Chapter 9
*** Chris had been staring at Nicole for a while now. Nicole began to feel "weirded" out. Nicole got up and went to the bathroom, just to get away from Chris for a few minutes. Nicole walked out and Chris was gone from the table. She then went over and sat down. Matt came over to Nicole. ***

"Hey Nick, are you OK?"
"Yea I'm fine why do you ask?"
"You look scared or something."
"No, I'm just tired."

***Chris sat next to Nicole and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and kind of jumped. ***

"God Chris you scared me."
"Sorry. Can I talk to you?"
"Yea, I guess."

*** Matt looked at Chris real funny, then looked at Nicole. Nicole leaned into Matt and Whispered"Keep an eye on us if it looks like I need you then come over OK?"
Matt shook his head saying OK. Nicole left her things at the table. And walked after Chris. Chris  led her over to a table way in the back. Matt made very sure to not take his eye off of them.   It looked like they were arguing about something, But Matt made sure if he saw her in distress he would rush over the in a second.   10 minutes alter Nicole's cell rings. Matt looks at the caller id and notices that it's Jeff***

"Matt? What are you doing answering Nicks phone?"
" Chris asked to talk to her so she just left her things here."
"Yea don't worry I'm keeping an eye on him. She told me to keep an eye on them."
"Well, go give her the phone for me OK?"
"OK hang on it will take me a few minutes to get over there."
*** Matt walks over and hears what the two are arguing about. ***

"Chris you need to leave me alone. I have Jeff"
"No I will not leave you alone. I broke you guys up before I can do it again."
"Jeff won't believe you."
"Don't be so sure. He believed me last time."
" He won't do it again."
"Listen you little fucking bitch, I'm one of Jeff's best friends, whatever I tell him he'll believe, all I have to do is get you drunk so drunk you won't remember anything. And tell him that you fucked me, and that you were all over me."
"He would never believe you, you fucking asshole."
Nicole picked  up the glass on the table and threw it at him. He jumped up. "YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCH"
*** Chris grabbed Nicole by her hair and flung her around. Face to face with Chris. Chris reached his hand back and Hit Nicole. Matt grabbed Nicole and handed her her phone. Matt then grabbed Chris and kneed him in his stomach and punched him 3 times in the face. Nicole got on the phone holding her face. ***

"What happened? I heard Chris yelling"
" He started saying stupid shit and calling me names. I threw a glass at him and he pulled me by my hair and hit me. Matt stopped him."
"Chris hit you?"
"OK babe, I'll call you rite back, you get Matt and Amy and you go back to Matt's house OK? You stay there until I call you OK?"
"OK I love you."
"I love you too."

*** Nicole, Matt, and Amy left and went to Matt's. Jeff called Nicole at Matt's house 5 minutes after they walked in the door. ***

"Matt, it's me is Nicole, OK?"
"Yea she's just pissed."
"I tried to get home, but Vince won't let me."
"It's OK. I made sure Chris wouldn't mess with her again. If he does he'll be very stupid."
"He's going to get  what he deserves."
"Jeff, just don't do anything stupid OK?"
"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine."
"Want to talk to her?"

*** Nicole and Jeff talked that night until 1:00 a.m. Amy left a few minutes after that. Nicole fell asleep on Matt's couch. ***

Chapter 10
*** Nicole woke up the next morning. Matt was in the kitchen eating. She said bye to Matt and got her keys and left Matt's house and headed on her way to Jeff's. Nicole pulled into the driveway and noticed that the front door was open. She looked around to see if there was anybody around. She didn't see anything. She walked into the door and the living room was trashed. She looked through to make sure everything was still there. She then went through the kitchen and into Jeff's room. It was totally trashed. She went through the room to see if anything was missing. The dresser draws had been pulled out and the closet was open clothes dragged out of it. Nothing was missing, but a few pictures of her and Jeff were ripped in half and the half of her was gone. Nicole panicked and called Matt. ***

"Matt, I need you  over here now."
"Why? What happened. Are you OK?"
"I'm fine, but the house isn't"
"OK I'll be rite there."

Chapter 11
*** Matt arrived and Nicole called Jeff. ***

"Red Roof Inn, How can I help you?"
"Room 442 please?"
"What's wrong?"
"Something bad has happened"
"Someone broke in your house last night."
"WHAT?? Are you OK?"
"Yea I'm fine, but the house is trashed"
"Did they take anything?"
"I dunno, so far all I have found is ripped up pictures of me and you, but the half with me is gone."
"How did they get in?"
"I dunno, I locked the door when I left I swear."
"Damn it."
*** The line was silent for a few minutes. ***

"Jeff don't be mad at me please?"
"Oh, I'm not mad at you, I'm just pissed off."
"OK, I called Matt over here, he's going to help me clean up the house."

