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Ravipudi's talk about fictious Bible.

Read all the questions on bible. Try to get answers. And also try to get answers from bible scholors. By that attempt, you can understand that bible is fictious and you cannot get justifiable replies for questions on bible. If you try, you can come out of superstitions promoted by bible. If you don't try, no one can help you.
Bible is plural tense. Bible means books. Name bible became permanent for holy books of christians. If bible is holy book given to christians by god, vedas are holy for vedic hindus and khuran is holy for muslims. Can any one prove that other religious books are not holy books and their religious books are only holy books? They should reply why their religious books are holy and why other religious books are not holy.

Every religion hates other religion. All religious books are against other religious books. They should prove that their religious book is only holy and their god is only true god.

So, famous telugu poet Kaviraja Tripuraneni Rama Swamy wrote this poem:
Okarudu vedame bhagavadukta mantachu upanyasinchu, In
Kokarudu bible bhagavadukta mantachu vakkaninchu, Ve
Rokarudu maa khuran bhagavadukta mantachu vaduladu, Ee
Tikamakalela pettedavu? Telpaga rade nijambu eswara!

Meanining of that poem: One person says vedas are only holy books, another one says that bible is only holy literature and another says that khuran is only holy book. Why should we be confused? Real god should reply!

Some devotees question "if there is no god, how did Kaviraja Tripuraneni question about real god?" for ridiculing Kaviraja. Their beliefs are completely meaningless and their questions are completely senseless.

Bible cannot stand on rationality. Questions against bible are only for educating christians against bible, not just for making fun on bible. People who try to get answers for all questions can understand it. Christians must try to get answers for these questions atleast by curiousity. Then, they can understand that bible is just a fiction.
My friend Subba Raju is rationalist. He is honourable leader in rationalist association. As a rationalist, he is opposing all religions. He do not support any specific religions like pseudo secular political parties. He don't justify promoting ideal slavery on age-old trations by name of religion. Without pertaining to any religion or race or nationality, he shows new way of life to humans in rationalis and humanist style for better presence and future.
Question raised by Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju here are just like college examination question paper. We can make many more questions like these. People who make more questions can develop more rational thoughts.

Ravipudi Venkatadri
Prakasam district
Andhra Pradesh

Click here : Ravipudi's works against bible fundamentalism
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