just wanted to talk about something."
"Are you going with us tonight?"
"Oh well, I dunno, I was just going to stay in tonight. I'm not feeling well."
"Oh, OK well, Adam invited me. So I'm going to go."

*** Nicole smiled.***

"So you two hit it off didn't you?"
"Yea I guess you can say that."
"Well, I hope you have fun tonight. If I'm sleeping when you get to the hotel room just wake me up and let me know how it went OK?"
"Well I better go. I'm going to stop and get something to eat real quick."
"OK bye."
*** Megan  got dressed and was putting her ring gear in her bag when she heard a knock at the door.***

"Come in."

*** Adam walked in***

"Oh, hey Adam!"
"Hey, you ready?"
"Almost why?"
"Well I was going to see if you wanted to get a bite to eat before we went to the club?"
"Of coarse" she said smiling.
"Is Nicole coming tonight?"
"No, umm she said she was staying in because she didn't feel well, but I know it's because of her fight with Jeff."
"Oh, OK. That means I get more time alone with you."

*** Megan looked at him and began to blush. Adam smiled back at her.***

"You know your very cute when you blush."
"Thank you I guess," she laughed.

*** Adam and Megan walked out to his car he opened the door for her. Megan had never had a guy be so nice to her. The two got in Adams car and they drove off.***

Chapter 3
*** Megan and Adam pulled into the parking lot of Apple Bees. One of Megan�s favorite restaurants. Adam continues being a perfect gentlemen to Megan, opening doors, pulling out chairs, ect. Megan was beginning to fall quickly for Adam. And Adam already fell for Megan. The two ordered something to eat. And talked over dinner. An hour flew by and they were still at Apple Bees talking. Adam noticed what time it was.***

"Wow. We were supposed to meet everyone 30 minutes ago."
"What time it is?"
"Yea time flies when your having fun!"

*** Megan and Adam left Apple Bees. And made there way to the club. Amy, Matt, Jeff, Chris, and Jay, were standing around the entrance of the club.***

"Well look who decided to show up!" Jay said laughing.
"Hey guys sorry we stopped to get something to eat and lost track of time."
"Yea, Yea, sure Adam."

*** Everyone went into the club and found  a table. Adam and Megan sat next to each other, Jeff sat across from Megan Amy and Matt sat beside Jeff. Megan starred at Jeff and could tell something was bothering him. The waitress came around***

"May I take your order?"

*** Jeff ordered his favorite vodka drink and everyone else ordered sodas all night, but Jeff kept ordering his vodka.***

"Jeff maybe you should  stop drinking so much?" Megan questioned
"Why? I don't have anything better to do. I don't have to worry about someone bitching at me when I go home drunk. So it doesn't matter."
"Yes it does matter. You still love Nicole and she still loves you. So why don't you just forget about everything and go back to her?"
"I don't have those feelings for her anymore. She ruined them. I'll never feel the same about a girl again."
"Jeff she was telling the truth when she said nothing happened between them."
"How do you know?"
"I'm her best friend she tells me everything. Plus she loved you too much to do that."
"Why would Chris lie about that though?"
"I dunno I don't know Chris."
"It's too late were ruined. We're over. She said so her self."
"Jeff she's torn up. She stayed home tonight because of what happened earlier. You need to talk to her!"

*** Jeff looked at Megan and knew that she was right.***

"Your rite. I'll talk to her."
"OK. Good."
"Well, Are you going to be OK?"
"Yea I'll be fine I haven't had that much to drink so I'll be fine."
"OK well, I'm going to go dance with Adam OK?"
"OK you have fun."

*** Adam and Megan started to dance. Adam was wanting so bad to kiss her, but he wanted her permission before he did. He also wanted to ask her but was scared of what she would say.***

"Hey, Megan."
"I was wondering if you would want to.......

Chapter 4
"Would you like. Well would you want to be my girlfriend?" Adam asked Megan
"What did you say?"

*** Megan was shocked at what she heard.***

"I said would you want to be my girlfriend?"
"Yes" Megan smiled an hugged Adam.
"Well that's  a relief."
"What do you mean?"
"I was scared you were going to say no."
"Oh, no I was hoping you would ask me."
"Now I'm glad I did."
*** Adam smiled and pulled Megan close to him. He leaned in and kissed her, softly. Megan allowed him to kiss her. He pulled away when he heard someone calling his name.***

"Hey Adam come here" Jay yelled
" I'll be right back."
"Oh well, I'm going to call Nicole and see how she's doing I'll meet you at the table."
"Oh OK. Don't be long."

