Questions on Bible


8.1 Do you think that bible god had only created whole universe?
8.2 Science proved that earth is billions of years old. Do you believe it?
8.3 Some christian bishops are saying that god had created the earth at the time 4004 BC. Do you believe support them?
8.4 Is Satan leader of the universe?
8.5 Satan was named as ruler of the universe. Do you know about it?
8.6 Satan took Jesus Christ upto the high mountain and shown him all the kingdoms of the world. He said to Jesus Christ that he would give him all of those kingdoms if he work under him. Don't you feel that Satan heads the world?
8.7 Size of the earth cannot be compared with endless universe. Do you agree?
8.8 Do you know that christians used to believe that earth is center of the universe and all the planets and stars revolve around the earth.? 8.9 Do you know that christian heads have burnt alive scientist named Giordano Bruno and arrested and tortured scientist Galileo Galilee who said that earth is revolving around the sun?
8.10 Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilee were not atheists. Giordano Bruno was christian monk and Galileo was patron of church. Do you justify killing people of your own religion just because of differences in opinions?
8.11 Do you think that moon is having self glory?
8.12 Do you know that moon reflects the light of sun?
8.13 In bible, it was written that sun is big glory and moon is small glory. Did bible authors think that moon is having self glory?
8.14 Do you think that all the natural calamities are caused by god?
8.15 In bible, it was written that calamities do not happen without work of god. Do You believe it?
8.16 Do you think that god killing people by creating natural disasters is justifiable?
8.17 Natural disasters also demolish chruches among with schools and hospitals etc. Don't you get doubt on existance of god?
8.18 In bible, it was written that earth is flat. Do you believe it?
8.19 Do you think that plants can grow without sun light?
8.20 In bible, it was written that sun, moon and stars were created 4 days after creation of earth. On the third day, grass, plants and trees grew up. Is it believable?
8.21 Can days and nights form without sun?
8.22 In bible, they wrote that days and nights formed without sun. Don't you get doubt on minimum sense of bible authors?
8.23 If you agree that some matters in bible are lies, don't you get doubt on reliability of whole bible?
8.24 Christians used to believe that earth is in center of the universe and it is having unique value in universe. It was proved wrong by science. Do you agree that earth is not having any unique value in the universe?




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