*** Nicole hangs up with Jeff because he has to get to the arena. Nicole  called Megan, and Amy and told them what happened. They came over and help Nicole and Matt clean the house. They found it odd that the only things missing were of Nicole's. And that almost every picture of her and Jeff were torn up and the half of her missing. It took them all day to clean the house. Around 7:30 they ordered a pizza and watched some movies. Megan left around 11:30 and Matt and Amy left around 12:30. Nicole thought it was weird that she hadn't heard from Jeff all night. She went into the bedroom and changed into a baby blue spaghetti strap tank top, and Baby blue sweat shorts. She pulled her long blonde hair into a ponytail. She couldn't sleep so she watched Jerry Springer. An hour passed still no word from Jeff. Nicole called the hotel but no one answered. She then called his cell, but only got his voice mail. She then heard a noise out side and heard Liger barking. She forgot to bring him in. So she went out the sliding glass door. And walked around to the back and opened the gate that liger stayed in. Liger walked in front of her. All of a sudden Liger took off running and was barking. Nicole started after him calling to him. He stopped at the front door sat down and shook his tail. Nicole looked at the door and saw a figure. She couldn't make out who it was. ***

"Can I help you?"

*** The figure came towards Nicole. As the figure came closer she realized who it was. ***

"Jeff? What are you doing here?"

*** Nicole asked and ran into his arms. ***

"I talked to Vince and he thought it would be best for me to come home and take care of everything."

*** Jeff kissed Nicole. A few weeks passed and Nicole and Jeff were back to work. Everything was back to normal........or so they thought........***

Chapter 12
*** 'Edge' and 'Christian' went there separate ways. And Megan was stuck  managing 'Christian'. Jay and Adam were still friends, and Adam and Megan were still a couple. Megan and Jay had been spending a lot of time with  each other. And Adam became to get jealous and worried. Not that he didn't trust Megan, he didn't trust Jay. The more time Jay spent with Megan the more he liked her. On Smackdown. 'Edge' and 'Christian' were to have a match against each other. Megan to help 'Christian' win. Jay on the other hand had a plan of his own. Everyone was at the arena. Nicole and Jeff were to have a match against 'Molly' and 'Hurricane'. Megan was in Nicole and Jeff's locker room talking to Nicole while they stretched. ***

"So what is supposed to happen in your match tonight?" Nicole asked Megan.
"Oh I'm supposed to help Jay by hitting Adam with a chair. That's pretty much it."
"Wow, sounds exciting."
"Well, what's supposed to happen in your match?"
" I get to beat the shit out of Nora. And Jeff gets to beat the shit out of Shane."
"Sounds like fun."
"Yea I�ve been wanting to get my hands on Nora for years."

*** Jeff and Megan laughed and there was a knock on the door. ***

"Come in" Jeff said

*** Jay walked in. ***

"Meg it's time for us to go on."
"Oh, OK"

*** Nicole and Jeff watched the monitor as Meg and Jay made there way into the ring. Adam arrived at the ring and started off the match. Jay was loosing bad. So Meg got a chair entered the ring hit Adam in the head threw the chair out and pulled Jay on top of Adam for the pin. Meg ran out of the ring and Jay won. Meg jumped in the ring to celebrate with Jay. Adam was staring at Jay and Meg, when Jay pulled Meg in for a kiss. Meg pushed Jay away. ***

"I'm sorry."

*** Adam was angry and couldn't hold back his anger. And  ran into the ring and charged Jay. Adam made sure he didn't hurt Meg and then continued beating the shit out of Jay.

Chapter 13
*** Megan finally pulled Adam off of Jay. Megan told Jay to come down and walk to the back. Adam left and Megan followed a few minutes after Adam. Nicole couldn't believe what had happened, and took off after Megan. Jeff not knowing what the hell she was doing followed. Nicole ran into Megan. ***

"Are you OK?"
"Yea I'm fine just a little worried that Adam is going to be mad at me."
"Why would he? It's not your fault."
"I dunno because he took off without me."
"He's just mad because his best friend betrayed him. "Jeff said looking at Nicole.
"Yea maybe your rite."

