Chapter 1
"Jeff stop"

Nicole yelled as Jeff ran out of the room. She ran after him trying
to get him to stop but he just blew her off. Nicole watched as his car sped off. This was the fifth time this week that Jeff and Nicole had fought in 3 days which is really unusual for them. Nicole walked back into her house and sat at the kitchen table, with her head in her hands. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Nicole got up and opened the door. Matt and Trish stood there. Matt and Trish walked in and sat on the couch.

"What's wrong with Jeff?" Matt asked
"I don't know he just blew up at me because I told him that I didn't want to go out tonight. Why?"
"Well, me and Trish just saw him walking into The Silver Bullet. We went up to him and tried to talk to him but he said he was busy and walked into the bar."
"He's drinking again?" Nicole asked
"I don't know, all I know is that he's been a complete asshole to everyone." Trish replied.

***Trish and Matt hung out with Nicole for a few hours. And Nicole went up to her and Jeff's room and laid on the bed. The only thing that ran through Nicole's head was the way he treated everyone a few years back when he was drinking heavily. He even lost Nicole until he proved to her that he had stopped. And now he's possibly drinking again. Nicole laid her head down and went to sleep.***

~ 2 hours later~

***Nicole jumped up when she heard a door slam. She knew it was Jeff so she just sat on the bed and waited. Jeff opened the door to there room a few minutes later and looked at her. She looked in his eyes and knew that he had been drinking. She stood up and Jeff just stared at her. Tears ran down her face and he turned away. Nicole walked off towards the door when Jeff grabbed her arm.***

"Where are you going?" He asked
"Downstairs." She replied
"What are you sick of me too?" He said coolly
"What are you talking about Jeff?"
" Everyone else is sick of my why aren't you?"
"Jeff I never said I was sick of you."
"Are you?" He yelled
"NO" Nicole yelled back

***Jeff released her arm and walked over to his closet
and changed. Nicole couldn't believe he hadn't said anything to her about him drinking.***

"Have you been drinking again?"
"Why do you want to fucking know everything?"
"You promised you wouldn't drink again."
"Yea, well shit happens."

***Nicole's mouth dropped. He never ever talked to her the way he has been. He looked up at her.***

"Not everyone's perfect Nicole. When are you going to realize that not
everything focuses around you and your life? Your not the most important person in everyone's life!"

***Nicole's eyes filled up with tears and she began to speak.***

"Not once in 7 years that I've known you have you talked to me like that. What is going on Jeff?"

***Jeff didn't say a word he just looked away.***

"Fine whatever Jeff."

***Nicole grabbed her pillow, pajamas, and a blanket and slept out on the couch for the night.***

~ Early the next day ~
***Nicole woke up to the sun hitting her face. She stretched and rolled over to see Jeff sitting in front of her staring at her crying. She sat up.***

"What's wrong Jeff?" She asked
"Everything, everything is so messed up now." He said between sobs.

***Nicole got up and knelt next to him and put her arms around him. Jeff buried his head into her chest and sobbed.***

"Jeff, calm down."
"I'm sorry Nicole, I'm sorry for everything I've said to you. I didn't mean
it. I've been treating you so bad lately. I'm messing up all over again."
"Jeff, it's ok, just calm down. Why are you doing this?"
"I'm so frustrated with work, I know I shouldn't take it out on you, I
couldn't help it. I never want to do it again. I hate hurting you. I hate
disappointing you."
"Jeff it's ok. Just please stop crying."

***Nicole held Jeff while he calmed down. They sat down on the couch facing each other. Jeff told everything to Nicole.***

Chapter 2

***That day Nicole found out that Jeff had been so upset lately because his relationship with Matt had deteriorated, he was close to being fired, his passion for wrestling just wasn't there anymore. He also felt that Nicole just simply didn't want to be with him anymore that their relationship had deteriorated. Nicole reassured him that everything was fine and that Nicole still loved him and still wanted to be with him.***

~ 2 weeks later ~
***Jeff was sitting on the back porch with Shannon when
Nicole got home from work. She walked up to Jeff and kissed him.***

"How was work?" Jeff asked
"It was ok, a cat scratched me real good today. It's amazing how many
mean animals there are out there."
"And yet you still love being a vet. "Shannon said
"I love animals, what can I say." Nicole said smiling
"I'm going to go take a shower."

***Jeff kissed Nicole once more and Nicole went upstairs leaving Jeff and Shannon to talk. Jeff went to the fridge in the garage and grabbed his vodka.***

"Want some?"Jeff asked Shannon.
"No, I don't want any rite now."

