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Killer Army
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Theatrical Release Date: September 11th, 1980

C hina is ripped apart by a civil war, and thousands of displaced refugees swarm into towns not yet ravaged by war. Three such refugees (Philip Kwok, Lo Meng and Chiang Sheng) arrive in one town, only to get caught up of a web of intrigue, deception and death. This is a truly brilliant film, with stunning acrobatic artistry and an excellent story. Kuo Chui is top notch as a top fighter forced to break his own moral code, due to the circumstances he finds himself in.

T his is the last and best film of the Five Venoms! With the recent success of Jackie Chan's Young Master, Chang Cheh has his boys pull out all the stops. One good example is the evolution of Sun Chien's kicking skills, Chiang Sheng's swordplay, and Lo Meng 's Mantis Fist style. The choreography is tighter and more hair-raising than it has ever been. Chang Cheh's directorial talents show that he was 20 years ahead of his time. The film showcases slow motion effects within fight scenes. In the finale, be on the lookout for a try at stop motion photography - 20 years later to be perfected in The Matrix!



Lo Meng, Chiang Sheng and Philip Kwok as the 3 Refugees
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Venoms: Philip Kwok, Chiang Sheng, Sun Chien, Lu Feng and Lo Meng
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