***Megan went into Adams locker room. He was pissed but he made it clear that he wasn't at Meg, but at Jay. Nicole and Jeff had to go to the ring for their match. Meg and Adam went home to try and calm Adam down. Nicole and Jeff got into the ring. And awaited for 'Hurricane' and 'Molly'. Hurricane and Jeff started out the match. Jeff was winning, so Molly decided to help Hurricane.  Molly grabbed a chair and went around the ring to where Jeff was. Nicole was keeping an eye on Molly when Molly held the chair up Nicole came up behind her and grabbed the chair and threw it out of the ring. Jeff and Hurricane noticed the two girls, and quickly went out of the ring. Nicole and Molly stood in the ring circling each other. Molly went over by Hurricane and tried to tag him in, but Nicole grabbed Molly's arm and threw her in the corner where Jeff was. Nicole continued to beat Molly. Nicole went for the pin. But Hurricane jumped in. Jeff then got Hurricane for hitting Nicole. Nicole and Molly were left in the ring and Molly was getting the shit beat out of her. Jeff and Hurricane were back at the corners. Nicole turned her back on Molly to look at something. Molly had tagged Hurricane in. Hurricane ran into Nicole and tackled her to the mat. Hurricane made sure to keep Nicole away from Jeff. Nicole was in  bad shape. and was about to be pinned, but used all her strength to kick out. She lay there on the mat  looking up at Jeff. He was cheering for her to tag him in. She used all the strength she could gather and ran towards Jeff and tagged him in. She lent up against the rope watching Jeff beat the shit out of Hurricane. Jeff went over to the side of the ring with Hurricanes hair in his hands and went to bang Hurricane's head into the turnbuckle in front of Molly when Molly grabbed Jeff's face and kissed him. He let go of Hurricane and pushed Molly away. Jeff turned around to go back to go to Nicole, but Nicole was already up the ramp. Hurricane ended up winning the match. Jeff walked to the back and Nicole and Jeff left the arena.****

Chapter 14
***  Megan and Adam walked into their hotel room. Adam was still furious. ***

"I can't believe he did that to me, Meg your not allowed to work with him any more. We'll go talk to Vince  in the morning before we head back to Cameron."
" OK, I agree."
*** Megan, Adam, Nicole, Jeff, Matt, and Amy all get to go home for the weekend. Chris Jericho hasn't been around in a few weeks. Every one thinks Vince suspended him for what he did. Nicole has been getting strange letters from someone, but refuses to show Jeff. The only one that knows about them is Matt, Meg, and  the person sending them. Nicole knew it had to be someone that was either in the federation, or someone who is a big fan of the federation. The person knows which hotel room she's in and where she's going to be. She gets her letters at the hotel when she comes back from a show or something. The third one she got stated who broke into the house, but they left no name. The person sending the note, was the one. When her and Jeff  entered the hotel where they were staying Jeff went down to the lobby and asked if they had any messages. The manager gave Jeff the three messages  they had and a letter for Nicole. Jeff brought them up to the room. He threw them down on the bed. ***

"Nicole, are you cheating on me or something?"
"No, why would you ask that?"
"Well, then who is sending you all these letters, and why won't you let me see them?"
"I got another letter?"
"Yea, who is it?"
"I dunno."
"Fine if you don't want to tell me then don't."
*** Jeff walked out of the hotel room slamming the door. Nicole was  really wanting to tell him now that he thinks its another guy. Which she don't blame him, Nicole had not only been keeping the letters away from him, but every time he would want her to go with him, she would say no and that she just wanted to relax. Nicole was simply too scared to go out, but didn't want to tell Jeff that. Nicole sat on the bed and read the letter. ***

Here is another letter. Does your dear Jeff know about me yet?  I figured  that here�s the time to  let you know who I am. If  you think I'm in the federation. Your wrong. No I am simply an old fan of yours that you forgot about in your new life. And if your wondering how I know what hotel and city your going to be in every night. Well I have my sources. And no they're not in the federation. So now your thinking who betrayed you rite? Well, it just happens to be your best friend Dee that tells me these things. Aww, poor little Nicole cant trust her best friend.
~ Your long lost ex-Lane Mitchell."

*** Nicole  dropped the letter. She went over and sat on the bed wondering why and how Dee could do this. She knew about Lane. She knew she never wanted to see him. The phone rang. Nicole picked it up. ***

" I know your alone. Where did little Jeffie go?"
"I'm not alone Jeff's rite here."
"No I know your alone, because he's down in the lobby."

*** Nicole hung up the phone and ran and locked the door. The phone  rang again. But Nicole didn't answer it. Nicole got on her cell and called Jeff's.***

"What's wrong?"
"The letter, I'll tell you everything just get up here."
"Are you ok?"
"Jeff hurry."
" Ok I'm coming."
*** Jeff stayed on the phone with her until he reached there room.***

"Baby, the doors locked. Open it."