***Jeff shrugged his shoulders and poured a glass for himself.***

"So is Nicole mad that your drinking again?"
"I don't know, but its the only thing keeping me sane rite now."

***Shannon looked concerned but didn't say anything. By the time Nicole had gotten out of the shower Jeff had only a little left in the what was full bottle.***

"Don't you think you should cut back a little Jeff?" Shannon said

***Jeff looked at him at shook his head. He put the cap back on the bottle and put it away.***

"You better brush your teeth or something before Nicole smells your

***Jeff shook his head and walked in the house brushed his teeth and joined Shannon back on the porch. A few minutes later Nicole joined them out side.***

"So Shannon. Got a girlfriend yet?" Nicole asked
"No, all the girls I meet are either bitches or psychos. "He replied
"Well, I know a girl. Wouldn't he like Meg, Jeff?"
"Yea, she's his type."
"My friend Meg is single, every date she's been on has been a living
night mare. Maybe you guys could go on a date"
"Sure why not?"
"I'll get her number and tell her about you."

***Nicole got up and went into the house. Just as Meg and Trish pulled up.***

"Well, look who it is. Nick guess who's here?" Jeff yelled after Nicole
"Who?"  she replied stepping back out on the porch.
"Trish and Meg"
" Oh, hey guys"
"Hey" Trish and Meg said in unison.
"Hey Meg I want you to meet someone. Meg this is Shannon Moore,
Shannon this is Megan Harper."
"Hi" Meg said smiling
"Hey" Shannon replied smiling.

***Trish and Meg sat down.***

"We stopped by to see if you guys wanted to go out for a little
bit." Trish asked
"Sure "Jeff said

***Shannon and Nicole looked at Jeff then back at each other***

"Sure" Nicole said "Just let us go get ready."
"I'm going to run to the house real quick and get changed I'll meet you
guys back here" Shannon said

***Shannon left and The other 4 went in the house while Nicole and Jeff got ready. Later on Shannon showed up. And they all left and went to Club Divine.***

~At Club Devine~

"Can I help you?" The bartender asked
"Yes, I need a vodka straight, and a strawberry dacorie" Jeff said

*** The bartender handed Jeff his drinks and Jeff went to the table. He handed Nicole her drink and sat down next to her. She looked over at his drink and realized what it was.***

"I thought you stopped drinking Vodka?"
"I did, but a drink every once in a while won't hurt."

***Nicole shrugged her shoulders and looked away. After Jeff finished his drink He ordered another, as All My Life came on. Jeff and Nicole's song. Nicole looked around the table. Shannon and Meg were dancing, and Trish was dancing. Jeff was drinking and Nicole was just sitting there. Finally Jeff looked up.***

"Hey it's our song. "He said smiling
"Yes it is."
"Want to dance?" Jeff asked standing up.

***Nicole stood up and followed Jeff to the dance floor and they danced to there song. After the song  Nicole wanted to dance some more. So they stayed out there for the next 4 songs. When they sat back down Jeff had another drink.***

"Jeff would you slow down?" Nicole asked
"Why? I'm not drunk?"
"Yet." Shannon said

***Jeff just looked at Shannon then at Nicole. A few hours later Nicole was ready to go home.***

"Jeff come on I want to go home."
"But I'm not ready."
"Jeff I know your having fun but I have no other way home."
"I'll take you home" Shannon said
"Will you?"
"No Problem. I'll be back Meg"

***Nicole said good bye to everyone and left. Shannon pulled up to there house.***

"Shannon can you keep an eye on Jeff for me?"
"Yes, I will I'll do my best."
"I mean just make sure he don't start any fights or leaves when he's
had too much to drink or something."
"I won't let him."
"Thanks Shannon"
"Your Welcome."

***Nicole walked inside and jumped in the shower. When she got out of the shower she looked at the clock and noticed that Jeff still wasn't home. Nicole put on a tank top and panties, went down stairs to lock up the house, and lied down to go to bed. 2 hours later Nicole was awoken to Shannon and Meg calling for her. She jumped up thinking that something happened to Jeff. She flew down the stairs and saw Shannon trying his best to hold Jeff up.***

"What the hell?" Nicole asked
"When I left to bring you home I guess he had more then he told me.
He drank so much  he can barely stand up."
"I knew I shouldn't have let him go."

