Jeff Hardy~ A 24 years old WWE superstar from Cameron, North Carolina. He's very fun and loving, but also has that lets get serious side. He's always willing to help a friend, and is always there for them. He is faithfully devoted to his girlfriend of 3 years, that he met through his ex- girlfriend(Megan). The two ended it after they figured that they were just friends, and Jeff moved on to Nicole.

Nicole Jennings~  A 22 year old  female. She stands
5'4" and has long straight blonde hair. The blue eyed female, won the
heart of Jeff from the first time he saw her. She's a loyal friend, and would also do anything for her loved ones in need. She's also very sensitive and has low self esteem and is very gullible when it comes to certain things from things that happened with past boyfriends. The most important thing in her life is Jeff, and tries to make him happy in every way.

Shannon Moore~ A 23 years old WWE superstar, also best friend to Jeff, and Megan's new love. He's very compassionate, and he's very easy to make jealous. The most important things in his life is Megan, Jeff, Nicole, his wrestling and his music. He's very poetic, which explains to us why him and Jeff are so close. He never regrets anything he's ever done, and thinks of it as a lesson, or that it was meant for something.

Megan Harper~ A 22 year old female. She stands 5'9" with straight medium brunette hair with red highlights. She's very caring, and loving towards the ones she loves. Her best friends are of coarse Jeff and Nicole. She tries to spend all her free time with Shan and her best
friends. And is also a lot like Nicole and loves to help those in need. She'll always be a true friend.

~Chapter 1~
~*~ Nicole looked up at the clock."Its almost 2 a. m" She thought to herself. Jeff had been gone since 6 that evening. She hadn't heard anything from him and had no clue were he was. It was too late for her to call Shan so she just put away dinner that had been done for almost 6 hours. She put the last of the food in the fridge and turned off the kitchen light. She walked into the living room and locked the door, and went up to her and Jeff's bedroom. This wasn't the first night Jeff had been gone like this. At least  once a week he would go out telling Nicole he would be back soon and to have dinner ready. He'd leave she would cook a nice meal for the two and ended up eating for one. He would come home and say that he lost track of time, and that he was either over at Shan's or Megan's. Yea it got to Nicole, but she couldn't tell him what to do. They weren't married, and in her mind they were never going to be. An hour passed and Jeff walked in. Nicole heard the door open and close downstairs and listened for him to come up the stairs 5 minutes later Jeff was sitting on the edge of the bed taking off his shoes. Nicole rolled over. ~*~

"Where have you been?" She asked quietly
"Over at Meg and Shan's."
" Why didn't you tell me you weren't going to be home for dinner?"
"Oh,  baby, I forgot I'm sorry." He said with that damn innocent look on his face.

~*~Nicole gave into that face as she always did. She smiled~*~

"It's OK, just let me know next time."
"OK, I will." Jeff replied

~*~Jeff got up and began to change. He threw his pants on the chair and a small gray box rolled out. Nicole looked at it. ~*~

"Jeff, something fell out of your pants." She said being the ditsy blonde everyone loved her for.

~*~Jeff walked over and picked it up. He looked at her and sat down by her. Nicole looked at him weird. ~*~

"Nicole, I have to tell you something."

~ *~Nicole began to panick."OH MY GOD HE IS CHEATING ON ME!!!" she frantically thought. Jeff must of saw her face. ~*~

"No, I'm not cheating on you."

~ *~Nicole was relieved. She smiled. ~*~

"Well, then what?" She asked
"I don't know how to ask so I'm just going to give you something and then you can tell me OK?"
"Umm OK?" She said confused

~*~ He handed her the box and told her to open it. She opened it and her eyes teared up. She looked up at him. ~*~

"Well,?" He asked
"Is this what I think it is?" She asked
"Yea it is."

~*~Nicole couldn't believe what he was asking. She had waited for this for years and now it's happening. She smiled and hugged Jeff~*~

"Yes, Jeff, I will."

~*~Jeff smiled and looked relieved. He kissed her and continued to get undressed. He then place the ring
on Nicole's finger and the two laid down in each others arms. Nicole was now the happiest she could ever be.....or so she thought......~*~

Chapter 2
~*~ Nicole woke up to the phone ringing. She looked over at the alarm clock and noticed how late it was. She picked up the phone. ~*~

"Hello?" She said
"Hey Nicole, have you seen Meg? I tried calling her but she wasn't home"
"No, I just woke up. Where are you at?"
"In Railiegh.Well is Jeff there?"
"Ask him if he's heard from her."

