You can run, you can hide�But you can't escape my love�

Meg stood there after Adam had told her that he wanted her back. She was shocked she thought they were long over. Her and Adam have been together off and on for two years. The last time they talked was over a month ago. It couldn't work out. They fought too much and broke up to much: Meg thought to herself as she starred at Adam:

Here's how it goes, you and me, up and down at this time�We'll get right, where to fight...Cause love is something you can't shake�When it breaks�All it takes is some trying�

Meg left the room. She ran to her car and sped off. She went home. She threw herself on the bed and thought about all the memories she had with him.

If you feel like leaving�I'm not gonna make you stay�Soon you'll be finding�You can run, you can hide�But you can't escape my love�

Meg was half asleep when there was a knock at her door. She got up and answered it. Adam stood there with roses  in his hand. He smiled and Meg couldn't help but smile.
"Can I come in?" He asked
Meg shook her head. He entered the house and sat on  the couch.
"Meg I know we had our problems but that's in the past. Well, make it right this time. Well, make it work. Were meant for each other."
Meg starred at him
"Adam. Its too much pain to go back through."

You can run, you can hide�But you can't escape my love�

Adams smile left his face and  a tear ran down his cheek.
"Well, if that's what you want."
Meg shook her head
"I love you Meg, I always will. We have a past, one that you  can forget. Ill always be here. I'll always love you."
He stood up laid the roses on the couch and walked out. Meg still loved him but she knew it wouldn't work.

So if you go�You should know�It's hard to just forget the past to pass�It was good, it was bad but it was real�And that's all you get in the end of the matter�

Meg sat there thinking about everything. She began to wonder if they could make it work. If they could work it out. What if they could have a future too??? She stood up grabbed her keys  got in her car and sped off towards Adams. It was raining when She reached his house. She knocked on the door and waited for Adam to appear. Adam opened the door and looked at Meg who was soaked
"Meg what are you doing here?"
"I'm sorry Adam I made a mistake. I can�t escape you. I can�t escape our love. We can have a future. We can make it work."
Adam smiled and took Meg in and they made love for hours that night.

Here's how it goes�All it takes is some trying�You can run, you can hide�But you can't escape my love�
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