~Chapter 1~
~In the locker room during RAW~
~Jeff's POV~
~It's been 4 months since Nicole left me. I remember like it was yesterday. I fucked up royally. Me and Nicole have known each other since the 7th grade she moved to Cameron from Sanford. We never really dated until our freshman year in high school. We dated off and on. Until I finally asked her to be my girlfriend that was when we were Juniors. Tomorrow was supposed to be our 7 years anniversary. Everything  went down the drain. Me and Nicole had gotten into a huge fight and Stacey was there to console me, she was also there to help me make the biggest mistake of my life. Nicole meant the world to me. She was my life. I lived for her. She talks to me, but just not like I want her to. She'll say hi, how you been. and stuff like that but that's basically it. She was my best friend. she used to tell me everything. Now she don't even tell me what's been happening with her. She has a new boyfriend. I guess his names Mark. She's not serious with him. I over heard her talking to Ashley saying that she'll never love anyone like she loved me. I know she still cares. I still have some of her things I haven't given them back. I have her shampoo, candles, a few outfits, some of her jewelry, some movies, little things that mean a lot to me. I still have pictures of us all around the house. I'm still totally in love with her. I finished getting dressed and put my bag under the bench. Ashley and Meg walked in.~

"What's wrong?" I asked
"Jeff, we're worried."
"About Nicole."
"Well, since she's been with Mark. She's been really crabby and won't dress or take a shower in the locker room if anyone else is in there. And she's been real distant." Meg said
"Well, what do you want me to do about it? Maybe she just needs sleep, and maybe she's just not feeling to confident about herself lately."
"Jeff, you know that's not Nicole. You have known her longer then I have."
" I don't know. Why did you come to me!?"
"Because we know you guys still love each other and maybe she'll tell you."

~Trish walked in she looked pissed and worried.~

"What's wrong with you?"
"I just came from the locker room."
"And?" I asked
"Well, I was wondering what Nicole has been hiding so I decided to peek in and see. Jeff her whole back and and upper arms are bruised. BAD."
"Jeff, I think Mark beats her."
"DAMN IT" I yelled.

~I wanted to hit something. No one treats Nicole like that. No one hurts her like that.~

"She won't tell me." I said fighting back tears
"Jeff we have to do something. She loves you, you love her. DO SOMETHING." Meg yelled.
"OK, I'll try."

~Trish, Ashley, And Meg then walk out and headed for the locker room. I got up and walked to the curtain to meet Matt.~

~Nicole's POV~
~I had just gotten done wrapping my knee. Which was difficult since I had to wear pants to cover the bruises on my legs. Trish, Meg, and Ashley walked in and sat next to me.~

"Nicole, we need to talk."
"We know Nicole."
"Know what?"
"That Mark beats you. Trish saw the bruises. And came and told us"

~I didn't know what to say. I couldn't lie to my best friends. I never lied to them and I can't start. Tears streamed down my face. They knew it was true.~

"Nicole, we think you should tell Jeff."
"Because you guys love each other and I know that he could help you. Nicole, he cares so much about you."
"But...I....he....he fucked Stacey!?"
'Yes, he did but he so regrets it. He hasn't talked to her since then. He don't want her. He made a mistake. A big one. Forgive him Nicole. He's the only one that's been there for you when you needed him. He's the only one that loves you the way you deserve. He's the only one you love. Forgive him Nicole."
"I...I..I got to go."

~I ran out of the room and looked at my watch. RAW would be starting in 2 hours. All I could think about was Mark and then Jeff they were rite about everything. Jeff would never do any of the shit that Mark has done to me! I began to cry. I ran past Jeff, Matt, and Adam. I ran outside to the edge of the building and leaned over the railing with my head in my hands. The next thing I know some one's touching my back. I winse in pain and turned around to see Jeff standing there. My eyes met his. I stared into his eyes.~

"I know."

~I shook my head~
"Let me see?"

  ~I let him lift my shirt, his eyes widened. He turned me back around and cupped my face~


~I didn't say anything. I just stood there and cried. Next thing I knew I ran up to Jeff and hugged him. I held on to him tight. I think he was shocked at first. He hesitated at first but then wrapped his arms around me.~

"Shhhh,  everything's going to be OK angel."