~*~ Nicole looked over to her side where she discovered Jeff wasn't there. ~*~

"Well, hang on I got to go see where he is." She said

~*~ She looked through out the house and didn't find him anywhere. She walked into the kitchen and found a note on the table. She read it, and picked up the phone. ~*~

"She's with Jeff."
"Yea, I know."
"Well, thanks for letting me know."
"Your welcome."

~*~ Nicole hung up the phone and got in the shower. When she got out, Jeff still wasn't home and it was almost 3:00. Nicole was getting worried. Meg and Jeff had the habit of getting drunk off there asses. No matter what time of day it is. Usually Jeff doesn't go this long without calling Nicole or coming home to check in. Nicole cleaned up around the house, and then sat down and watched a little TV. Around 7:00, she heard someone pounding on her door. She opened it and saw Shan standing before her crying. ~*~

"Shan what's wrong?"She asked
" I caught them."
"Caught who?Jeff  and Meg?" She asked
"I don't know I walked in rite when Meg was buttoning her shirt up. And Jeff was sitting in the chair. I opened the door and Meg saw me. I didn't even give her time to explain or anything I dropped everything and ran out."

~*~ Nicole couldn't believe that they did that. Her and Shan sat down on the couch and comforted each other. ~*~

*** At Meg's house***

"Did we just do what I think we did?"Jeff asked

~*~ Meg shook her head. ~*~

"And Shan saw us. He knows."Meg said lowering her head
"And Nicole knows."
"We just ruined our lives."
"I'm never drinking again. Especially with you."
"They'll never forgive us. Or believe us when we say we were drunk."

~*~ Jeff lowered his head. ~*~

"I love Nicole, I don't want to loose her."
"Well, same with me. But we brought ourselves into this. We have to suffer the consequences. I lost my best friend and the love of my life, and same with you. Maybe we should just keep our distance from each other."
"Yea,  your rite."

~*~ Jeff walked out of the house and got his car. He couldn't believe what he had just done. All because  he got drunk and is easily stimulated when he's plastered. He didn't know what to do or where to go. He feared that Nicole had already left or that Shan was just waiting at his house to get a hold  of him and Jeff was going to let him too. He started his car and drove off. He pulled up a few houses away and saw that Nicole's car was still there, but so was Shan's. He sat out there until Shan left. He pulled up in the drive way and sat there for a few minutes. Nicole on the other hand, was  heartbroken. She walked up to there room and started to pack her clothes. She heard the door open and shut and her heart just fell. She looked over to see Jeff standing in the door way. She couldn't look at him she looked away and continued packing. Jeff walked over to her and sat on the bed. ~*~

"Nicole, I'm sorry. It was a mistake. "
"So what exactly did you do? Did you sleep with her?" She replied

~*~ He looked away. ~*~

"You did. I can't believe you would do that. I thought you loved me. I mean you fucking proposed to me. Was that just a joke to you?"
"No, it wasn't. I want to marry you. I really do."
"Well, you just ruined it. I can't trust you anymore. I can't even look at you without wanting to beat the shit out of you."

~*~ Nicole grabbed her  bags and walked down stairs. Jeff followed~*~

"I'll be back for the rest of my stuff soon. I can't stand looking at you rite now."
"Nicole don't leave. Please? I wouldn't have bought that ring for you if I didn't love you Nicole."
"Oh yea, here."

~*~ She took off the ring and handed it to Jeff. She then walked out and got into her car, and sped off. Jeff watched her he couldn't believe she was gone so fast. He walked back into the house, and looked around. He then walked straight up to his room and laid in his bed where he would stay the rest of the night. ~*~

*** At Meg's (now Shan's)***

~*~ Shan walked in the door and saw Meg sitting on the couch crying. He walked past her with not one look. She called his name but he didn't answer. A few minutes later he walked back into the living room, and looked at Meg. ~*~

"I think you should leave."He said

~*~ She looked at him. ~*~

"Shan, I'm sorry, it didn't mean anything. I was drunk."
"Sure you were."
"Does Nicole know?"
"Yes, she does, and she wants nothing to do with Jeff. How could you do that?"
"I don't know Shannon, I'm so sorry. I don't know how to tell you guys I'm sorry."
"Just get out."

