Bardi  Gomez~ A well toned 25 year old. She is 5'5" with long dark hair. She's strong minded and very spiritual. I guess that's why Jeff and her are best friends!

Krissy Hilliard~ Krissy has dark hair, waist length with natural curls. It's black, which off sets her emerald green eyes to perfection. She's about 5'8" tall which makes her not too tall, but not on the short side either. She has a bubbly personality, can sometimes be somewhat of a priss. If given the choice, she will have loved Adam from the first moment she's seen him. Krissy will love the business, however, her life is with Adam.

Jennifer Carter~ A  21 year old Diva who happens to be Nicole's best friend. She stands 5'10",weighs 135, long brown hair, and light brown eyes. She's cheery, outgoing, lovable and sometimes bitchy.

Danielle Wood~ Jeff's ex. She's 23. With long brown hair with blue eyes. She stands 5'4" and is thin. She's very seductive. Always gets what she wants and hates it if she can't get what she wants.

Megan Jennings~ A 23 year old diva who is the sister of Joey and Nicole. She stands 5'8" weighs 145 pounds athletic built. She has shoulder length brown hair with blonde and red highlights with green eyes. She's fun loving, care free, and a big prankster. She's also kind and caring underneath all the sarcasm.

Joey Jennings~ She's 17, 5'1, 120lbs, red with copperish highlights, and brown eyes. She's very athletic she's on the soccer and tennis team. She's out going and will do anything to make a friend laugh.

Nicole Jennings~ A 23 year old diva. Who is also Jeff's girlfriend. She's 5'5" weighs 140 with long blonde hair with red high lights, and blue eyes. She's very energetic. Loves to have fun. And is very passionate when it comes to her job. She's also very protective with her friends and family.

Adam Copeland~ A 28 year old wrestler. Who is  6'1, rippling pictorials, curly long soft silky blond hair, smart, creative, drawing, writing, loving, heartfelt.

Matt Hardy~ A 27 year old wrestler. Who is 6'0 long black hair with brown eyes. He's a perfectionist. And always finishes what he starts.

Jeff  Hardy~ A 24 year old wrestler who stands 6'1" and weighs 215 with different color hair and green eyes. He's very passionate and romantic and is always there for someone in need. He's poetic and loves to draw and create sculptures.

Chapter 1
"Hey Jeff, does Nicole know your coming home tonight?" Shannon asked
"No, She thinks I can't come home for another week. I'm going to surprise her."
"Meg don't know I'm coming home either. I guess I'll surprise her too."
"There going to flip! They haven't seen us in almost 2 months." Jeff said

***Jeff and Shannon got into Jeff's vette and drove to Jeff's house. They pulled into the drive way. Jeff and Shannon walked in the house and heard that someone was in the shower Jeff walked up stairs to his and Nicole's bathroom. He didn't know if it was Nicole or one of the other girls until he heard her sing. He opened the door, and walked in. He could see her figure through the curtain. He walked up and pulled the curtain back.***

"BOOO!" He yelled

***Nicole jumped and screamed covering herself up with her hands. She then noticed it was Jeff.***


***Nicole jumped into Jeff's arms and held him so tight. Nicole finally let go after a few minutes***

"I thought you couldn't come home for another week?"
"I wanted to surprise you. Did it work?"
"Yes it did."

***Jeff and Nicole kissed and Jeff let Nicole finish her shower. While Jeff called over Matt, Krissy, Adam, Bardi, and Jennifer for a cook out. Jeff, Shannon, and Adam were outside
drinking beer and talking, while Joey, Krissy, and Matt were playing soccer, and Nicole, Meg, and Bardi  were inside cooking and talking about there guys.***

"Are you and Shannon doing ok?" Bardi asked Meg
"Yea, we're doing great. He's talking about moving in together."
"Already?" Bardi replied
"We've known each other since we were little, and have been together for almost a year."
"Oh, well, that's true, I forgot you guys have known each other since you've known Jeff."
"Anyway, are you going to go back to WWE Nicole?" Meg asked
"Yea, of coarse why wouldn't I?"
"I don't know, you just didn't seem like you wanted to go back."
"No, it's not that I have just been thinking about a lot of stuff."
"Like what?"
"About me and Jeff, about work, about insane ex girlfriends, and crazed fans!"
"What?" Meg and Bardi asked in unison "What insane ex girlfriend?"
"Oh, just Danielle. She's been calling here non-stop for Jeff and has came to the house a few times. She won't leave him alone!"
"Does he know that she calls and comes to the house!?"
"No, I haven't had time to tell him."
"You should tell him. Maybe he can stop it or something."
"I'll tell him tomorrow."