~He kissed me on my forehead. I loved being back in his arms. I felt safe and loved.~

"Nicole, I'm sorry, I am so sorry for everything. I love you so much and I always will. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to do what I did with Stacey. It was all a mistake."

~I looked into his eyes.~

"I love you."

~I knew he meant it. I shook my head. He whipped the tears from my eyes.~

"Calm down. Your with me, nothing's going to happen to you."

~A few minutes later he had me calmed. We sat down on the bench. He waited for me to speak~

"Jeff, I forgive you for what you did with Stacey."

~Jeff smiled and nodded~

"You have to leave him."
"I know"
"How about you come and stay with me. I'm not asking to get back together. You probably don't want that. But I want you away from him and in a safe place."

~Me and Jeff  walk back to the rec room. Where Amy, Matt, Ashley, Trish, Adam, and Meg were. We joined them and studied our scripts. The time came when we had to get ready for our matches. I accompanied Meg to the ring to watch her match with Jazz. Matt has a match with Spike Dudley, And Jeff was at ring side with him. It was a great RAW. After the show. Me and Jeff got into his car and headed home. We hadn't really talked in months so this was our time to catch up.~

~In the car~

~Jeff's POV~
~I looked over at her she smiled at me. I love her smile. It's beautiful. I have to ask her it's eating away at me. I have to find out how she felt about him.~

"Can I ask you something?"
"Did you love him?"
"No, I couldn't love him. I wouldn't allow myself to. I loved you. Plus there was something about Mark that wouldn't let me care about him. I didn't care for him at all. I couldn't. I just thought he was cute."
"Why couldn't you care for him?"
"I was hung up on you. I cared for you."
"Was? Cared?"
"I still am hung up on you, and I still care for you."

~I looked at her and smiled. I pulled up in my driveway. And we walked inside. She set her bags down on the floor. And looked around. She then walked over to the couch and sat down. I picked up her bags.~

"I'll put your bags in my room. I'll sleep on the couch."

               ~She nodded and I sat down next to her. She was staring at me. I couldn't help but stare back. She stood up.~

"I'm going to go change into my pajamas."

~Nicole's POV~
~I walked into the room that me and Jeff used to share. It looked the same. It's like he didn't want anything to change when I left. I picked up my bags and went through them my pajamas weren't in there.~

"Can you come here?"

~He walked in the door and leaned against the frame~

"I don't have my pajamas, do you  have a shirt I can wear?"
"Actually I do, Here."

~Jeff handed me  his red jersey. He then went to the bathroom. I got undressed and put his shirt on. It was warm and smelt like him. I loved that smell. I sat on  the bed and Jeff came out. He stopped in his tracks.~

"You look good in that shirt."
"Thanks"I said blushing

~He came over and sat next to me. My eyes roamed his body. He is sexier then he was before. I couldn't help but be turned on. My eyes caught his.~

"I miss us, Nicole I miss you."
"I miss us too and I miss you too." I said smiling.
"I wish we never would have been apart."
"Yea, same with me."
"Nicole, is there ever going to be an us again?"

~I looked at him. He looked so sweet. I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. I waited for him to react and he did by deepening the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He laid me on the bed and hovered over me still kissing me. He ran his hands through my hair. When we broke he stared into my eyes.~

"I take it that's a yes?"

~I shook my head. And smiled he smiled back. He leaned down and kissed me again. This time his hands roamed my body. He ran his hand from my hair down to my breast and messaged them. He than ran his hand down the outside of my leg and then followed up the inside of my leg until he reached my entrance. He pushed aside my panties and pushed his finger in. I moaned into his mouth. He pulled up and smiled. He always loved making me moan. I tugged at his boxers and he got the hint and let me take them off. He then removed my shirt and threw it on the floor. He then un hooked my bra and threw it on the floor. He kissed me then kissed down my neck to my breast. He played around with my breast then moved down to the top of my panties and removed them. He hovered back over me.~

"Are you sure?" He asked

~He then spread my legs and placed his throbbing member at my entrance. He eased in and waited for me to get used to his size. Once I was used to it he continued at a fast pace. We made love for what seemed to be hours before orgasming and falling onto each other in the bed. After a few minutes of catching our breath. We laid down under the covers and went to bed.~

~Chapter 2~
~Jeff's POV~
~I woke up to the sun hitting my face. I looked down at Nicole, my angel. She was beautiful. I ran my hands down her face. I leaned down and kissed her. I laid there with her for a few minutes before she awoke.~

"Morning angel"
"Morning," She replied
"What time do you want to go get your things?"
"What time is it?"
"Shit we have to get it out by 5:30."
"Well, I'll call Matt and well have him help. You got get in the shower."