~*~ Meg looked away from him and packed her things and left. Shannon and Nicole's hearts were broken but Jeff and Meg's were too.~*~

Chapter 3
~*~ 3 weeks passed, Shan had forgiven Meg but won't take her back until he can trust her again. Nicole on the other hand won't speak to Jeff, which caused Nicole and Jeff to slip into a depression, and keep to themselves. Matt had noticed how bad his little brother was being affected by the whole ordeal. ~*~

~*~ In the locker room~*~

~*~ Matt walked into the men's locker room and saw Jeff sitting in the back by himself. Matt walked up to him. ~*~

"Hey Jeff, you OK?"

~*~ Jeff just shrugged his shoulders and looked away. ~*~

"Nicole hasn't called back?"
"Umm, look Jeff I have to tell you something, but you have to promise not to say or do anything until I finish."

~*~ Jeff's eyebrow raised and was curious to what he was going to say. ~*~

"OK, I promise. Now what is it?"
"Umm, OK, I was jealous over Shannon having Meg, I wanted her. And I tried anything to get them  to break up."
"OK......" Jeff said wondering what was about to be let out
"Remember that night you and Meg slept together?"
"Yea, unfortunately"
"Well, I had a part in that."
"WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?"Jeff's voice began to raise
"Well, I drugged Meg's drink, but it turned out to be yours, I tried to get to it before you did but you got to it before me. And when you went to the bathroom I drugged Meg's. I wanted her to be caught sleeping with someone so I could have a chance."

~*~ Jeff's face began to turn red. Matt backed up from Jeff. ~*~

"But you didn't only break her and Shan up. YOU RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE!" Jeff screamed
"I know Jeff  I'm sorry. I'll explain everything to Nicole."

~*~ Jeff screamed running after Matt. Matt ran out into the hall as Jeff tackled him to the ground. Jeff was pounding on Matt's face when Nicole, Meg, Shannon, Adam, Maven, Chris, and Trish came running out into the hall and saw Jeff beating the shit out of Matt. Nicole ran over to Jeff and tried to pull him off but couldn't. Shannon  and Adam had to help her. Adam and Shannon held Jeff back  while Nicole was helping Matt. Matt got up to his feet and Nicole looked at Jeff with the 'Your a fucking asshole' look. Jeff broke free of Shan and Adam's grip. He walked up to Matt and Nicole. ~*~

"Explain it to her." Jeff screamed
"Explain what that your an asshole?" Matt yelled back.
"No, what you told me you did."
"All I told you was that you needed to get over Nicole, and that it was your fault you lost her."

~*~ Jeff's mouth dropped. He couldn't believe that Matt wasn't going to say anything to her about what he had done.~*~


~*~ Jeff yelled and took off down the hall. Shannon and Meg followed him. ~*~

"Jeff, wait."Shan yelled after him " Jeff what were you talking about?"

~*~ Jeff stopped and walked back to where Shan and Meg were standing.~*~

"In the locker room Matt told me that he drugged us. He told me he would explain everything to Nicole, then he goes and makes up a total fucking lie when she's there. He told me he wanted Meg."

~*~ Meg looked and Jeff then at Shannon. ~*~

"I know you don't believe me."Jeff said walking off.
"I do." Meg said. "He was at the bar that night. He was even sitting next to me when Jeff went to the bathroom."

~*~ Shannon looked at them. ~*~

"But he told me he wanted Nicole. I mean he's been trying to get her to get over you and get with him."
"Are you sure?" Jeff asked
"Yea, he's almost got her too." Meg said

~*~ Jeff was pissed. He took off towards the locker room Shannon followed. Meg went to looked for Nicole. ~*~

"Jeff calm down." Shan said
"Does she love him?" Jeff asked
"No, she told me that she couldn't love him."
"Because she still loves you, but that's not stopping her from trying to move on."
"She wants to move on?"
"She said she has to. Jeff if Matt really said those things then we have to bust him. Then you'll get Nicole back."
"Your rite but how?"
"I've got an idea."

