Late at night I close my eyes�And think of how things could have been�And when I look back�I remember some words you had said to me�It's better to have lost at love� Then never to have loved at all�

Jeff looked down at the picture of him and Nicole. She left him after 6 years, and all she had to say was that she still loved him but it just couldn�t be. Jeff was heart broken. They had been best friends since 5th grade. He loved her since the first day he met her. She was everything to him. And he was to her too, but she felt that they were just heading to different ways. Jeff put the picture back on the dresser and picked up a pen and paper.

I won't forget you baby�(I won't forget you)�Even though I should�I won't forget you baby�(I won't forget you)�Even though I should, yeah�

Jeff was thinking about all the fun they had in that past they were so happy, she did everything for him and he did everything for her. He just couldn't understand how she could just drop everything. When she left he told her that he would always love her and never forget her and that if she ever wanted to come back he'd take her back. But all she did was cry and walk away. He thinks about her constantly and calls her everyday but she only talks for a few seconds if that.

Sometimes in my head�I can still see pictures of you�And I laugh to myself�When I think of all those crazy things that we used to do�Although miles come between us� Just between you and me�

Jeff walked out and checked his mail and to his surprise he got a letter from Nicole. He sat down at the table and opened it.

I'm writing this to tell you the real reason I left. Jeff I have cancer and the doctors say that I can live from 2-3 years if that to live. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't know how. I didn't leave because I didn't love you. I love you with everything in me. That's why it's hurting me so much. I'm sorry that I didn't spend the rest of my days with you. I regret it so much. I should of never left you. Jeff I will always love you and I will always be with you. Just please when I go please just move on and be happy. I'll always be with you, and I'll only be happy if you�re happy. I would do anything for you Jeff Hardy. I loved you since we first met at the oak tree in 5th grade. You have always been the love of my life. And I will die loving you. I am so proud of you Jeff, you are so amazing, and I was stupid for not wanting to spend my last days with you. Please forgive me. I love you so much. And we'll be back together soon when you join me and we'll finally get to be married.
Love always and forever
Nicole Jennings

I should let you fade away�But that just wouldn't be me�Oh, baby�

Jeff broke down he couldn't believe that his love was dying. He grabbed his keys and his coat and drove to Nicole's house. He knocked on the door and He saw Nicole standing before him. Her mouth dropped and she began to cry. He walked towards her and grabbed her and held her so tight. Jeff then kissed her on her forehead.

"I don't care how much longer you have, will you please marry me?"

Nicole smiled "Yes I will Jeff"

A few days later Nicole and Jeff were wed. It was the happiest they had ever been. Nicole had a baby and they named it Angel Marie. Nicole had now had everything she wanted. She was with the love of her life and she had a daughter. But her day was coming close she was put to bed rest and was really sick Jeff was by her side everyday. Angel stayed with Gil, it was best for her not to see Nicole like that. Jeff tried his best to be strong for Nicole.

" Jeff, I love you, and you made me so happy, I'm so glad that I got to live my last days with you. I'll never leave you. I'll always love you, but I have to go, if I could I would stay you know I would. Please take care of Angel. Make sure she turns out like her daddy. And don't forget me. You don't know how proud I am to call you my husband. I'll never forget you. And always remember it's better to lost a love then never to love at all."
"I love you Nicole, I always will and I'll never ever forget you. And I'll try my hardest to take care of Angel like you would. And I will be with you when it�s my turn. Will you wait for me?"
"Of course I will."

Jeff held her hand so tight and she new he was scared and didn't want to loose her but she had to go. He kissed her one last time and whispered I love you in her ear as she took her last breath. Jeff held her so tight and sobbed into her hair. Matt walked in.

"Please come back Nicole?" Jeff yelled and begged over and over again.

He couldn't let go. He didn't want to. He didn't know what he was going to do without her. Matt tried his best to comfort him but nothing worked. Jeff remembered everything he said he would do for Nicole and decided that he should do what he told her he would do. He didn't know how it was going to turn out but he did know that he would never ever forget his one true love.

Although miles come between us�Just between you and me�I won't forget you baby� (I won't forget you)�Memories slowly fade�I won't forget you baby�(I won't forget you)�And all the plans we made�I won't forget you baby�

I Won't Forget You by Posion used w/o permission
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