Chapter 1
"It's been 4 weeks since Vince had you and Jeff break up and you
haven't said one word to him, you guys used to be so close, why are you avoiding him now?" Amy asked as we were getting read for our match.
"The only reason we were so close was because of the storyline, we
were never that close"
*** Me and Jeff had been together for 3 months until Vince had Jeff kiss Trish and me and Jeff went our separate ways. ***

"Are you sure, or are you just pissed because he liked kissing Trish?"
"Calm down damn, you don't have to snap."
"Sorry it's just that everyone keeps thinking that!"
***Trish enters the room***

"Hey Amy, Nicole"
"Hey Trish"
" Yea hey," I said rolling my eyes.
"Jason is looking for you"
"Really? Why?"
"He wants to talk to you about something"
"Ok bye Amy"
"Bye "

*** I walked out the door and started my way down to Jason's locker room and ran into Jeff***

"Oh, Nicole I'm sorry"
"It's OK"
"Look Nicole, I want to......."
"Hey, I'm sorry, but I have to go Jason's looking for me"

*** I knew I should of let him finish what he was going to say, I turned around to go back, but saw Trish run up to him and hug him, I turned back around and made my way to Jason's room***

"Hey Jason, you were looking for me,"
"Yea I was going to ask you if you knew why you were in a match with
me tonight?"
" I am? Against who?"
"Jeff and Trish"
" I didn't know that"
"Yea we go on after Glenn."
"Does Amy and I still have the match against Lisa and Nora?"
"Yea your the first match."
"OK, well I got to go talk to Matt real quick, talk to you later"
" OK, bye"

*** I walk out and see Dwayne and Chris talking***

"Hey Dwayne hey Chris"
"Hey Nicole"
"Have you seen Matt?"
" Yea he's over with Jeff and Trish"
"OK thanks.

*** I walk over to Jeff and Matt's locker room and see all four of them talking***

"Hey Nicole did you hear about the match?" Matt asked after he noticed me standing there.
" Yes I did"

*** Amy and Matt could tell I didn't want the match to happen***

"Who wins?"
"Me and Jeff do" Trish blurted out with a smile.
"Here's a copy of the script you can look over" Jeff said handing me a copy.
"Thanks Jeff"

*** I studied the script for the next 10 minutes then hand it to Matt to hold for me during mine and Amy's match. Amy's music came on and the crowd roared as we made our way to the ring***

Chapter 2
"1........2..............3....." The winners are Lita and Nicole!"

*** The crowd roared as we celebrated in the ring, Lisa and Nora roll out of the ring as we make our way up the ramp, backstage, Matt handed me the script and I studied it until Jeff, Trish and Jason come to the curtain***

"Are you ready Nicole? Jeff asked
*** I just shook my head. For some reason seeing Trish with Jeff made me angry and I felt the urge to hit her but I didn't, the Hardy's music came on and Jeff and Trish made their way to the ring***

"Making his way to the ring accompanied by Trish Stratus, Jeff Hardy!"

*** The crowed roared as Jeff did his guns pose, they got in the ring and Jason's music started***

"Making his way to the ring accompanied by Nicole, Christian!!"

***Trish and me started off the match, I whipped her into the corner kicking her stomach. I grabbed her by her hair and tossed her across the ring. I went for the pin,1.....2.... Trish kicked out. I went to the top rope to do a moonsault, but she moved and I hit the floor.
She went and tagged Jeff in, Jeff hesitated to get in but did. I went to the corner thinking he was going to hit me or something, but he wouldn't do anything, so I stood up and smacked him.( I wasn't supposed to hit him) he didn't do anything he just yelled at me  to tag Jason in  so I did. Jason speared Jeff, Jeff got up and threw Jason in the corner and did the whisper in the wind. Jason lying on the floor Jeff went to the top rope and did the Swanton bomb on Jason and pinned 1..........2...........3.......***

"The winners are Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus"

***The crowed roared as Jeff and Trish celebrated, me and Jason made our way back up the ramp and back stage, few minutes later Jeff and Trish walk back***

"Why did you hit him? That wasn't in the script" Jason asked. "I don't know I just felt the urge to smack him so I did"

*** Amy and Matt walked up***

"Hey  guys"

*** Jeff walked past me and made eye contact with me, Matt saw hurt on Jeff's face and went off to talk to Jeff, Trish followed***

