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Restoring the English Dubbs to the Classics Venoms Documentary

Movie Reviews — Can't remember the names of the characters? Or what the stories were even about? Well this section will go into every detail of the films to help refresh your memory. You'll find everything, from the sinister warlords to the brave heroes. Also vote your personal rating of each movie. If there's anything you wanted to understand about an authentic Change Cheh film, you will find it here.

News & Trading Forum— With the growth of the internet, it's never been easier to connect with Venoms fans from around the world! Post a review, share a picture, or get some trading information on hard to find films. Go to this section to get the latest news on the Venoms and future releases of their classic flicks!

Multimedia and Image Galleries
For the first time anywhere, download dozens of still images from the popular movies! Listen to memorable audio samples from your favorite film. Watch exclusive video clips and theatrical trailers of the Venoms in top action. See and hear the experience all over again!

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