*** They hung up there phones and Nicole un locked the door. Jeff runs in seeing  Nicole crying. Jeff hugged her. ***

"Baby what's wrong? What happened?"

***She  grabbed the letter and gave it to Jeff. Jeff read it.***

"Baby calm down I'm here, nothings going to happen to you."

*** Jeff held her and stroked her hair. Nicole calmed down and told him about it.***

Chapter 15
*** Nicole explained to Jeff about all the letters. And who it was sending them. Jeff remembered when Nicole and Lane were 'together' if you could even call it that. Nicole was a junior in high school And Jeff a senior. When Nicole and Lane met. They went  on a few dates, but nothing serious. Jeff never liked Lane. But he couldn't tell Nicole what to do. Lane had fallen deeply in love with Nicole when she broke up with him for Jeff. Only thing is Nicole and Jeff didn't get together  until 4 years later. Nicole promised Lane they would still hang out. But she then started spending all her time with Meg or Jeff. She had no time for Lane. Lane started to become obsessed with Nicole and Nicole and Jeff thought it was wise for her to loose all contact with him. So Nicole did. And  had never heard from him until  a few weeks after Jeff's house had been broken into. Jeff comforted Nicole. And decided that it was best to just stay in and leave for Cameron early in the morning. The next morning Nicole and Jeff ran into Meg and Adam as they were loading Jeff's corvette. Nicole told Meg that she told Jeff. Jeff watched Nicole a lot now to make sure she was ok and that no one was messing with her. She loved how Jeff protected her. It was the best feeling in the world. Adam got in his car. Jeff called to Nicole and Meg and Nicole  said bye and got into the cars and head home. Nicole slept half of the way home. Jeff woke Nicole up when they got to the  border of North Carolina. Nicole stayed up the rest of the way home. When they got home. Jeff  asked Nicole if she would  take something over to Matt and Amy's house. She said yes and left. Jeff then got things ready. He spread rose petals on the bed  and got out a little white teddy bear and a box of chocolates. He lit candles around the room and turned off the lights. Nicole entered the house a few minutes  later and went to the bedroom. She gasped when she saw  the room. Jeff was laying on the bed, he motioned to her to come sit next to him. She did. He handed her the bear and the box of chocolates. When she opened the chocolates she saw the most beautiful ring. She looked at Jeff and saw him on one knee. Nicole gasped and her hand covered her mouth. She began to cry.***

"Nicole, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?"

*** Nicole smiled and cried.***

"YES I WILL." Nicole said hugging and kissing him.

*** Jeff kissed Nicole and placed the ring on her finger.****

Chapter 16
~11 months later.~
***  A few weeks after Jeff asked Nicole to marry him. Jeff found Lane snooping around his and Nicole house. Jeff beat the shit out of him while Nicole called the cops. Lane is in jail for 7 years without parole. Meg and Adam were wed. And are expecting a baby boy. They are to name it Xavier Ashton Copeland. Jeff and Nicole went back to work. It was there last  time on RAW together. Matt and Lita left Nicole and Jeff and have been fighting for weeks. Nicole had a match against Lita.***

"Good luck baby." Jeff winked and gave Nicole a kiss.
"Good luck to you too."

*** Nicole's music played. Jeff accompanied Nicole to the ring. Matt accompanied Lita to the ring. Nicole was winning she went to the top of the rope  to do a moonsault on Lita, but  her foot slipped on the rope. She tried to catch her self but it only made it worse she fell tumbling to the floor. Jeff screamed and ran to her. Her body lay motionless. Jeff couldn't control his emotions and tears began to poor. He didn't want to move her incase he would hurt her more. Matt and Lita came to Nicole. The EMT's soon followed. They put Nicole's limp body onto the stretcher and wheeled her to an ambulance. Jeff Matt and Lita in silence followed. Jeff couldn't believe what was happenening. Jeff Matt and Lita drove to the hospital where Nicole was. All the way there was nothing but silence. They got to the hospital and they waited in the waiting room.
"Mr. Jeff Hardy?"
"Yea that�s me."
"Hi I�m Dr. Stevens, your Nicole Jenning fianc�e?"
"Yes I am."
"Nicole broke her neck and has 5 bruised ribs. She won't be able to wrestle for along time."

*** A few weeks passed and Nicole was released and was out of wrestling for a year and a half. When she was able to go back she decided not to and became a stay at home mom. Everyone was happy.
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