Questions on Bible


1.1 Do you believe that bible is god-influenced literature?
1.2 Do you believe that bible god is only real god?
1.3 Do you think that bible god is god for all people in the world?
1.4 Do you think that there are no fictions created by human beings in bible
1.5 Do you think that there are no errors in bible?
1.6 If we compare bible with modern science, don't we find any errors in bible?
1.7 Have you read about history of bible?
1.8 Do you know that bible was edited many times?
1.9 According to old rules of protestants, there were 39 bibles. According to old rule of catholics, there were 46 bibles. Have you heard about it?
1.10 Do you think that all those old and new rules of protestants and catholics are reliable?
1.11 Do you think that gods in old bible and new bible are having unform ideas?
1.12 Bible scholors are not having uniform opinion about authors of different bibles. Have you heard about it?
1.13 Presently there are 66 books related to bible. Do you know that there were 60 more bibles and they were not included with present bibles because they marked them as unstandard. Have you heard about it?
1.14 Do you know about Jesus Christ only because of 4 gospels?
1.15 Have you heard that there were 20 more gospels and they were not included in bible?
1.16 Have you read bible completely atleast once?
1.17 Did you start believing bible only after reading it? 1.18 Do you believe bishops without reading and examining bible?
1.19 Do you know that according to old and new rules, Jehova and Jesus Christ said that they are protectors for Israelites only and not for others?

You may get some doubts by reading these above questions of Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju. First try to get clear reply for your doubts. If you don't reduce confidence on religion, you can read other questions of Mr Penmetsa.




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