*** They each smiled at each other. Megan goes out side and gets her cell phone out and calls the hotel,***

"Thank you for calling  Holiday Inn. How may I help you?"
"Yes can I have room 212 please?"
"Sure one moment please"
" Hello?"
"Yea Megan?"
"Yea are you OK? You sound miserable."
" Gee thanks, no I'm just tired and I have this horrible cold."
"Oh, I'm sorry, well I thought I would call and see how your doing. Oh and Adam asked me to be his girl!"
"Are you serious? When?"
"Just 5 minutes before I called you!"
"Aww, well congratulations!"
"Thank you well, I'll let you go so you can get some rest. Hope you feel better."
"OK thanks I hope I do too!

*** Megan hung up the phone and put it in her purse. She went back into the club and met Adam at the table.***

"Hey how's Nicole?"
"She sounds horrible, she said it's because she's tired and she has a bad cold, but I dunno."
*** Jeff's head shot up when he heard Megan say that.***

"Did she sound like she was crying?" Jeff asked

***  Jeff looked worried and  leaned back in the chair.***

"Maybe I should go to see her and make sure she's OK."
"But what if she won't talk to me?"
"It won't hurt trying."

*** Jeff shook his head agreeing with Megan. He finished his drink and  put on his jacket.***

"What room is she in?"
"OK talk to you later."

*** Jeff got into his car and drove off towards the hotel. And decided to stop and pick some cold medicine up and some flowers. Nicole laid down on the bed  and was looking through an old photo album of her and Jeff. She had been crying all night and to top it off she had a horrible cold. She was about to go to  bed when there was a knock at the door. She went over to it, and opened it.***

"What are you doing here?"

*** Jeff looked at her. He could tell she had been crying the tears were still running down her cheeks.***

"I talked to Megan. She said you sounded horrible. She also said that you had been crying."
"Yea but why does it matter to you?"
"Look we need to talk."
"If your just going to call me names then I don't want to talk to you."
"No it's not that I swear."
*** Nicole let Jeff in and he sat on  the bed. He noticed the photo album beside him.***

"Come here." He patted the bed next to him.

***She went and sat down next to him. He put his hand on her leg.***

"Look I talked to Megan and she told me that nothing happened."
"You can believe her but not me?"
"I know I should have believed you, but I didn't think Chris would lie about that."
"But you thought I would lie about it?"
"Nicole I know I did wrong, I'm trying to say that I'm sorry, you don't  have to forgive me."
"Jeff  I forgive you, but"
"I know  but you don't love me anymore. And you don't want to get back together. And that's....."
"Jeff it's not that."
"Then what is it?"

*** Just then the phone rings. Jeff answered it.***

"Hey Jeff it's Megan is Nicole up?"
"Yea here she is."

*** Jeff hands Nicole the phone and she gets on***

"It's me Meg"
"Oh hey Meg"
" I just wanted to let you know I'm staying in Adam�s room."
"Already? This soon?"
" Yea what can I say it was love at first site!"
"Well, OK as long as your sure."
"Oh I'm sure." Megan giggled.
"OK I'll see you tomorrow."
"OK bye"

*** Nicole hung up the phone and looked at Jeff who was lying on the bed.***

"So what were you going to tell me?"
"Oh I was going to tell you, that it's not that I don't love you anymore."
"You still love me?"
"Yes I do. I have always loved you. Why do you think it killed me when you broke up with me?"
"I knew you loved me then."
"OK then why do you think I acted like I did today when you were saying all of that?"

*** Jeff looked away from Nicole and felt guilty and felt horrible for what he said.***

"Look about what I said earlier. I didn't mean it. I was being stupid. I wish I could take all of it away."

"It's OK Jeff, I understand."

*** Jeff hugged Nicole tightly and Nicole began to cry. She was wanting this moment to come true for a long time.***

Chapter 5
*** Nicole took the cold medicine that Jeff had gotten her and she put the flowers in water. The cold medicine made her sleepy so Nicole and Jeff laid down and watched TV. A few minutes later Nicole fell asleep in Jeff's arms. She finally felt safe again. Like she had before they broke up. She felt complete again. Jeff went to lay her down and leave when she awoke***

"Jeff please stay with me?"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I'm sure."

*** Jeff smiled***

"Well is it OK if I go get my bag so I can  sleep comfortably?"
"Yea" Nicole said smiling.

