Questions on Bible


4.1 Are you idol worshippers?
4.2 Do you know that idol worship is against bible?
4.3 Do you think that worshipping idol of Mary is not idol worship?
4.4 Do you think that worshipping image of Jesus Christ or cross mark is not idol worship?
4.5 Can we decide our behavior?
4.6 Is our life and behavior decided by god?
4.7 Can we live against decision of god?
4.8 If our future is decided by god, can we change it by prayers?
4.9 Do you think that some people being born as poor and some people being born as rich is decision of god?
4.10 Do you believe that god only makes people rich or poor?
4.11 Do you want to become more rich by prayers?
4.12 Can poor person become rich by prayers?
4.13 Do you worship god?
4.14 Do you go to church for worshipping god?
4.15 Do you think that god is found in churches and not in homes?
4.16 Are you worshipping god in home only?
4.17 Do you think that pastor is needed for worshipping god?
4.18 Do you think that pastor is only having more influence under god than you?
4.19 Do you think that your problems can be solved by god if pastor recommends him to solve your problems?
4.20 Do you think that god can understand your problems even you do prayer in any langauge?
4.21 Do you believe that people who get boon from god can speak new langauges?
4.21 Do you think that devotees from western countries who visit India for watching historical churches speak in Indian langauges?
4.23 Do you think that prayers can cure diseases?
4.24 In bible, it was written that doctor is needed for sick people only and healthy people need not think about doctor. Do you believe it? Even healthy people patronise doctors for checkup or suggestions for good health.
4.25 Christian missionaries are running hospitals in India. Don't they have confidence that diseases can be cured by prayers?
4.26 Do you think that god always wish prayer from you?
4.27 Can god know about your needs if you don't worship him?
4.28 Do you worship god only for asking him to solve your need?
4.29 Do you think that all of the evil works commited by you will be cleaned away?
4.30 Do you think that prayers can make you clean even if you commit many sins?
4.31 Do you think that all of your sins can be cleaned away by changing your mind?
4.32 Do you think that you can commit many sins even after changing mind for a while?
4.33 Do you think that only believers of god can get their diseases cured by prayers?
4.34 Even non-believers are getting their diseases cured by allopathic medicines. Then what is the need of wasting time by prayers for health?




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