*** Nicole walked up to Jeff and helped Shannon carry him up stairs to there bedroom and laid Jeff on there bed. Shannon looked at Nicole.***

"Will you be able to handle him?" Shannon asked
"Yes I should be able to"
"If not then just call me. I'll come over if you need help."
"Ok, I will."
***Shannon and Meg left and Nicole was left to take care of Jeff. Nicole took off Jeff's shoes pants and shirt. And tried to sober him up. She noticed that he was gagging so she hurried and got him to the bathroom rite when he threw up all over her. Luckily it only got on her shirt so she just took it off and put on another one. She sat with Jeff  until 4 in the morning when he finally sobered up. Nicole helped him into bed and went asleep.***

Chapter 3
~4 months later~

***Meg and Shannon were now a couple. They were doing great and were very close. Jeff and Nicole on the other hand built there lives around Jeff's alcohol. Yes Jeff became a big alcoholic. Nicole couldn't leave him she still loved him and she hoped he would get over it. She thought that as long as she was with him he'd be fine. Which that thought was proven. One night Jeff came stumbling in drunk of his ass from being over at 'Shannons'.***

"Your drunk again?" Nicole yelled
"No I'm not"
"Yes you are Jeff, I know you weren't at Shannon's I called him. He said
he hadn't heard from you all night. Where were you?"
"Well, I was on my way to Shannon's. But I saw this place on the way and stopped there for a few drinks."
"A few drinks?"
"How much money did you spend on just alcohol this month Jeff?"
"I don't know a few dollars."
"Jeff that's where your whole pay check goes. You buy nothing but
alcohol and I pay the bills and for things you need."
"I'm going through a rough time now."
"You've been going through a rough time for more then 5 months Jeff. I
can't take it anymore I can't afford it anymore"    
"What are you saying?"
"I think we need to be apart for a while, until you stop drinking or
something. "Nicole said as the tears fell from her face.
"But I don't want to break up." 
"Jeff I have been there for and I have taken care of you for the past
5 months. I can't do it anymore. Your going no where and your taking me
with you. Jeff I love you I do, but I just can't take this anymore."

***Nicole tried to hold back her tears as Jeff began to realize he lost the only thing he had left. Tears were now tracing his cheeks.***

"But I love you." He said through tears
"I know but I just can't anymore."

***Jeff grabbed his keys and took off. Nicole tried to stop him but he just wouldn't. He got in his car and sped off. He was now to the point where he didn't care what happened to him. He didn't have Nicole, Matt stopped talking to him. To him his life was now over. He didn't have any where else to go but Shannon's. On the way to Shannon's he saw Meg walking he pulled up next to her.***

"You want a ride?"
"Sure" Meg said

***Meg got in the car and noticed how upset Jeff was.***

"What's wrong Jeff?"
"Nicole broke up with me." Jeff choked out
"Oh my god, I'm sorry Jeff"

***Jeff cried more and began to swerve. A bottle of Jack Daniels slid out from under the seat and hit Megs foot. Her eyes widened***.

"Jeff have you been drinking?"

***Jeff didn't say anything.***

"Jeff look out!" Meg screamed
"Shit I can't stop" Jeff screamed back

Chapter 4
***It had been almost 2 hours since Shannon and Nicole had heard anything from Jeff or Meg. Shannon had went over to Nicole's to calm her down. T hey were sitting on the couch when the phone rang.***

"Hello?" She said
"Yes is this Nicole Jennings?"
"Yes this is."
"Hi My name is Mrs. Scott I'm calling from St. Anthony�s hospital."

***Right then Nicole's heart dropped***

"Is it Jeff?" Nicole asked
"Yea Jeff and Megan Harper were in an accident."

***Nicole looked at Shannon and began to cry. Shannon automatically knew it was about Jeff.***

"Yes I'll be down there in a few minutes."

***Nicole hung up the phone and told Shannon what had happened. Shannon and Nicole got to the hospital and Trish, Matt, Gil, and Lita were in the waiting room. Nicole walked up to Matt and fell into his arms.***

"Have they told you anything?" Nicole asked
"No, not even dad."

***Every one sat in waiting room for over 2 hours before a doctor finally told them what had happened.***

"Megan is in a coma, she has 2 broken ribs, a broken arm, and a few
minor scrapes. Jeff has a broken arm, and a concussion."
"Can we see them?" Matt asked
"Yes you can."

