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5.1 Do you think that every human being have souls?
5.2 Do you think that other living creatures also have souls?
5.3 Do you think that soul is built by material?
5.4 If soul is also built by material, is it a part of body?
5.5 If soul is not built by material, can it be in physical body?
5.6 Is there difference between souls in different creatures?
5.7 Earth worm can live alive even it is cut into 2 pieces. Do you think that earth worm is having 2 souls?
5.8 Do you think that we can cut a part of soul with knife?
5.9 Do you think that souls also have feelings like human beings?
5.10 Do you think that god decides which soul should enter which body?
5.11 Do you think that souls are only reason for bad characteristics in human beings?
5.12 Can god control bad souls?
5.13 Bad people are more in this world than good people. Do you think that god's failure on controlling souls is reason?
5.14 Can soul enter other body after death of a person?
5.14 Will soul go to heaven after death of person?
5.15 In bible, it was written that soul comes to earth for entering into body of a person and returns back to heaven after death. Is it true?
5.16 In another part of bible, it was written that death is permanent and we should forget about him permanently and there is no benefit after death. Is it true?
5.17 Do you think that soul will burn if body is burnt?
5.18 Do you think that parts of soul will break if parts of body break in bomb blast?
5.19 Christians oppose post-mortem tests of dead bodies by saying that soul will be troubled if doctors cut the dead body for post-mortem. Isn't that arguement ridiculous?




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