~I watched Nicole get up and walk to the bathroom. I reached for the phone and called Matt. Matt told me he would be on his way in 10 minutes. I got off the phone and went and jumped in the shower with Nicole. We got out and got ready.
We walked out to the car as Matt was pulling up. He followed us to Mark's. An hour later we have Matt's car full and starting on mine when Mark pulled up. Matt and I were in the living room. Nicole was upstairs getting the rest of her bathroom things. He ran into the house but stopped when he saw us. Nicole came running down the stairs. But stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Mark~

"What are you doing here Mark?"
"I got off early. What the hell's going on?"
"I'm leaving, me and Jeff made up and I'm going to live with him."
"THE HELL IF YOU ARE!" Mark screamed
"Yes I am Mark."

~He moved forward to her and she jumped back. She looked at me then at Mark. She was terrified. I had never seen her that way before. I watched carefully. If he were to in anyway go after her I would be there. She walked down the stairs and tried to hurry over to me when Mark grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He raised his hand and I ran and jumped in front of her and blocked his punch. I then hit him in the face until he was on the ground and then started to kick him in his ribs.~


~Matt ran over to Nicole. Letting me beat the hell out of this guy. Matt pulled me off of him and made me go outside. Matt got the rest of Nicole's things and we left. Nicole was silent in the car. She didn't speak at all.~

"I'm sorry for doing that in front of you."

~She looked at me. Still didn't say anything~

"Are you mad at me?"
"No, why would I be mad at you? Your my hero." She said with a little giggle
"I don't know, you just looked mad at me."
"No, I was just thinking."
"Just stuff."
"Nothing bad?"

~She smiled at me as we pulled into the driveway. Me and Matt carried her things into the house. It took me and Matt an hour to unload her things.

~Chapter 3~
~ 3 weeks later~ 
~Nicole's POV~
~I pulled up into the arena and me, Jeff, Meg and Adam got out to the car to get our bags. We had gotten there early so we decided to sign some autographs and talk to the fans. Meg and Adam left first because they had a match in the first 30 minutes of the show. Me and Jeff stayed out there for a few more minutes. A lot of the fans to my surprise wanted pictures of me and Jeff together. We pose for a few and took some pictures with a few. We left and headed into the arena. I was going against Jazz, and Meg was going against Molly. Jeff had a match against Maven. I met Meg at the curtain we talked about what I was going to be doing during the match, when Jazz and Molly walked up. We stopped our talking and exchanged evil looks. My music came on (Torn Apart by Stabbing Westward.) I appeared at the top of the ramp. I did my little dance and started walking down to the ring~

" Making her way to the ring from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 145 pounds, Nicole!"

~I walked into the ring and stood on the turnbuckles and did my little dance. When Jazz's music came on. She didn't even waist any time she jumped in the ring and went after me. I quickly fought back. We exchanged blows until Molly ran out and hit me in the back of the head. Jazz took advantage and beat the shit out of me. I couldn't catch my breath so it was hard for me to try to fight back. I laid there still on the mat. As Jazz went for her signature move and made me tap out. Jazz wouldn't break she sat there and continued the hold. I blacked out. Next thing I know Jeff is carrying me up the ramp and Matt and Amy are at his side. He laid me down on the couch and gave me water. I drank it little by little. Jeff was starring at me.~

"What the hell caused you to black out?"
"I don't know. She did have a good grip on me."
"Nicole, you never blacked out like that before."
"I know."
"Are you sure nothings wrong?"

~Jeff looked like he didn't believe me. I rolled my eyes and laid back down.~

"Are you going to be OK? I have to go to my match."
"I'll be fine."