***The doctor left and  everyone went to see Jeff first, to see what had happened. Jeff saw everyone but Nicole and he started crying.***

"What's wrong Jeff?" Trish asked

*** All Jeff did was shake his head.***

"Where's Nicole?" Jeff asked

***Everyone looked at Shannon***

"She's in the hall."
"Why didn't she come in?" Jeff asked
"There's a lot of reasons."
"Why didn't she come in?" Jeff asked again
"Because she's mad that this happened. She feels bad because she thinks it's her fault that if she didn't leave you that you and Meg would be fine."
"Nicole broke up with you?" Trish and Matt said in unison
"She couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't stand that I was an

***No one could believe that he finally admitted to having a drinking problem. Jeff asked about Meg and  begged for someone to talk Nicole in to coming in and seeing him. But she stayed by Megs side with Shannon.3 days later Nicole decided that she was ready to visit Jeff. She walked in the door and saw Jeff sleeping. He looked horrible and hurt her to see him that way. She walked up to his bedside and put her hand on his. He woke up and looked at Nicole.***

"Hi" She said
"How you feeling?"
"Like shit."

***The room fell silent.***

"I'm sorry Nicole, I never meant to hurt you or Meg, or anyone. I know I
screwed up, but please I don't know how I can make it without you."

***Nicole started crying, and so did Jeff.***

"I understand that you can't handle it anymore. I know you can't. But
please? Don't leave me."
"I have to go." Nicole said fighting her tears.

***Jeff yelled after Nicole but she didn't turn around. It hurt her so much to do what she did but she had to make him change. She went and met Shannon back in Meg�s room. Meg had woken up from her coma and was sitting up talking to Shannon. Meg and Shannon saw how upset Nicole was, Nicole sat down in the chair next to Shannon.***

"What happened?" Shannon asked
"I just left him, he begged for me to take him back but I couldn't, he
has to change before I go back. If I do. It kills me to hurt him but if this
is what it takes to change him then so be it."
"If he loves you and wants you back he'll change. I know he's regretting
what happened to me." Meg said

***A few hours later Shannon took me back to the house and Jeff was released before he left the hospital he went to see Meg and broke down. He apologized over and over again. Meg had a feeling that he had learned his lesson, and she forgave him. She told him that if he ever wanted Nicole back to change. Jeff left and went back to his house and walked into Nicole and Shannon packing her things.***

"So you�re moving out?" Jeff asked her with a cracky voice.

***Nicole shook her head and continued packing. Shannon took a bag out to his car and Jeff walked up to Nicole.***

"I love you Nicole, I always will. Don't you love me?"
"I don't know Jeff, I just don't know anymore. I know I care about you. I
know I don't want this. But I don't know."

***Jeff began to cry. He grabbed Nicole's face and kissed her one last time. When Jeff let go Nicole couldn't take it anymore and ran out of the house. Jeff ran up stairs to his room. Nicole ran out to Shannon.***

"What's wrong?"
"Lets just leave. I have enough things I'll come back when he's
gone." She said crying
"Ok, we'll leave."

***Nicole was staying at Shannon's house until she could afford her own place. Jeff tried his best to get her back the next few weeks, but she wanted to make sure she wanted to go back. And she did, but wanted to make sure he wouldn't drink again. Meg was home now and was still close to Jeff. Matt has been staying with Jeff to make sure that he's ok. So Nicole knew that he was safe. Weeks went by and Nicole still wasn't with Jeff. Matt called her one night and finally told Nicole that Jeff wouldn't eat, and was loosing weight, all he did is lay in bed and cry. He went back to work and hasn't had a drink for 3 weeks. Nicole had to go back now, if he would take her back. She got dressed and decided to walk to the house. She was thinking about the past before he began drinking again. They were so happy, they never fought, and they were always having fun. They even talked about getting married and having a family someday. Before she knew it she was in front of their door. She took a deep breath and opened the door. She walked in
and saw Matt sitting on the couch. Matt looked at her and smiled. He knew she was back.***

"He's upstairs" Matt said

***Nicole shook her head and walked up the stairs she opened the door to her room and saw Jeff sleeping. She walked over to him and sat next to him. She ran her hands through his hair and kissed him on the cheek. He opened his eyes.***

"Nicole?" He asked confused

*** Jeff sat up and realized that she was there it was his chance to try and get her back. Before he could say a word Nicole did.***