*** Jeff went and got his bag. He came back up stairs and  changed into his sleeping gear. Laid down next to Nicole and they fell asleep.***

Chapter 6
***Nicole and Jeff met in 1995 in an Indy federation. From the first day that they met they liked each other. Jeff and Nicole spent all their free time together and even when they were working they were together. They quickly became best friends. During the summer and weekends Nicole's friend Megan would come along with her to watch the matches and to learn some moves. That's where Matt and Megan met. Matt and Megan had something going on. But I'll explain that later. Jeff was 19 and Nicole was 18 when Jeff decided he wanted to be more then friends. Nicole and Jeff moved in together when  they were 21 and 20.(after a year).The two became inseparable. And were signed to WWE at the same time. On their 5 year anniversary. Chris threw a party for them. Jeff had to go home early , He had to be up by 9:00 to be ready by 10:00 to do signings. Nicole was getting ready to go home and Chris thought she was too drunk to drive home so told her to stay the night there. Nicole not thinking agreed. Nicole woke up  around 10:00 the next day and didn't know what had happened. She looked around and saw that she was at Chris'. She got her things and went home. She took a shower and got changed. Around noon she began to fix something for her and Jeff to eat.  Jeff walked in and came straight up to Nicole.***

"Where were you?"
"I fell asleep at Chris'"
"I was up all night worried about you."
"I'm sorry, I got drunk and Chris told me to stay there."
"Well you could of called me to come get you."
"I was drunk Jeff, I wasn't thinking straight."

*** 2 weeks after that Chris ran into Jeff and made up this big lie about Nicole and Chris sleeping together. Jeff didn't believe this at first, but the more he thought and the more Chris told. The more Jeff believed. Jeff ended it with Nicole a few days later. Saying that she ruined him. They have been broken up for almost a year, and did nothing but fight about what happened.***

*** Megan and Matt were together for a year. Matt met Amy when he was signed to WWE. That's how Megan met Amy. Amy and Megan never got along to great. But Matt was spending more time with her then with Megan. Megan Loved Matt but couldn't go through what Matt was putting her through and ended it. Matt and Megan stopped talking and  the only time they would see each other is if they were around Nicole and Jeff at the same time. Megan and Matt ended on bad terms. And so did Nicole and Jeff. And that's what happened in the past**

Chapter 7

~~ 3 months later~~
"How long are you going to be gone?" Nicole asked Jeff
"About 2 weeks."
"2 weeks?"
"I wish Vince would have had me go with."
"You need time off. Your back has been killing you."
"So I could just walk with you to the ring."
"Hun, you need the rest, I know you don't want to be alone, But you'll be OK. And if anything happens you can call Matt or Amy."
" They're not going?"
"Well, Matt is going for 3 days this week and 2 days next week. Amy is going 3 this week."
"But what if I just want to talk to you?"
"You can call my cell, or the hotel room I'm staying in. You know I don't care if you call me at all hours of the night."
"Is Adam or Megan going?"
"Yea, They�re going next week though."

*** Nicole had the look of annoyance on her face. Jeff sat down next to her, and put his arm around her. ***

"Look everything's going to be OK. It's only 2 weeks. And we will talk at least 3 times a day."

*** Nicole smiled***
"You promise?"
"I promise."

*** Jeff smiled and kissed Nicole. ***

"Now let me get packed. My plane leaves  in  5 hours and I want to spend a little time with you before I go."
"OK, I'll help"

***Nicole helped Jeff pack his things. When they got done, Nicole and Jeff had 4 hours to spend time together and get to the air port. ***

"I wish you could come with me."
"Me too."
"Maybe I can try to come see when I have a day or a half of a day off."
"One more time before I go?"

***Jeff led Nicole into his bedroom. He removed her shirt and pants. She removed his shirt and pants. He laid her down on the bed and removed Nicole's bra and panties, then removed his boxers. Nicole and Jeff began to make love. Afterwards. Jeff and Nicole laid next to each other. Jeff held her in his arms. He held her close and tight. ***

"Hey Baby Angel."
"I want you to stay here while I'm gone. Instead of staying at your house OK?"
"Yea, but why?"
"I just feel more comfortable with you staying here."
"Oh, OK."

*** Jeff smiled and Kissed Nicole's Cheek. ***

"Well, we better get ready I need to be leaving soon."
"Oh yea."