***Matt walks in***

"Why don't you guys come outside for a while? It's like you guys are hiding out or something."
"No, we're just talking. What's going on out there?"
"Oh ,we're listening to music and laughing at the girls."
"Sounds like fun"

***Nicole, Meg, Bardi, and Matt walked out to the
porch. Nicole walked over to Jeff and sat on his lap. When Jeff and Nicole were together it was as if they were the only ones there. Nicole and her sisters grew up in Cameron with Shannon and Matt and Jeff. And moved with there dad in  Kentucky when there mom died when  Meg was 16.They kept in touch and when Meg and Nicole were old enough they moved back to Cameron. Joey moved with them when dads new wife started fighting with Joey. Jeff and Nicole got together when  Nicole was 20 they would of been together sooner if it wasn't for some bitch named Danielle. Danielle was Nicole's best friend. 2 years after Nicole moved, Danielle moved in on Jeff. She  tried her best to turn Jeff against Nicole. But it never worked. He loved Nicole and he always has. Nothing could change that. He did care for Danielle, just not as much as he did Nicole.***

~~~~back to the present~~~~
***The food was done and everyone sat down to eat. When the phone rang.***

"I'll get it." Jeff said getting up

"Hello? Yea who's this? What are you doing calling here? I told you to
stop your making Nicole think that we're doing something. No we're not. I got to go."

***Jeff turned  back to the table and everyone was looking at him.***

"Who was that?" Matt asked
"Danielle who else would it be" Nicole said with a bitchy tone.
"Nicole not now." Meg said
"I'm not going to say anything I'm going to finish eating."

***Nicole finished eating and excused herself from the table. And went  out side and laid down in the lawn chair and watched the stars. Everyone else finished up eating and Adam, Krissy, Jennifer, Bardi, and Matt went home. Shannon and Meg cleaned up and Joey went to bed. Jeff walked out to Nicole and sat down in
the grass next to her. He looked at her and put his hand on her
leg. She looked at him.***

"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Can't I just think?"
"Well, yea you can. What are you thinking about?"
"Just stuff."
"Nicole, tell me what's wrong."
"Nothing is wrong Jeff."
"Nicole I have known  you for 10 years I know when something is wrong. Now tell me."

***Nicole looked at him.***

"Danielle?" He asked

***Nicole shook her head***

"Baby, there's nothing going on with us. Don't you trust me?"
"Yes I trust you, but why is it that all of a sudden she's calling and
coming over all the time?"
"Babe, I don't know. She's been calling my cell too."
"You mean you talk to her when you�re at work but you can't talk to me?"
"Babe, I don�t talk to her I answer and ask her what she wants. That's
"What does she want?"
"Well, a few times she wanted to see me."
"And did she see you?"
"No, I tell her I'm with you. Baby, I love you I would never do
anything to hurt you."

***Nicole smiled***

"I love you too Jeff, I'm sorry."
"It's ok baby. Lets get ready for bed."

***Nicole and Jeff walked up to there room and got ready for bed. Shannon and Meg were in the game room playing pool. 10 minutes after Nicole and Jeff start making out the door  bell rings. Jeff gets up and goes to answer it. 5 minutes later Jeff still wasn't back so Nicole walked down the stairs. And walked into the living room and saw Jeff  kissing  Danielle. Nicole grabbed the first thing she saw which happened to be  the  vase that Jeff brought home to her that day. She threw it at Danielle. Danielle ran and the vase shattered to the floor. Danielle takes off running Nicole runs and grabs Danielle�s hair. Jeff tried to hold Nicole back but Nicole pushed him and his shoulder landed on the broken glass. Danielle got the chance to run as Nicole went after her again but it was too late because Danielle had left already. Nicole angry and all went to go help Jeff out. Nicole took Jeff upstairs and cleaned up his cut. Nicole didn't say a word to Jeff she just turned and walked away. She laid down on the bed and fell asleep. Meg and Shannon walked up to see what had happened and Jeff explained to them what had happened. Meg told Jeff that he should sleep on the couch for the night. Jeff laid down on the couch and fell asleep.***

Chapter 2
~~~The next morning~~~
***Nicole woke up to see that Jeff had not came to bed. She sat up looked at the time and walked downstairs went to the living room and saw Jeff  sleeping on the couch. Nicole felt a little guilt but still couldn't forgive him for what happened last night. She went  outside on the porch and saw Meg and Shannon eating their breakfast.
Jeff woke up later on and knew Nicole wouldn't want to see his
face so he decided to shower and leave the house. Meg went back inside to wake Jeff up but saw that he was missing she went back outside.***