~*~In the girls locker room. ~*~

~*~ Nicole was sitting on the bench talking to Trish and Stacey when Meg walked in. ~*~

"Hey Nicole, how's Matt."
"OK, I guess. God Jeff's such an asshole."
"What happened with you guys?" Trish asked
"He cheated on me."
"Oh my god with who?"Stacey said
"With some chick he met at a bar." She lied looking at Meg.
"So you went to his brother?" Meg said in a bitchy tone.
"No, Who said I was with him?"Nicole snapped back.
"Well, you chose him over Jeff. And you guys have just gotten close."
"Don't ever say I chose him over Jeff. I'm not the one that cheated he did."

~*~ Nicole yelled and stormed out of the girls locker room. Meg ran out into the hall way and ran into Jeff and Shannon. ~*~

"Meg we have a plan to bust Matt."
"OK, what is it?"
"We'll set up a video camera record everything he says."
" OK, so who's going to be the one to get Matt to say all that shit?"
"Jeff, but you have to get him to go talk to Jeff first."
"OK, I'll go look for him."
"Tell him to go to the men's locker room."
"OK, I will."

~*~ Meg yelled as she made her way down the hall. She ran past a room and heard Matt talking to someone. She stopped and listened. He was talking to Nicole. Meg heard Matt tell Nicole that Jeff was using her and that Matt as always that one that loved her and that Jeff was just an  asshole. Meg knocked on the door. ~*~

"Hey Meg." Matt said
"Hey Matt, Shannon's looking for you. He's down in the locker room."
"Oh, OK I'll be there in a little bit."
"OK" she said smiling as she left.

~*~ Jeff was finishing up getting dressed to go home as Shannon hid the camera and left. Matt walked in and saw Jeff. ~*~

"I thought Shannon was looking for me?"
"Yea he was but I don't know where he went."
"Oh, OK."
" So did you get what you wanted?" Jeff said
"Yea, I finally have Nicole wrapped around my fingers. She'll believe anything I say now."
"I thought you wanted Meg?"
"No, I just wanted Nicole to see you go after me for what I so called said."
"What do you want with her?"
"Oh I just want to have fun. I'll drop her after she gets boring."

~*~ Jeff was crazy pissed at this time. ~*~

"She has no clue I drugged you the night you slept with Meg. She's so gullible"
" So you don't care about her at all?"
"No, She's nothing to me. Just a toy, she's a fat bitch what would I want with her?"

~*~ Jeff yelled as Matt ran out of the locker room. Jeff punched the locker a few times as Shannon and Meg  walked in. ~*~

"Did you get him to admit it?"
"Yea, and a lot of other stuff too. We have to show it to Nicole as soon as possible. Before he hurts her more."
"He was telling her a bunch of shit that you supposedly told him."
"Where's she at? Get her in here so she can watch it."
"I'll try to but we kind of got in an argument."
"I don't care. Tell her Shannon wants her."

~*~ Meg walked off and found Nicole. Meg explained to Nicole that Shan wanted her in the men's locker room. When Nicole and Meg entered the room Shan and Jeff were sitting on the couch. Nicole rolled her eyes at Jeff and sat by Shan.~*~

"What did you need?" She asked
"I wanted you to watch something."
"Ok,"she said confused

~*~ Shan popped the tape in and Nicole saw Matt talking to Jeff. She then realized what he was saying and tears were running down her cheeks. Jeff got up and went to take the tape out. ~*~

"No, I want to finish watching it." She said

~*~ She finished watching the tape completely shocked at how Matt was talking towards her. And at the fact that it was his fault her and Jeff weren't together. Jeff noticed she was crying and walked over to her. He put his arms around her and expected her to push him away but she fell into his arms and cried. ~*~

"I'm sorry Jeff." She sobbed out.
"It's OK." He said hushing her.

~*~ Shannon and Meg left them alone to talk. Nicole wouldn't let go of Jeff. He held her until she stopped crying. He whipped the tears from her face and  kissed her. When they pulled away Nicole smiled and Jeff melted. ~*~

"Do you want to go home?" He asked
"Yes," She replied.

~*~ Jeff helped Nicole to her feet and the two got there bags and left for Cameron. ~*~
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