"I'm sorry Jeff. I do love you I always have and I always will. I'm sorry I hurt you. I wanted you to stop what you were doing."
"No, Nicole I'm sorry. I never should of started drinking again. I'm so sorry and I promise I will never do it again."
"It's ok Jeff, I know. You learned your lesson."
"Yes I did."
"So will you take me back?" Nicole asked

***Jeff didn't say anything but he leaned in and kissed her.***

Chapter 5
~4 weeks later~
***Shannon, Shane, Meg, and Trish were hanging out at Nicole and Jeff's. It was the first time in months that Shane was over at Jeff's. They were sitting in the living room making small talk.***

"When Shannon told me that you guys were still like brothers and you and Nicole were still together I was shocked how did you forgive them so fast?" Shane asked Jeff

***Jeff, and Meg looked confused. Nicole, Trish, and Shannon's eyes widened. Trish motioned for Shane to shut up but he didn't catch on.***

"Forgive them for what?" Jeff asked
"For them messing around behind your back."

***Jeff's mouth dropped and Nicole, Trish and Shannon were worried about what was going to happen.***

"WHEN??" Meg asked
"2 years ago, before she left him the first time."

***Shannon moved away from Jeff***

"Jeff I can explain, it was the night that you came home and hit me I didn't know what to do, I went to Shannon and well, we just kind of, it was an accident."
"Well Nicole had to tell someone."

***Jeff began to cry and so did Nicole. Jeff walked towards Nicole and pushed her up against the wall.***

"Yes, Jeff I did and I do love you."
"How can you cheat on me if you loved me?"
"I don't know Jeff, it's just he just treated me the way you used to before you started drinking. I just liked the way he was treating me and I just took it too far. I'm sorry Jeff, If I could I would take it all back."

***Jeff broke down and looked away from Nicole. He drew his fist back and slammed it into the wall next to her.***


***Shane, Trish, and Meg went outside but Nicole wouldn't leave Shannon and Jeff alone.***

"No, I'm not leaving you alone with Shannon, you�re too pissed."
"He's not my man Jeff, you are"
"Jeff please?"
"Where am I going to go?"

***Nicole and Shannon didn't say anything.***

"I broke up with you the next day Jeff, we stayed apart for almost a year."
"We dated when you guys were broken up" Shannon told Jeff
"It only lasted a few weeks. It wasn't working between us. I was still in-love with you."

***Nicole began to cry and walked outside. Shannon talked to Jeff a few more minutes. Shane apologized to Nicole he didn't know that Jeff didn't know. She forgave him. Shannon walked out a few minutes later.***

"Meg, are you still going to come home with me?"
"Yea, why wouldn't I?"
"I just figured you�d be pissed"
"No, it happened in the past. I thought something went on between you guys."
"I'm sorry Nicole, I can't get him to forgive you, or me."
"It's ok. He was bound to find out some day."

***Shannon gave her a hug and they all left. Nicole walked back in the house and Jeff was sitting in his studio. She walked in the doorway and stood there. All he could do was shake his head and cry. Nicole walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. He looked up into her eyes and motioned for her to sit down. She sat in front of him.***

"Why Nicole?"
"I don't know Jeff, I swear I didn't mean for it to happen. It's just after we
broke up, He was there for me and he reminded me so much of you. He treated me the way you did when we first got together. And I guess I was just wanting part of you and part of him I don't know Jeff."
"All this happened because I stopped treating you like I used to?"
"No, Jeff I was just confused. I didn't know if I wanted us or if I wanted
Shannon. I didn't want to be with you because you were drinking and because you hit me."
"I didn't mean to hit you Nicole, I know I messed up there."
"I know Jeff, It's ok I understand."
"I just can't forgive rite now. That's worse then anything I have ever done to you. All those times I was drunk I could of cheated on you, all those times we were apart I could of cheated on you, but I never did. I may have done a lot of bad things to you, but I would never ever do that."

***Nicole put her head in her hands and sobbed. Jeff couldn't take it anymore.***

"You can sleep in the bed."

***He got up and went upstairs. He grabbed a blanket and a pillow and laid down on the floor. A few minutes later Nicole walked upstairs and laid down on the bed. She laid there for 2 hours and couldn't fall asleep so she got up and walked out on their patio and listened to music. She couldn't believe that she just lost everything. She sat there crying until she saw the sunrise. She went back upstairs and laid down. She cried herself to sleep. When she woke up Jeff was sitting at his desk writing. She got ready for the day and started packing her things. She called her friend Jenna in Illinois and asked her if she could stay with her for a while. Jeff over heard the whole thing. When she hung up she continued packing.***

"So your moving all the way to Illinois?"
"Yea, I figured I would go back to Rockford."
"So, your going to leave all the friends you have here?"
"Yea I have to. Look I can't talk about."