" Nicole? Where's Jeff?" said Megan
"I don't know he was still sleeping in the couch when I came out here"

***Nicole was worried that Jeff went home after what happened last night so she went to go check in the room and saw that he had left a note. Nicole had a tear in her eye already and read the note. She read:***

"Dear Nicole,
I'm very sorry about last night I love you with all my heart and
will never do anything to hurt you. I really want to make it up to you and
show how much you mean to me please meet me at the restaurant the one where we first went on our first date at 6:00 p.m. I love you!
Love Jeff"

***Nicole remembered that day it wasn't really much of a restaurant it was more of a place where you can do anything you want sing, dance almost like a club but not exactly near like it. Nicole had second thought about it but she couldn't hate Jeff forever she thought about it real clearly. It was 6:00 pm already Nicole arrived but she didn't see Jeff. She thought he had stood her up. She had tears falling form her eyes when all of a sudden all the lights shut off and there stood the man she loved on stage. She turned to see him and a song began to play he sang***

" Baby, baby you don't understand, how much I love you baby how much I wanna be your only man. And, baby, baby, baby you don't have to go, stay a little while longer baby I wanna talk to you just a little more. I see the little tears in your eyes about to fall you are wondering if I'm for real. But, if you cry then I wonder why you cry I'll tell you no , this is how I feel, Baby, I'm for real. Baby I'm for real. But if you wanna know the truth about it girl I just can't live without you and that's why I'm confessing my love to you, so that I can life my whole live with you. Baby, baby, baby never, never, never, never, never gonna leave you baby."

