Questions on Bible


9.1 Do you believe the evolution story in bible?
9.2 There are 2 stories of evolution in bible. Both of those stories are different to each other. Did you notice it?
9.3 Do you agree with Darwin's theory of evolution?
9.4 Do you agree that first human beings originated from from apes(monkey family)?
9.5 Do you agree that language was not originated at the time of origination of human beings?
9.6 In bible, first man Adam talked immediately after his birth. Is it believable?
9.7 It took thousands of years of time for human beings to learn agriculture and cattle taming. Do you agree?
9.8 In bible, Adam, Eve, their children and grand children done agriculture and cattle taming. Is it believable?
9.9 In uncivilized age, human beings used to worship rock idols under trees. Now they are worshipping idols in temples and churches. Isn't it result of change of civilization?
9.10 Do you think that religions agree for questioning against religious books?
9.11 If human beings have thought that whole knowledge is found in bible, could we develop so much in technology?
9.12 God ordered Adam not to eat the fruit that can give knowledge to him. Didn't the god like development of knowledge?
9.13 Do you think that bible is containing only scientific matters?
9.14 Now human beings acquired lot of knowledge. Did it happen against the wish of god?
9.15 Satan had encouraged Adam to eat that fruit. Do you thank Satan for his great work?
9.16 Do you think that bible authors are more genius than other authors at that time?
9.17 If we compare bible with modern science, can't we find some errors in bible?
9.18 Are they making changes in bible by force of science?
9.19 In telugu bibles, they write that earth is ball shaped though they have killed\tortured scientists who said that earth is round in past. Do you justify them?
9.20 Do you know that before writing bible, Indian scientists discovered that earth is round?
9.21 Did bible authors knew that earth is round?
9.22 Long back, christians in America filed case in court against teaching Darwin's theory of Evolution in schools but they lost. Did you hear about it?
9.23 If you ignore the story of evolution in bible, don't you lose faith on bible god?




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