Nicole Jennings~A 22 year old blonde WWE diva. She stands 5'4" and has long straight blonde hair. Her best friends are Jeff Hardy and Megan Harper. She's independent, and is always thinking of others. She was involved with her boyfriend for about a year and has just ended the relationship, instead of being sad she's very happy, and relieved.

Megan Harper~ A 24 year old brunette with red highlights. She stands 5'9" with straight medium brunette hair. She's very caring, and loving towards the ones she loves. Her best friend is Nicole. She tries to spend all her free time with Shan and her best friend. And is also a lot like Nicole and loves to help those in need. She'll always be a true friend.

Jeff Hardy~ A 24 year old superstar. Who is secretly in-love with his best friend for 4 years. He tries to get the courage to tell his friend that he's madly in love with her, but always chickens out when he looks into her sparkling eyes.

Shannon Moore~ 23 years old WWE superstar, also best friend to Jeff, and Meg's Fiance. He's very compassionate. The most important things in his life is Meg, Jeff his wrestling and his music. He's very poetic, which explains to us why him and Jeff are so close. He never regrets anything he's ever done, and thinks of it as a lesson, or that it was meant for something.

Chapter 1
{Jeff's POV }
"Yo! Jeff," Shan said waving his hand in front of my face
"Yea?" I asked looking up
"Have you seen Nicole?"He asked
"No,"I said "Why?"
"Meg's looking for her. Did you hear her and Brad broke up?"
"What?" I asked shocked
"Yea, I guess it happened over the weekend."
"Is she OK?" I asked
"Yea, Meg said she was happy."
"Happy?" I asked confused
"Well, I'm going to go, if you see her tell her that Meg's looking for her."
"OK, I will."

~I finished getting in my ring gear, put my things in my bag and walked out into the hall way. Finally she's single, now I can try to tell her how I feel. I walked down the hall and stopped at the women's locker room to see if Nicole was in there, but I had just missed her. I noticed that I had 5 minutes before I went on and headed towards then ramp entrance, where I found Nicole and Meg talking to Maven. ~

"Hey guys" I said
"Hey," Meg and Maven said
"Hey Jeff," Nicole said

~I smiled at her and started to blush a little. ~

"What are you guys doing down here?" I asked Nicole and Meg
"I'm accompanying you to the ring." Nicole said
"Since when?"I asked
"I don't know, Vince and Steph just told me that they were going to try it."
"Oh, that's cool." I said

~My music hit and we walked out. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She looked so sexy, and it didn't help that she was dancing. The match started everytime I would get pinned she would distract the ref, and even distracted my opponent. It was weird having her out there with me, but it helped. I finally won a match in what seemed to be months. When I rolled out of the ring she ran over and hugged me and kissed me, it was just a little peck but I was shocked that she had done that. We walked to the back and we ran into Vince and Steph. They loved how the crowd reacted to me and Nicole being out there together, and wanted to make it an all the time thing. I didn't object and
neither did she. I walked her to the women's locker room then went to get changed. I walked out to my car and saw Nicole leaning on Megs car talking to Maven. Nicole saw me and waved for me to walk over, so I did. ~

"We're still going out tonight rite?" She said

~I had no clue what she was talking about. I looked at her and saw the look. ~

"Yea," I said unsure of what was going on.
"Sorry Maven but I've had plans with Jeff for a while and I can't break them. Maybe tomorrow or something."
"It's OK." Maven said getting into his car.

~I looked at her and she smiled. ~

"Thanks, he's been trying to get with me ever since he found out I was single."
"You don't like him?" I asked
"No, Meg thought I did too. Do I flirt with him bad or something?"
"No, its' just you guys have been talking a lot lately I thought you liked him."
"No, he's not my type."
"That's what I thought." I mumbled
"Do you want to hang out for a little tonight or no?" She asked

~I looked at her. ~

"Umm sure if you want."
"You want to just ride with me?" I asked
"Sure let me tell Meg."

~She ran towards Shan and Meg and told them she was riding with me. We got in the car and drove to a bar a few blocks from my hotel. We sat at a little table in the back of the bar. We talked for 2 hours. Nicole was getting drunk so I cut her off. We left the bar and went to the hotel. We sat in the car for a few minutes before Nicole fessed up. ~

"Are you not wanting to go to your room or something? I asked

~She shook her head no. ~

"I don't want to be by myself in that damn hotel room." She said
"OK, You can hang out with me for a little if you want." I said
"Thanks." She said and smiled.

~When we got to my room Nicole got sick and began to sober up. I was sitting on my bed when she walked back into the room and laid down next to me. I looked down at her and noticed she was starring at me. ~

"What?" I asked
"Nothing" She said looking away
"So what happened with you and Brad?" I asked
"It just wasn't working, I didn't love him."
"It took a year for you to now that?"
"No, I did love him, but not in the way I should have, I thought it would
"Oh, so your not sad at all?"
"Nope, not at all." She said with a little giggle
"Well, that's good."
"Yea," she said

~She sat up next to me. And looked at me weird. ~

"What?" I said
"I lied." She replied
"About what?"
"I broke up with him, because I love someone else."

~My head shot up. Great now I have no chance. ~

"Who?" I asked
"I can't tell you."
"Because they don't feel the same way."
"So, what does that have to do....."
"I just don't know if I want you to know yet." She said cutting me off
"OK, you don't have to tell me." I said

~Just then I felt her hand on my leg I looked at her and she put her other hand on my cheek. Next thing I know she was kissing me, tongue and all. When she pulled away her face turned red. ~

"I'm sorry" She said
"No, it's OK." I said

~She sat back against the bed and the only thing that was running through my head was 'what the fuck.' I turned to face her I grabbed her chin and kissed her lips softly. My other hand running through her hair, her arms wrapped around my neck and we deepened the kiss. Next thing I knew we were tearing each others clothes off and making love. ~
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