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Legend of the Fox
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Theatrical Release Date: November 15th, 1980

Chin Siu Ho as Hu Fei
A young man, Hu Fei (Chin Siu Ho), is unexpectedly trapped by his past when his dying master tells him of his father's (Lu Feng) last days. It started when he was born. A dangerous love triangle kept Hu Li Tao (Lu Feng) under the close eye of Master Tien (Chiang Sheng).

Hu Li Tao and Miao Jen Fong In order to get closer to Hu Li Tao's love interest, Tien devises a plan to set Miao Jen Fong (Philip Kwok) and Hu Li Tao up for a battle to the death. During their three day battle, the two swordsmen develop the utmost respect for one another; trying different styles and techniques n sharing knowledge in martial arts. In the evening they even drink together! Furious that his scheme did not go as planned, Tien has his men poison the swords so that one may die if they are even scratched by the blade.

The Blinded Miao Jen Fong Hu Fei's father is accidentally killed by Miao. So now it is his mission to find those responsible for his death and exact sweet revenge. He battles some servants and henchmen before finding himself at the doorsteps of Miao Jen Fong! For some reason he cannot kill him, as he feels that this man, whom his father truly respected, is too honest and loyal to be a murderer. Other signs point to the evil Master Tien. He befriends the pharmacist Shin (Wang Li) who developed several poisons: One that was used to blind Miao in an ambush, and another that posioned his father's sword. Tien also, on several occasions, attempts to kidnap Miao's only daughter. His selfish and evil ways leads Hu Fei to believe Tien was ultimately responsible for everyone's demise!

Ambush at Miao's Mansion The battles in this film are superb. Shih has hipnotized servants who fight at the sound of ringing bracelets. There are two swords survived by Tien and Hu Fei that destroy any weapon it clashes with! Chiang Sheng is great with double swords, Kuo and Lu Feng's sword battle is unmatched and Chin Siu Ho really stands out. Even more than he did in 2 Champions of Shaolin! Legend of the Fox has the most staged set fight pieces compared to the other VenomsFilms. There are five or six unique battles as opposed to the normal "beginning-middle-end formula" most kung fu films adopt. The story is tight and rivals that of Five Deadly Venoms and Invincible Shaolin!

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