"Hey, why did you hit Jeff? I didn't think that was in the script?" Amy asked
"It wasn't I just smacked him because something told me he deserved it"
" I knew you were pissed because he likes Trish"
"No I'm not"

*** Matt catches up with Jeff and the two begin to talk. ***

"What's wrong Jeff?"
"Nothing why do you ask?"
"You just look hurt or something"
"No, I just want to know why Nicole hates me so much, she wasn't supposed to smack me"
"Maybe she forgot what to do"
"No she meant it I could tell."
"Maybe she loves you"
" She don't love me what makes you think that?"
" You can tell you guys have it for each other"
"The only thing I have for her is friendship and respect."
"Yea? Then how come every time you see her with Jason Adam or Chris you get all pissy and walk off, or why is it that every time she see's you with Trish she gets all pissed off and walks away?"
"I don't know, she just doesn't like Trish"
"You guys have it for each other admit it"

*** Trish knocks on the door***

"Yea, what?"
" I just wanted to see if you were OK, could I come in?"
"Yea sure"
"Look Jeff I got to go I told Amy and Nicole I would meet them in the
front, are you going with us tomorrow?"
"Yea I am"
" OK cool well just call either me or the girls, let us know what time you'll
meet us OK?"
" OK I will"

*** Matt leaves as Trish starts to talk to Jeff. Me and Amy see Matt in the hall and we walk with him out to the front. ***

"Hey Matt?"
"Oh hey Amy, I was just on my way to meet you guys"
"So what did you find out?"
"I'll tell you later"
"OK well what time are we leaving to go to the amusement park?"
"I'm not sure Jeff's going to call one of us tonight to let us know
what time he can go"
"Well it's getting late let's get to the hotel"

***The three of us get into the rental car and headed to the hotel. ***

Chapter 3
"Bye Nicole" Matt said
" Call me when you wake up tomorrow morning OK Matt?" Amy said
"OK I will."

*** Amy and me went to our hotel room and Matt went to his. A few minutes after we got into our comfortable clothes the phone rang. ***

"Hello" I said
"'s me"
"Oh ,Hi Jeff"
"I just wanted to tell you that I will meet you guys in the
lobby at 11:30 tomorrow morning OK?"
"Yea that's fine, Trish isn't coming is she?"
"No, I told her I wanted to talk to you tomorrow and I didn't want her
"What do you want to talk to me about,"
"Just some stuff, but I don't want to talk about it rite now, I'll
tell you tomorrow."
"Oh OK"
"Well I'll let you go so you can get some sleep"
"OK talk to you later"
" I lo...I mean OK bye"
" Umm OK bye"

*** I hung up the phone as Amy entered the room***

"Who was that,"
"Oh it was Jeff"
"Oh? What did he say?"
"He'll meet us in the lobby at 11:30 and that he wants to talk to me
about something."
"I wonder what he wants to talk to you about?"
"I don't know but I'm going to be thinking about it all night"
"Well it's getting late so lets get some sleep."
"OK night"

Chapter 4
*** We woke up to knocking at the door***

"Amy what time is it?"
" It's 10:00"
"Who's here this early?"

*** I got up and answered the door***

"Hey babe, it's time to wake up!"
"What are you doing here this early?"
" I just thought I would come and wake you up."
"Oh well thanks. Come on in."

*** Jeff came in and sat on the bed, Amy got in the shower, leaving me and Jeff alone. ***

"Nicole, can I ask you something,"
"Why did you smack me?"

*** I looked at him trying to find the reason I why I did smack him. ***

"Do you have a reason?"
" Huh..........Yea"

*** I searched around in my head frantically looking for the reason. Finally it came to me, I smacked him because he liked kissing Trish! But I didn't know until now***

"Because umm....."
"Nicole tell me"
"Because you kissed Trish and you liked it"
"That's why you smacked me?"
"Over something that stupid?"
"Never mind"
" No, tell me"
"Are you that blind Jeff?" Amy asked coming out of the bathroom.
" Well I�m getting in the shower"

*** Jeff sat there as he just found out that I had feelings for him. He sat there silent for the next 10 minutes Amy broke the silence***

"Are you OK,"
" Yea I'm fine I'm just confused"
" Why are you confused?"
" I had no clue she felt that way"
"Neither did she"
"When did it happen?"
"That I'm not completely sure......but I think its when Vince had you
two working together."
"You don't feel the same?"
"I don't know, I'm not sure."
"I haven't thought about it, I like her more then a friend but I'm not
sure if I have those feelings for her"
"Well then think about it. If you do then say something to Nicole,
if not then don't say anything."

