Questions on Christian Missionaries


7.1 Is your church affiliated to any missionary?
7.2 Is you pastor a rich person?
7.3 Is you pastor living according to morales preached by him?
7.4 Are tou living according to morales preached by your pastor?
7.5 If you are a pastor, do you live by following all preachings of Jesus Christ?
7.6 Do you give a part of your income to church?
7.7 Do you know that corrupt pastors misuse your money?
7.8 Missionaries that run chruches get lot of funds from foreign countries. Do you know about it?
7.9 Do you know that corrupt staff of missionaries misuse that money?
7.10 Chrisitan religious heads earn millions by misusing funds. Are you aware about it?
7.11 Over greed on money is against bible. Do you think that christian missionaries follow that rule?
7.12 David said that people who are over greed on money do not have proper devotion. Do you agree?
7.13 Do you agree that christian missionary owners and bishops who earn easy money do not have proper devotion?
7.14 Clothes and other material donated by foreigners for distributing to poor people are not really distributed to poor people and they are sold in market. Are you aware about it?
7.15 There are also cases of sending complaints about missionary staff to missionary owners and owners changing corrupt staff. Are you aware about it?
7.16 Christian missionaries attract poor people by organizing meetings but they misuse money and they become more rich. If religion is really for benefiting poor, why religious heads become more rich and neglect poor?
7.17 Do you know that christian missionaries lure money to some people for promoting religious conversions?
7.18 Do you know that there were also cases of forcible religious conversions?
7.19 In an incident in Orissa, some missionary staff paraded a 14 years nakedly in village because he refused to convert religion. Do you justify such incidents?
7.20 Do you think that promoting forcible conversions is humane?
7.21 Christian population is more in some parts of North East India. Christian missionaries are promoting religious conversions well in North Eastern states for breaking India by name of religion. 30% of people of bodo tribe have been converted into christianity. They want to break India for benefiting imperialist countries. Do you support pro-imperialism of christian missionaries?




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