***Jenna was driving to N.C from Illinois with a moving van so it took Nicole about 3 days to actually leave. The day she was leaving Shannon, Meg, Trish, Matt, and Lita came over to the house to say bye. Meg, Trish and Nicole cried. Jeff stayed in the house the whole time. When everyone was done with there good byes Nicole gave everyone her address. Then she got in the car and was ready to pull out when Jeff came running out yelling her name. She looked at him and he had a bag in his hand. He came up to the window.***

"You forgot these."

***Nicole looked in the bag and it was all the stuff of Jeff's that she gave back to him.***

"I love you." She said

***Jeff just shook his head***

"Be careful."

Chapter 6
***Nicole and Jenna crossed Rockford�s border 5
days later. Nicole couldn't believe that she was back in Rockford. She never thought that she would ever return. She hadn't set foot in Rockford since she lived there for her sophomore year. They pulled up in Jenna's drive way. Jenna and Nicole unpacked and all Nicole packed was memories of her and Jeff. She missed him terribly, and she also missed everyone else. When she finished unpacking she called Meg.***

"Hey Meg, I just wanted to let you know I made it in."
"Thank god we were all going crazy! How are you feeling?"
"Awful, I miss you guys so much and I miss Jeff so much."
"We miss you too, and Jeff god he has to be missing you terribly. He still
hasn't talked to Shannon."
"Really? How's Jeff doing?"
"Horrible. He's always crying. Matt said that he's scared Jeff's not going to make it through this."
"What do you mean?"
"You know what I'm talking about."
"Is he that bad?"
"Yea ,he's really depressed. The only person he'll talk to is Matt, everyone else reminds him of you."
"Well, will you tell Matt to let him know that I made it in ok."'
"Yes I will."
"Ok, thanks but I have to go, I'm going to go see my brothers."
"Ok, I'll talk to you later."

***Nicole hung up the phone and went to see her brothers. The next 3 weeks past really slow. She still hadn't gotten over Jeff. But she had gotten better, she got a job and is living in her own apartment. She still hadn't heard anything from Jeff. She knew that Jeff was now talking to Shannon. Nicole would watch Jeff on RAW every Monday. She couldn't believe how much he's changed. One day she heard that RAW was coming to Rockford. She had to go it might be her last chance to see him. Her and Jenna put their money together and bought ring side tickets. When the night came Nicole was so nervous. She was getting dressed when she heard her doorbell ring. She opened it and couldn't believe that Shannon, Matt, Trish, and Meg were standing there***

"What are you guys doing here?" She said
"We had to come see you." Shannon said
"Jeff didn't want to?" Nicole asked
"He doesn't know we came, he doesn't know where you live."
"Oh." Nicole fell sad
"Are you going somewhere?" Meg asked
"Yea, I'm going to see RAW. I have ring side tickets."
"Really?" Matt asked
"Yea, I've been watching Jeff, he looks so different. Does he have a match tonight?"
"Yea, him and Buh Buh are going against Chris Jericho and Christian."
"Really? Good maybe he'll see me walking to the ring."
"Well, we better get going. We're going to be late. Do you want to meet us by Quiznos after the show?" Trish asked
"Ok, see you there."
***They left and Jenna and Nicole followed after.***

~ At the show~
***Nicole and Jenna took their seats and Nicole got to see all of her old friends. About an hour through the show Jeff's music came on. Nicole's heart was pounding. When she saw him at the entrance her knees began to shake. He walked down the ramp and looked towards Nicole and looked away then looked back, Nicole waved and he waved back surprised to see her. Buh Buh and Jeff ended up loosing because of Ric Flair. Jeff walked past Nicole and looked at her like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. After the show Nicole walked to the back where everyone parked. Jenna saw Jeff run out of the building in his ring gear looking around the parking lot. He looked over towards Jenna and ran over calling Nicole's name. When he reached them all he did was grab Nicole and hug her.***

"I knew it was you." Jeff said �I missed you so much Nicole, I'm sorry." He said again.

***Nicole hugged him back and was so happy that he said that.***

"I still love you Nicole. I always did. I'm sorry for kicking you out, I'm sorry
for leaving you."
"Why don't you go get changed I'll wait for you and we can go talk."
"Ok, I'll be right back."
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