*** I got out of the shower and got ready we got down to the lobby where we met Matt. ***

"Hey Amy" Matt said before giving her a kiss
"Well I thought we would go to Great America since its only 10
minutes away from Chicago"
"OK well lets go" Jeff said rushing us into the rental car.

Chapter 5
*** We got to Great America and for some reason every chance Jeff got he sat by me. And he would also win stuffed animals for me. He was really sweet. But it was getting late and we had to get to the arena so we left. We arrived at the arena around 6:30. We got our scripts and studied them. I have to accompany Jason again to the ring and he's against Jeff. Matt had a march against Lance Storm and Amy had a match against Stacey. We all got ready and I went to the entrance to meet Jason there. ***

" Sounds like it's going to be a fun match doesn't it?" Jason asked
"Yea I guess" I replied
*** Jeff and Trish arrive at the entrance***

"Hey Nicole" Jeff said.
"Hey Jeff"
" When did you guys start talking?" Trish asked
"Last night" Jeff said smiling
*** The Hardys music started and Jeff and Trish walked out , Jeff did his guns pose***

"Making his way to the ring accompanied by Trish Stratus, Jeff

*** They got into the ring as Jason's music came on and we walked out. ***

"Making his way to the ring accompanied Nicole, Christian!!!!"

*** We got into the ring and Jeff and Christian started the match***

Chapter 6
*** Jeff and Christian had been going at it for the past 5 minutes. And Jeff was loosing so Trish decided to help Jeff. She walked over grabbed a chair came into the ring behind Christian and hit him in the head with it threw the chair out and Jeff pinned Christian***

" The winner is Jeff Hardy!!!!!"

*** Christian was pissed because I didn't help him out. Jeff and Trish started to walk away as Christian pulled me over the rope by my hair and body slammed me to the mat knocking the wind out of me. Christian grabbed the chair and hit me in my stomach with it 2 times. Jeff saw what happened he turned around ran into the ring and grabbed Christians arm turning him around. Jeff started to pound away at Christians face. Christian backed up to the ropes and Jeff threw him over. Jeff knelt down beside me asking me if I was OK. Jeff then helped me out of the ring and carried me back stage. I still wasn't feeling very well since the wind got knocked out of me and my stomach was kinda hurting. Jeff Amy and Matt were sitting around talking to me when Trish came in. She had the look of hate in her eyes. She looked at me then Jeff and repeated it four times. Then she stared at Jeff. ***

"How could you?"
"How could I what?"
"How could you leave my side to go help that bitch?"
"For one thing she's not a bitch and another because I was supposed to."
"Well, Vince told me that you asked him if the match could turn out
that way,"
" Yea I did."
"Why? I thought you hated her?"
"No, I never hated her."
"But you said you liked me."
" No, I said I liked the kissing, I never said I liked you. Your not
my type."
"Your type?"
" Yea, your too slutty"

*** Trish starred at Jeff hard. She looked away from then smacked him. She went to jump on him, but I jumped up and tackled her to the ground beating her head into the ground.  I pulled her up by her hair and threw her on a table. I then went to jump on her but Jeff grabbed me by my waist and picked me up. Trish got up and walked away holding her head and her face. ***

Chapter 7

*** I left the locker room. And made my way to my dressing room. Matt came up behind me. ***

"Where are you going,"
"I'm going to get changed then I'm going to the car why?"
"Just wondering."
" What else are you wanting to ask?"
"How did you know?"
"I could tell, just ask"
"Well, what made you do that?"
" I don't know, she smacked Jeff and I knew Jeff didn't want to hit her
back so I did it for him."

*** Amy and me walked in the locker room. We got dressed. A few minutes later we walked out and Jeff and Matt were standing by the door. ***

"Oh, hey guys! What are you doing here?"
"Well, I need to talk to Nicole and Jeff wants to talk to her after I
"Well, why do you need to talk to Nicole?"
" I just need to get some stuff out of her."
"Come on Nicole."

*** Matt and me started walking down the hall leaving Jeff and Amy. Jeff stared at me as I walked away. Amy couldn't get his attention***

"Jeff??? Hello?? Earth to Jeff.. Is anybody home?"
" Oh, yea sorry."
"What's wrong with you?"
"What do you mean?"
"Are you falling for Nicole?"
"I don't know I'm still confused."
"Don't worry about it Amy you'll find out soon."

