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Invincible Shaolin
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Theatrical Release Date: November 19th, 1978

A n Evil warlord comes up with a brilliant plan to rid the Ching Empire of the Shaolin masters. He invites three Shaoliners to his mansion and has them fight it out with three novice South Shaoliners. The Northerners win and accidentally kill the Southerners. News of the incident reaches Shaolin where the elder dispatches three top fighters to deal with the crisis of the Shaolin in-fighting. Here, the Venoms are in top notch form under the beady eye of madman Tai Cheh and the crisp storytelling of the maestro Chang Cheh, guarantee high quality viewing.

P erhaps the best martial art story for any of the venoms flicks. For the simple reason that the students from both schools are honest, humble and honorable to themeselves and the schools they represent. The real bad guy is the warlord Tai Cheh who places the venoms in realistic cicumstances. This makes the film more believable because the characters are pure products of the enviornments they find themselves in. And NOT because they are bad guys. Great stuff!

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Venoms: Philip Kwok, Chiang Sheng, Sun Chien, Lu Feng and Lo Meng
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