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Flag of Iron
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Theatrical Release Date: July 12th, 1980

Yen Siu - Spearman
The Eagle Clan is a ruthless clan and the only thing stopping it from being worse is the Iron Flag Clan's top apprentices: Brother Lo (Philip Kwok), Brother Yiu Lan (Chiang Sheng) and Brother Chow (Lu Feng). After a brawl with the Eagle Clan to help rescue a kidnapped woman being forced into prostitution., The leader of the Eagle Clan, Mr. Mei, invites the Clan to a dinner to show his unexpected gratitude. The master of the Iron Flag, Master Tai, doubts his rival's has second thoughts, but Brother Chow hires a hitman, Yen Siu - also known as the man in white - to accompany the Clan to the dinner in case an ambush is prepared. As anticipated, an ambush was prepared. Master Tai is killed in the battle and fails to assign the next head chief before he dies. Brother Lo thinks he knows what happened but is quieted by humility. Brother Chow is quick to take charge of the Eagle Clan. Traditionally the eldest (Chow) takes the position. But half of the Clan feels Master Tai intended for Lo to be new head chief. Brother Lo humbly agrees and congratulates Chow on becoming the new chief. The local inspectors inform the Iron Flag Clan that the Eagle Clan is pressing charges for plotted assassination of their Master Mei. Brother Lo, again with a grace of humility, accepts responsibility and plans to leave town before further investigation continues. Brother Chow promises that when things cool down, everything will be back to normal.

Brother Lo takes on the Dangerous Kid So Lo finds work at a restaurant and plans to hide low there for about a year. During that year the nefarious 10 Killers of the Underworld are hired to kill Lo. He also runs into Yen who brings with him bad news that has happened within the Iron Flag Clan since Lo's departure. Chow has kicked out the good apprentices of the Clan including Yen and has united with the Eagle Clan! Running whorehouses and casinos for the whole lot! It turns out Lo hasn't received payment from Chow and rumors are that Chow may be responsible for Master Tai's death. Lo finds it hard to believe but Yiu insists that Lo search for the truth. He also warns him of the 10 Killers.

Ruthless Brother Chow
The 10 Killers: Woodcutter, Fortune Teller, The Butcher, The Bookeeper, The Dangerous Kid and The Innkeepers all fall victim to Brother Lo's dynamite skills. Yen Siu, the man in white, comes to Lo's rescue and reveals startling information. The same person who hired t he 10 Killers was the same person who had Iron Flag Clan leader Master Tai murdered - Brother Chow! Yen confesses that although he is a hired assassin, he would never kill a good man. They agree to seek exact revenge for Chow's wrongdoings and for the death of Master Tai.

What unfolds next is a well-paced vibrant battle of bribery, threats, betrayal and revenge between Chow, Lo and the Spearman, all of which is kept under Chang Cheh's traditionally metriculous control.

Flags of Iron

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