*** Nicole's happiness turned to sorrow. The two got dressed. Nicole drove Jeff to the airport in his corvette. She walked him to his gate. Jeff held her as she began to cry. It killed Jeff hearing and seeing her cry. ***

"Baby, it's OK. I'm only going to be gone for 2 weeks. It will fly by so fast!"
"I hope so.."
"I love you, Baby."
"I love you too."
"I got to go my flight is leaving."

*** Jeff kissed her and Held her. ***

"I'll miss you."
"I'll miss you too."
"I love you"
"I love you too"

*** Nicole waited and watched Jeff walk over to the gate he looked back at her and smiled. Nicole smiled back Nicole then watched Jeff walk to the airplane and fly off. Nicole didn't know what to do after that. She drove home. And laid down on the coach. And watched  one of Jeff's favorite movies, The Crow. ***

Chapter 8
*** Nicole fell asleep on the couch, And was awoken by the telephone. Nicole got up and stumbled over towards the phone. ***

"Hey Nick"
"Oh hey Meg,"
" I called your house but you didn't answer so I thought you were at Jeff's."
"Yea Jeff wants me to stay here. He says he feels more comfortable."
"Oh, well I was gonna see if you wanted  to hang out with me  and Adam?"
"What time?"
"Well, if your waiting for Jeff's call. Then we can just come over there."
"Well, he can call me on my cell, But I was just wondering what time. So I can be ready."
"Oh well I was thinking around 8. We can't make it a late night."
"Oh well that's cool, I wasn't planning on staying out late either."
"OK that's cool, so do you want to meet us over at my house or do you want someone to pick you up? Or what?"
"No, I'll meet you over at your house."
"OK, see you in about 4 hours!"

*** Nicole hung up the phone. Jeff should be calling in a few hours. She looked at the clock. It was already 5. His plane left at 1. It was only a 2-3 hour flight. She wanted Jeff to call before she left. Nicole cleaned up the house and got in the shower, when Nicole got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her. She walked into Jeff's bedroom and turned on Linkin Park. She looked over to the phone and noticed the red light flashing. which meant a message on the answering machine. She walked over and pushed play. ***

"Hey Baby Angel, it's me I called to tell you that I made it and I wanted to talk to you. I'm at Sunroof Inn. The number is 321-445-6586. Room 442. So call me either here or on my cell. I miss you. I love you. Bye"

*** Nicole became sad that she missed his call but happy because she heard his voice. She picked up the phone and dialed the number. ***

"Sunroof Inn. How can I help you?"
"Yes, can I have room 442 please,"
"One moment."

*** Nicole sat there quit, She was happy she heard his voice! ***

"Hey hunny!"
"Oh hey Baby! Where were you when I called?"
"In the shower, Megan asked Me to go out with them tonight."
"Oh so how late you going to be out?"
"Not past 11:00"
"So you'll be home to talk to me?"
"Yes, well I'll have my cell if you want just call me."
"I might but I don't want to ruin your night out though."
"Jeff you calling would make my night better."
He laughed" I miss you."

*** Nicole heard the cracking in his voice, and new he  was really missing her. ***

"I miss you too baby."

*** Nicole got ready with Jeff on the phone. 7:30 came around and Nicole didn't want to get off the phone. ***

"Well, babe I better let you go so you can get to Megs on time."
"Oh, OK."
"I'll miss you"
"I'll miss you too."
"I love you."
"I love you too."

*** Nicole hung up the phone. She then grabbed her coat, purse and keys, and went to Megan�s.***

"Hey everyone Nicole is here."

*** Nicole pulled up in the driveway and walked up to the door. Matt answered it.***

"Hey Nicole," Matt said giving her a hug.
"Hey Matt."

*** Nicole walked into a room filled with people. Jay, Adam, Megan, Matt, Amy, Stephanie, and Chris,. Nicole was uncomfortable around Chris. ***

"Megan can I talk to you?"
"Yea sure."

*** Nicole and Megan went to Megan's room and talked. ***

"Why did you tell me Chris was coming?"
"I didn't know. Adam invited him to come along."
"Meg, I don't like being around him."
"I know but look just for a little but you don't even have to be around him."
"I guess I can for a little bit Though no longer then an hour or two."

*** Megan agreed and the two joined the others. Amy, Matt, and Nicole,  took Jeff's corvette. Adam, Megan, Stephanie, Chris and Jay took Adams car. When they all got to the club they looked for a big table. Chris sat rite across from Nicole, which made it more uncomfortable. ***
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