*** Jeff and Amy walked down the hall behind us.***

"So what do you need to talk to me about?"
"OK I know why you smacked Jeff, but I don't understand why you did
that to Trish."
"OK first of all why did I smack Jeff?"
" Because you have feelings for him and he liked kissing Trish rite?"
" Ummmmmm Sure."
"But to tell you the truth, he didn't like it. He was just trying to see how
you would react. I mean he didn't hate it.  But he doesn't like her that
" Why are you telling me this?"
"I just thought you would like to know but you didn't answer my
"What question?"
"Why did you do that?"
"Because she hit Jeff."
" Well people have hit me but the only thing you have ever done about
that is yelling at them. You never beat the hell out of them."
"Because it's different."
"What's different?"

*** I stopped and thought. I thought about what was different. With Matt it was like sister/brother thing. But with Jeff it wasn't. I thought about how Jeff made me feel and the answer finally came to me. ***

"Because .........."

Chapter 8
"Because I............I love him!!!"

***Matt looked at me. Shocked at what I said. ***

"What did you just say?"
"I love him Matt I really do."
"Does anyone know?"
"No, I didn't know I loved him knew I liked him but I just realized I love
"You have to tell Jeff."
"No, I can't, I can't do that."
"Because he doesn't feel the same."
"You'll never know until you tell him."
"I can't though."
"Nicole tell him. I mean it."
"OK OK I will but don't say anything, I'll do it some time tonight."

*** We got  to the car. Amy and Jeff caught up with us. Amy noticed the look I had in my eyes. She knew I had found something out. Matt and Amy sat in the front seat as usual. And Jeff and me sat in the back seat. We had 4 hours to get to Iowa. And it was already 10. For the first hour Jeff and me were quit. Matt and Amy were talking to each other. And I was falling asleep. Jeff noticed I was having trouble getting comfortable. ***

"Hey, Nicole?"
"You can lay down and lean up against me if you would be more
"Really? Thanks."

*** I lied down and put my head on his lap, he put his jacket over me for a cover. I fell asleep. I woke up about 2 hours later. Amy and Jeff were asleep.  I sat up and put his jacket in his bag. Matt noticed I was up. ***

"You woke up just in time were going to be at the hotel in about 30
minutes wake Jeff up for me OK?"
"Yea, OK."

*** I shook Jeff's arm. ***

"Jeff wake up. Were almost there."

*** Jeff opened his eyes and looked at me. ***

"How much longer?"
"About 30 minutes,"
"I slept the whole way?"
"I don't know I fell asleep before you."

*** Matt woke Amy up. And we sat in silence. Jeff finally talked to me. ***

"So what's wrong with you?"
"Nothing why?"
" Your acting different now."
"What do you mean?"
"Your acting like...... Like you're hiding something from me."
"Yea are you?"
"Not that I know of."
"Then why are you acting different?"
" I don't know Jeff, I'm just tired."
***Just then we pulled into the parking lot. Matt got out and went
into the lobby to get 2 rooms with 2 beds in each. But when he came out he had some bad news. Me, Amy, and Jeff got out the bags and Matt walked up to us. ***

Chapter 9
"We have a slight problem."
"There's only 1 room with 2 beds left."
"What's the problem? We'll just have 2 to a bed." Amy suggested.
"I am not sharing a bed with Matt." I replied.
"Well, then I'll sleep in the bed with Matt" Amy replied.
"But then I'll be sleeping in the other bed with Jeff."
"Yea, but you guys don't have to do anything, just sleep."

*** Jeff looked at me and I looked at Matt***

"Do you mind?" Jeff asked
"No, all were going to do is sleep, it's not a big deal."
"OK well then that's it get your stuff you each get a key. Lets go
see how the room looks."

*** We got our bags and went up to the room. Matt changed into his sleeping wear. And "passed" out on the bed. Me Amy and Jeff couldn't sleep so we stayed up and watched TV. I wanted to go for one of my "Walks at midnight." ***

"Where you going?"
"For a walk"
"Can I come?"
"Sure if you really want to."