~Jeff kissed me and walked off to the curtain. I laid back down and put a towel over my head. I fell asleep rite as the door swung open. I flew up and looked at the door. I couldn't believe what I saw. My mouth dropped~

"What the hell are you doing here?"
"I came to see you."
"Mark your not supposed to be here."
"Well, I decided to go against Jeff's little wishes. I missed you Nicole."
"You didn't miss me. You just miss having someone around to beat on."
"Oh, getting strong eh?"
"Whatever Mark, get out."
~I screamed at Mark to leave. He just laughed. I felt weak like I did before I blacked out. I ran past Mark and out into the hall. Where I blacked out.~

~Jeff's POV~
~I was walking to the back when I hear a scream I ran down the hall to see Nicole laying on the floor, and Matt beating the shit out of Mark. Meg was sitting near trying to wake Nicole up. I ran to Nicole and held her in my arms. She finally woke up. And I carried her into Adam's locker room. Ashley and Trish kept an eye on her while I went to take care of Mark.~

~Chapter 4~
~Nicole's POV~
~I was laying on the couch in Adam's locker room and was listening to everyone scream. I got up to go see what all was happening. When I opened the door I saw blood all over the place. I freaked because I didn't know if it was Jeff's or Mark's, or someone elses. I looked over and saw Jeff on top of Mark pounding on his face. I looked down and it seemed like Mark's body was lifeless. I ran over to Jeff and tugged on his arm.~

"Come one Jeff, leave him alone, you paid him back."

~He turned around and with all force pushed me to the ground. His eyes got big after he noticed what he had done. I stood up and looked around. Everyone was shocked. He looked at me.~

"I'm sorry."

~I looked away from him. He had never ever touched me like that. He pushed me and he was well aware of who he was pushing. Jeff walked towards me and put his hand out to me. I shook my head and backed away. I turned around and ran off to our dressing room, I threw myself down on the bench and rubbed my stomach, I couldn't believe he did that, I mean I could understand if  it was a little shove but he used all his force. I was shocked, I didn't know how to react to it.~

~Jeff's POV~
~I ran into the locker room to see Nicole sitting on the bench. She looked at me, and I knew she was shocked, I didn't exactly know if she was scared though. I walked slowly to her and she jumped up and grabbed her bag and began to change. She didn't even look at me.~

"Honey, I'm sorry, I didn't realize who I was pushing or what I was doing."

~She didn't reply just kept getting dressed. I grabbed my bag and decided to get dressed~

"Are you still coming home with me?"
~She shrugged, threw her clothes in her bag and walked out. I couldn't believe how she was reacting; it was an accident. I finished getting ready and grabbed my bag. I ran out to my car, as I started to realize that I might have fucked up with Nicole, I remembered her past and I remembered the promise I made her. I had just broken it, and didn't even realize it. I stopped when I got to my car. Nicole was leaning up against the car. I was surprised she was there. I walked up and expected her to tell me off. But she didn't say anything. She just walked over to the passenger side and got in. The whole ride to the hotel was quit. She didn't say a word. When we got to the hotel she walked behind me, followed me to get the key then up to the room. She laid her bags on the bed and changed into her pajamas. I got undressed and laid down in the bed. She surprisingly laid down next to me. I rolled over to look at her, but she turned her back to me.~

"Baby, I'm sorry. I didn't realize what I was doing. I was just so pissed at Mark. I just totally lost control. I'll never do it again."

~She turned around and faced me. A tear rolled down her cheek.~

"Baby, I'm sorry, don't cry."
"That's not why I'm crying."

~More tears traced her cheeks~

"Then what is it? Are you pregnant?"
"Then what?"
"Well, you know how I have been blacking out lately?"
"I know why..."
"I... I have an eating disorder Jeff."
"What since when?"
"I have for a few months now."
"Why didn't you tell me? I mean why?"
"I don't know why I haven't told you. I just feel lucky and don't want to eat sometimes."
"Nicole, you have to eat. You�re ruining your body."
"I know, Jeff. I'm trying but it's hard."
"So your not mad because of what I did?"
"No, I'm mad, I'm still mad, but I just I need help Jeff."
"I know, baby. Don't worry I'll help you. We'll get you through this."

