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Human beings

6.1 Did god create first couple Adam and Eve?
6.2 Are all people of the world clan of Adam and Eve?
6.3 Whites of Europe, blacks of Africa, mixed colored people of Asia.... Are all these people clan of Adam and Eve?
6.4 Then why do blacks and whites hate each other even they belong to same clan?
6.5 Do you think that rapid growth of population is result of work of god?
6.6 Do you think that family planning is against wish of god?
6.7 Do you agree that controlling birth by family planning operations is victory of doctors over god?
6.8 Is god thinking that man is superior than woman?
6.9 Do you give more preference to have male child than female child if you want a child?
6.10 Can women role as religious heads?
6.11 Bible says that women should keep silent rather than arguing with men. Do you agree?
6.12 In bible, it was not written that christian women should not put bindis on fore heads. Do you know??
6.13 Indian christian heads prohibit women putting bindis because hindu women use bindis. Do you agree?
6.14 Do you think that purchasing human beings as slaves so easily as purchasing animals is humanity?
6.15 In bible, it was written that you can purchase peopleof other countries or migrants from other countries in your country as slaves. Your clan can also use their clan as slaves. Do you agree that such sentences in bible as against humanity?
6.16 Do you think that sexual contact between male and female is sin?
6.17 Do you think that men and women become unsacred if they contact sexually?
6.18 Do you think that children born by sexual contact are bastards(illegitimately born children)?
6.19 Do you agree that bilateral sexual contact between man and woman is not unnatural?
6.20 Do you think that men should not touch woman?
6.21 If rules against sex are so strict, how did Lot impregnate is own daughters even it is severe incest?
6.22 Bible says that man can keep a woman as his concubine instead of marrying her. Do you agree??
6.23 Do you support any one keeping your sister or daughter as his concubine?
6.24 Do you think that husband is superior than wife?
6.25 In bible, it was written that wives should always follow the way of their husbands, they should not oppose their husbands in any case and always depend on their husbands. Do you support it?
6.26 Is god causing different diseases in human beings?
6.27 Is god only reason for birth of blind, deaf and dumb people?
6.28 In bible, Jehova said that he is only reason for birth of blind, deaf and dumb people. Should we justify his indecent work and worship him?
6.29 Do you think that doctors curing diseases is against wish of god?
6.30 If you fall ill, do you try to cure it by prayer only?
6.31 If you fall ill, do you patronise doctor?
6.32 Should we give more importance to life in heaven than life on earth
6.33 Do you want to live happily on earth only?
6.34 If your friend or relative fall severe ill, do you feel happy that they have chance to go to heaven soon?
6.35 Is it justifiable to punish father if son commits crime?
6.36 Adam and Eve ete the fruit by ignoring orders of god. Is it is justifiable to say that all the clan of Adam and Eve are sins just because of fault commited by Adam and Eve?
6.37 God warned that if any one hates him, his children, grand children and great grand children will not be pardoned. Do you justify him?
6.38 Do you think that all human beings are sins?
2.39 Do you think that god is having more love on sins than polite people?
2.40 Do you think that there are no polite people on the earth?
2.41 Jesus Christ said he came for sins only and he did not come for polite people. Do you justify him?
2.42 If you agree that there are some polite people on the earth, do you think that god is not needed for them?
2.43 In gospel of Luca it was written that single sin who worships god for pardon can make god more happy than 90 polite people who do not worship god. Isn't that rule encouraging sins?
2.44 If you believe gospels, don't you believe that there are polite people on the earth?
2.45 Do you think that human morales change according to time generation?
2.46 Do you think that rules proposed by Jehova are permanent?
2.47 David praised Jehova as permanent morale and very highly morale. Do you agree with him?
2.48 Can religious feelings promote morality in people?
2.49 Are you thinking that all the people who commit sins are non-believers of god?
2.50 Human beings can live morale without religion. Do you agree with it?
2.51 Majority of the people of world believe religion. If religion really promotes morality, why do so many people commit sins?
2.52 Large number of sins are seen all over the world. Do you agree that religion is having very little control on morality?
2.53 Dogs are very much loyale to their masters. Animals do not worship god. Why dogs are so much morale than human beings?
2.54 Dogs show very high loyality on their masters only for food. Human beings even harm those people who benefit them. There are also people who often harass their own wives and children. Do you agree that dogs are much morale than religious human beings?




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