Questions on Bible


3.1 Do you think that christianity is only true religion?
3.2 Do you think that all the non-believers of christianity will be punished by bible god?
3.3 Is bible only true religious book?
3.4 Do you think that all the non-believers of bible are atheists?
3.5 Do you know that there are 1132 different sects in christianity?
3.6 Different sects of christianity were formed by editing bible? Is it justifiable?
3.7 Do you think that your sect is only true sect in christianity and other sects are false?
3.8 Other sects of christianity also say that their sect is only true sect? Do you know about that?
3.9 Do you hate other religionists?
3.10 Do you think that all gods are equal?
3.11 If you say so, do you worship gods of other religions?
3.12 Do you think that all religions teach same kind of morality?
3.13 All religions advocate hatred against other religions? Do you support it?
3.14 Have you read about Jehova suppressing his non-believers?
3.15 Do you get anger if any one criticises bible?
3.16 Do you feel happy if any one praises bible?
3.17 Do you believe bible only because of your birth in christian family?
3.18 Have you accepted christianity only after examining about all other religions?
3.19 Jehova warned people not to worship any other god. Is it justifiable?
3.20 Is it right to certify only bible as true religious book without reading other religious books?
3.21 Don't you think that there is flaw in your belief if you believe bible without examining about other religious books?
3.22 Do you follow all traditions of christianity?
3.23 If you are protestant, do you follow catholic traditions and if you are catholic, do you follow protestant traditions?
3.24 Do you know all the christian traditions that existed since the time of origination of christianity?
3.25 Do you think that all the christian traditions followed by you are true traditions?
3.26 Are christian traditions changing according to time generation?
3.27 Do you think that all the christian traditions are rationale?
3.28 Do you support caste system?
3.29 Do you know that caste system pertains only to hinduism and it do not pertain to christianity?
3.30 Do you follow your caste traditions?
3.31 Do you think that your ancestors did not have sexual contacts with other caste people?
3.32 Most of the hindus who convert into christianity are continuing caste system. Is it justifiable?
3.33 Why do you follow caste system?
3.34 Do you like to continue caste system for reservation benefit or political power?
3.35 Have you accepted christianity only for life in heaven after death?
3.36 Do you want to go to heaven only by praying god?
3.37 Do you really help poor people for life in heaven?
3.38 Have you accepted christianity only for pardon of your sins?
3.39 Did Jesus Christ die only for your sins?
3.40 Is another justifiable to punish other person for a crime commited by you?
3.41 Isn't it ridiculous to say that sins of christians have been cleaned away due to death of Jesus?




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