~I pulled her close and held her in my arms. She cried into my chest as I ran my hands through her hair. I couldn't believe I didn't see this. I was so blind. I didn't even think she had an eating disorder. It killed me knowing she was hurting so bad. How could I help her? Force her to eat? Shove food down her throat? Tie her hands to a chair and force-feed her? No, I have to take her to the hospital it's the only way. I held her in my arms as we fell asleep. The next day I woke up with Nicole still in my arms. I didn't want to wake her so I just laid there with her in my arms until she awoke.~

~Chapter 5~
~ Nicole's POV~
~I opened my eyes and saw Jeff starring at me. I smiled as he kissed me.~

"Morning." He said
"Morning," I replied

~I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down. He laid on top of me with his hands tracing my body. My hands were tracing his back, massaging it, and then playing with his hair as he deepened the kiss. He pulled off my tank top, and my underwear, he then tore off his boxers. He kissed my breasts and placed himself at my entrance when there was pounding at the door. It startled me and I jumped. Jeff looked at me and laughed. He got up put on his boxers and a pair of pants. I grabbed my robe and put it on. I followed Jeff to the door, he opened it and Meg fell into his arms. I was shocked at what I saw. Meg was bawling uncontrollably. I didn't know what had happened. Jeff pulled Meg into his arms and went over to the couch where we sat down. Meg laid her head on Jeff's shoulder as the tears fell down her face.~

"Meg what's wrong?"
"What did Adam do?" I asked
"It's over."
"What?" Jeff asked
"Jenna. She came back to Adam. It's over."
"WHAT?" I asked shocked
"Meg, calm down tell us what happened."
"Well, Adam didn't come home last night, I thought he stayed with Jay. I called jay's room and jay said that he saw Adam leave with Jenna. I called Adam's cell and he said we had to talk and that he was on his way up. So we got off the phone and he walked through the door. He told me to sit down. So I did, then he told me that Jenna called him a few weeks ago and they had been talking ever since. And that she asked for him to come back and he said yes. He said that he needs his time away from me. And that  Jenna understands him more. And all this bull shit. He told me that we would still be friends, but he needs his time."

~I looked at Jeff and our eyes locked. We then looked back at Meg and Jeff assured her that everything was going to be OK. I was completely shocked at what had happened. They were so happy. They were so close. It scared me. If they were to break up then anyone could break up. Jeff was holding Meg, as Meg feel asleep. Jeff laid her down on the couch and I got a blanket to cover her.  We didn't know what to do. I was pissed at this little bitch that ruined Meg's life. I had my mind set that this bitch brainwashed Adam. Adam loved Meg. He lived for her. She meant everything to him and now he left her? That doesn't make since. They were so in love nothing could tear them apart. Perfect couple. Always there for the other. Me and Jeff wanted to have a relationship like them. I guess you can say we looked up to them. I never saw Meg like this. I have seen Adam, when Meg left him, but never Meg. She was stronger then that. I was scared. I didn't know what Meg would do. I did know that the love of her life was gone. The person that meant the most is gone. And it's all because of that bitch.~

~ 2 weeks later~
~Jeff's POV~
~It had been 2 weeks since Adam left Meg. She was a wreck. She would go to work hide out in the locker rooms until her match then go back and hide out in her hotel room. Adam wasn't so much of wreck but you could tell he was missing Meg. I knew he was wanting to go back. This hasn't just messed with one relationship but another also. Me and Nicole aren't doing to good lately. We've been fighting, we got in a huge fight 3 nights ago, and she hasn't spoken to me since. I miss her. I don't know what's going on, but it seems like she's trying to break us up. The whole Adam and Meg break up bothered her. And I knew she was scared. That's why she was doing this she was scared.~

~Chapter 6~
~ Nicole's POV~
~ That night on RAW~
~Me, Meg, Ashley, and Trish  were getting ready in our locker room. I was totally concentrating on the fight that me and Jeff had. Meg and the others had noticed what was going on with me and Jeff. And knew that for some reason it was all because of what Adam did to Meg. I was sitting on the bench lacing up my boots.~

"Nicole, Can I talk to you about something?" Meg asked
"Well, I know that this stuff between you and Jeff is happening just because of what happened between Me and Adam, I know your just looking out for yourself. But we all know how Jeff is, and we all know that Jeff would never do that to you. Jeff's sure about how he feels and we all think that maybe you should talk to him, and stop thinking the same is going to happen to you guys. It's not, if anything you guys are going to get better"

~I looked at Meg and went to speak when Amy came into the room.~

"Hey Amy." Meg said
"Hey." She replied
"What's going on?"
"Oh, nothing really, Jeff's going to get his ass beat tonight that's all."
"What?" I asked
"He's got a match with Jericho."
"But he's supposed to win."
"Yea, well Jeff's mind is on something else rite now." Amy said looking at me.� But I got to go find Matt."