*** Jeff grabbed his coat. And we left. We started walking down the hall. Jeff decided to start up a conversation. ***

"So what did you and Matt talk about?"
"Uhhh.. Nothing really"
" He just asked me why I did that to Trish."
"Well, why did you?"
" Because she smacked you."
"That's it?"
"Do you like me?" Jeff asked
"Why do you ask that?" I replied
"Well, because you stare at me, you look at me like you do, you stick
up for me, you beat the shit out of girls that mess with me?"
"Well of coarse I like you."
"Yea Jeff But I also like Matt and Amy."
"Oh well I meant do you like me more then a friend?"
"I don't know."
"Well, I guess I'll tell you then."
"Tell me what?"

*** Jeff lead me out of the hotel and around to the back of the building. Stopped me and pushed me up against the wall. ***

"Now look at me when I tell you this. OK?"
" Nicole.........."

Chapter 10
"Nicole I......... love you."

*** My heart started pounding. I couldn't believe what I just heard. Is he playing with me? Is he being honest? I had the look of complete shock on my face. Jeff knew I was shocked. ***

"What did you say?"
" I said I love you."
"Since when?"
"Since I met you."
"Why did you wait so long to tell me?"
"Because I was in denial."
" So what made you come out of denial?"
"I don't know really. I think it was when we were in that match against
each other."
"When we were waiting to walk out, you looked at me and I finally
believed that I do love you."
"Oh, I thought you said you loved me since we met."
"I meant that this whole time that we have been friends I loved you,
but I didn't know I did until now."

*** I looked at him he went to kiss me, but I turned my face. ***

"I'm sorry, I just thought that you wanted me too."

*** I looked at him, and he looked hurt. ***

"Why haven't you told me how you feel about me? I told you." He said
with the sound of hurt in his voice.
"Well, what do you want to know?"
"I want to know if you.... Well, if you love me."
"Uhhhh....Well....well yea I do."
"You do?"
" Your not just saying that to not hurt me?"
"No, I really do love you."
"As a friend? Brother? As what?"
"Jeff I told you I love you and no not as a brother."
"So as friend?"
"Well, yea but more."
"You love me like I love you."
"Then why did you pull away from me when I went to kiss you? And why
did you hesitate to tell me?"
"I wasn't sure if I could trust you."
"What do you mean by that?"
" I just didn't think you meant it."
"I just didn't think someone like you could love someone like me"
"Well why wouldn't I?"
"I didn't think I was your type."
"My type?"
"Well, yea, I'm younger then you, I'm not very pretty, and I'm not a
real girlie girl like Beth was."
"Well first of all your only 20. Your not that much younger then me.
And you happen to be very beautiful and well, I don't really like girlie girl
types.. I like crazy and wild girls. Like you."

*** I started to shiver, I was standing there in just a t-shirt and pajama pants. Jeff noticed I was cold and put his jacket on me. ***

"Thank you Jeff."
"No problem."

*** We stood there starring at each other for what seemed like for ever. Jeff leaned in and put his hand on my cheek. He pulled my face in closer to his. His lips touched mine. I
parted my lips and allowed his tongue to enter my mouth. His tongue began to play a long with mine. He started slowly and then produced the most passionate kiss I had ever gotten. He put his hand down my pants rubbing and teasing over my panties. After a few minutes of teasing   he pushed the panties to the side and plunged is finger in me. I moaned with pleasure. Jeff pulled away from me and stood there and watched my facial expressions as he added 2 fingers. He began slowly then started to go faster and faster and harder. He enjoyed making me moan. And I could feel his manhood harden as he got closer to me, he pulled my pants and panties down. And then pulled his down exposing his hard manhood. He teased me before plunging himself in me. I moaned continuesly. To the point of almost screaming. Jeff pulled me closer and I bit down on his shirt. He went faster and harder, he pulled my shirt up and pushed my bra up and allowed his tongue to play with my nipple he bit playfully at my nipple and sucked as he
began to cum. I had one hand in his hair the other on his back as I began to orgasm. When we were done we pulled up our pants and noticed that it was really late. ***

"Oh shit, Amy's probably wondering what happened to us."
"What time is it?"
"It's 6:15."
"What? I have to be up in 5 � hours!"
"Me too."

*** Jeff grabed my hand and headed back to the hotel. Amy and Matt was up. And noticed how happy we were and that we were holding hands. Amy smiled.***

"Finally it tok you guys 3 years." Amy said

***Me and Jeff just shook our heads and went to sleep.***
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