***Nicole felt like the luckiest woman to be alive after he finished that song she ran to him and kissed him they ate dinner and went home. Jeff explained the whole thing that happened last night. She finally forgave him.***

~~~At home~~~
***Jeff and Nicole were sitting in the living room
watching Smackdown with Bardi, Jennifer and Joey. Bardi and Jeff were wrestling on the floor. Joey was being the 'referee' the phone rang and Nicole answered it.***

"Hello? Yea who's this? Maria? Hang on"
"Hey Jeff do you know a Maria?"

"Maria? Jeff doesn't know any Maria. Oh, hang on."

***Nicole put the phone down and went over to Jeff.***

"Jeff she says she's your biggest fan do you want to talk to her?"

***Jeff got up and went over to the phone.****

"Hello? How did you get my number? No, Well, thank you. I try. No I can't  I only do that at signings and shows. No I cant give out my address, No I got to go thanks for calling bye."

***Jeff hung up the phone and walked back into the living room. He looked at Nicole.***

"The next time that girl calls tell her I'm gone."
"I just have a bad feeling about her. She's a little obsessed."
"Well, she was probably just excited that she was actually talking to you."
"Well, that could be, but she was wanting to either meet at a restaurant or her come to my house and meet me."
"You told her no rite?"
"Of coarse I did. I don't want her knowing where I live. She might be psycho."

***A few minutes later Nicole went up stairs and went to bed. While Jeff and Bardi continued talking. Bardi left a few hours later and Jeff locked up the house and headed upstairs for bed. Jeff laid down next to Nicole .***

"Angel, are you mad at me?"
"No, why?" She said yawning as she turned over
"You just seem to be annoyed by me lately"
"No,  honey I have just been so tired lately and down, it has nothing to do with you."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I'm sure."
"I love you."
"I love you too."

***Jeff and Nicole fell asleep in each other�s arms.***

Chapter 3
~ 4 months later~
***Jeff and Nicole were the happiest they ever been. Shannon and Meg were now engaged. Jeff had been getting letters from that girl Maria. She's been showing up at all his appearances. Every note Jeff would get she would be telling him that she was going to have him one of these days and that she would some day take Nicole's place and that she wouldn't give up. Nicole just ignored the letters and thought it was just talk. Jeff had to go to California for a special that they were doing in Las Vegas and Nicole decided to stay home. A week went by and Jeff got a letter everyday that he was gone, Nicole was sitting on the couch when Shannon walked in and threw that mail down on the table in front of her. She picked it up and began to look through it she came across a letter from Maria. Nicole looked at the envelope and it was sent from an address from
Cameron. Nicole thought it was weird so she opened it up and read it. when she was finished she looked up at Shannon.***

"What?" He asked
"She moved to Cameron."
"Who did?"
"That girl Maria."
"Are you serious? Go call Jeff and tell him."

***Nicole called Jeff and told him about Maria moving to Cameron. Jeff couldn't believe it. He told Nicole to go to the police station and file a restraining order against her. So she did so. Shannon then dropped her off at home. Nicole walked in the house and went up to her bedroom and changed into shorts and a tank top. She heard a noise downstairs and peeked her head around the corner and saw that a vase with flowers was shattered on the floor. She walked out and looked around the area but didn't see anything she turned to walk into the kitchen when someone came up behind her and hit her in her back with a lead pipe. Nicole fell to the ground grabbing her back, she looked up and saw a girl with black hair. Nicole got up and walked away from the girl. Nicole grabbed the kitchen chair and threw it at the girl and hit her in the face but it didn't faze her at all, Nicole ran towards the phone and hit speed dial, but the girl hit the phone away from
her and hit her in the stomach with the lead pipe Nicole cried out in pain grabbed her stomach and fell to the ground. She couldn't stand up. The girl kept hitting her repeatedly with the lead pipe Nicole blacked out. Shannon ran in the house and the girl ran out of the sliding door. Shannon ran to Nicole and picked her up and put her in the car and took her to the hospital. On the way Shannon called Jeff.

"Yea, what's wrong?"
"It's, Nicole, someone attacked her at your house."
"I don't know all I know is that she called my house and when I picked up the phone all I heard was screaming so I went over to the house and some girl was hitting her with a lead pipe."
"Damn it get her to the hospital I'll be there as soon as I can."

~ At the hospital.~
***Shannon waited in the waiting room for over 2 hours and still heard nothing. Shannon's cell phone rang.***

"Shannon is she ok?"
"I don't know. I haven't heard anything."
"I should be there in about an hour or 2."
"Ok, I'll call you if I hear anything."

***Shannon hung up. He called Meg, Bardi, Jennifer, and Joey and they arrived at the hospital. An hour went by and still no one heard anything. Jeff ran in the hospital doors still in his ring gear. He ran up to Shannon.***

"Still haven't heard anything?"
"They won't tell us anything."

***Jeff ran up to the front desk. And
demanded that someone tell him what was going on. The doctor over heard Jeff and pulled him aside.***

"Are you Nicole Jennings boyfriend?"
"Yes what's wrong?"
"Well, She has a few broken ribs, cracked collar bone, and were you aware that she was pregnant?"

***Jeff's eyes widened***

"No, she never said anything to me."
"Well, she got hit in the stomach and it caused her water to break."
"She lost it?"
"Yes, I'm sorry. She was only 3 weeks, we couldn't do anything."
"Is she going to be ok?"
"Yes, she is. But she will be staying in the hospital for a few weeks."
"Can I see her?"
"Yea, I'll send a nurse out to tell you when you can."

***Jeff walked back over to Shannon with the look of complete shock.***

"So what's going on?" Shannon asked
"She...She was pregnant." Jeff said as a tear slid down his cheek.
"What?" Shannon asked
"She lost it?" Meg asked

***All Jeff could do was shake his head. He
walked over a few rows and sat down. He wanted to be by himself. He couldn't believe that she never told him. He put his head in his hands and began to cry.***

Chapter 4
*** The nurse walked over to Jeff and tapped his shoulder.***

"You can see Nicole now."
"Ok, Thanks"

*** Jeff walked into the room  and saw Nicole hooked up to machines and IV's. He hated seeing her like that. He walked over and put his hand on her hand. She turned and looked at him. She knew something was wrong.***

"What's wrong?" She asked panicked
"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" He asked

*** Nicole turned away from him as her eyes teared up.***

"Because I didn't know I thought I was but I didn't know for sure."
"Why didn't you tell me that you thought you were then?"
"Because, I didn't know how you would react."
"Well, I wish you told me."
"Why? So you could get your hopes up and then go through this?"
"No, just so I could of Known. Were you going to keep it?"
"I  would have. Are you mad?"
" No, I would of wanted it too, but we will have another chance."
"You mean that?"

*** Jeff stayed by Nicole's side the whole 2 weeks that she was in the hospital. They found out Maria was he one that attacked her and was arrested. 3 months after she was released she found out she was pregnant again. Jeff and Nicole got married. And had a little girl named Becca.***
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