~Amy walked out and I laced up my last boot and walked out to the lobby to watch the match on the TV in there.  Jericho walked  out soon followed by Jeff. I smiled when I saw Jeff. He looked so hot. The match began. Jeff was doing OK in the beginning but Christian would interfere so Jericho could win. I had enough and ran out to the ring with a chair in my hands. I hit Jericho on the back 4 times and he fell down and rolled out. Jeff looked up and saw me. I went over to where Jeff was and checked on him to make sure he was OK. I gave Jeff a big smile and he smiled back. Jeff got up and pinned Jericho and we walked up the ramp together. When we got backstage Jeff was surprised at what I had done.~

"So you forgive me for the fight?" He asked
"Yes I do. I'm sorry Jeff, I was just being paranoid. I'm sorry I was ignoring you and everything."
"It's ok, Angel. I forgive you"

~Jeff kissed me and hugged me tight. Trish came up behind us and Jeff walked back to his locker room.~

"Ready for our match?" Trish asked
"Yea, I'm ready."

~Bubba walked up to us as his music came on. He made his way to the ring and Trish's music came on, we walked out to the ring together. We waited in the ring as Jazz, Steven Richards and Victoria came out. The Match was great. Bubba had Steven in the middle of the ring and I went for a Swanton (Yes my Jeffie taught me:) But Jazz ran into the rope and knocked me off I fell down to the floor and landed on my  head the impact made my body flip and I was looking up towards the ceiling. I felt a crack and pain went through out my back. I couldn't move, I was in pain and the only thing I could think of was that my career was over. Tears fell from my face as I saw Trish, Bubba, and the ref stand over me. J.R and Jerry ran over to me. And then I saw Jeff, Matt and Amy run out from the back. Jeff knelt down next to me and tried to comfort me he was scared to touch me. I could tell he was worried and that he was holding back tears. The paramedics ran down and took me off to  the hospital.~

~Chapter 7~
~At the hospital~
~Jeff's POV~
~ I rushed into the hospital Matt and Amy behind me. I followed Nicole until they took her into the ER. They told me to sit out in the waiting room. The longer I waited the more I felt my whole life slipping away. I knew she was hurt badly. I knew she wasn't going to make it. But I prayed for her to make it. A nurse came out with a bag in her hand. She walked over to me.~

"Mr. Hardy?"
"These are your wife's things."

~ I took the bag from her. I looked in it and it had her rings her necklace and the bracelet I gave her. I took out the engagement ring I had given her. And stared at it. I prayed that she would get through this. That she would stay and be with me. A few minutes later a doctor walked up to me.~

"Mr. Hardy?"
"Nicole's doing fine, she broke her neck"
"But she's alive? She's doing good?"
"Yes she is. Mr. Hardy."
"It's Jeff."
"Jeff, did you know that Nicole was pregnant?"

~My eyes widened and I shook my head no.~
"Well, she's 2 months along. Congratulations."
"The....The......baby....is it ok?" I asked stuttering.
"Yes it is."
"Can I see her?"
"Yes you can go on in."

~ I looked at Matt and Amy. Then walked into the room. Nicole was laying down and looked like she was in pain. I felt tears stinging my face. I sat down next to her and grabbed her hand.

"Did you know?� I asked
"The baby?"
"No, not until they told me. I�m sorry Jeff"
"Sorry for what? I�m gonna be a daddy."
"Your happy?"
"Yes I am. I�m happy that your ok, and that were gonna have a baby"

I smiled at her and rubbed her cheek.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 weeks later~~~~~~~~~~
Nikki was out of the hospital and going to therapy. We had picked out a few names for the baby, Blaker Moore for a boy and Nikota  Lynn for a girl. We went to the court house to get married, Nikki didn�t want to wear a wedding dress in her condition and we couldn�t wait to get married. All I can say is that God was on our side.
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