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Mr Penmetsa's book about fictious Bible.

Famous rationalist Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju wrote some books in telugu language against bible. Those books are only for educating people about bible. Mr Penmetsa is not having personal hatred on religious people. He also wrote a book titled Bible - Devudi aata kattu. He wished his book to be published on internet. This website is translation of telugu book Bible - Devudi aata kattu. Mr Penmetsa's companion Mr T Solomon Raju who belong to Palakollu town gave me book Bible - Devudi aata kattu. He only introduced me to Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju. Mr Penmetsa belong to village Jinnuru near Palakollu town in West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. He joined rationalist movement around 1983 and grew up as state level leader.
Idea behind translating the book.
India is a pseudo secular country. Politicians encourage caste and religious feelings in people for vote bank politics. Communists are highly secular. Religious education is not taught in schools in communist countries. Schools do not conduct religious prayers and students are not allowed to wear religious symbols in schools in those countries. So fundamentalism is less in communist countries. But in India, every fundamentalist claims himself\herself as secularist or communist. They don't like to have intercaste marriages. When their son or daughter fall in love with girl\guy of other caste, they will oppose that love and their pseudo secularism or pseudo communism will be exposed. In past, i too used to believe religion. I have deserted religion because i understood that religion cannot solve any problems and it also promotes many superstitions. I have seen many pseudo secularists and pseudo communists in my life. Capitalist politicians encourage pseudo secularism and pseudo communism in people for vote bank politics. Pseudo secularists can learn about real secularism if they read books related to rationalism.

Author : Penmetsa Subba Raju, President of Andhra Pradesh Rationalist Association
Translator : Praveen, Member of Atheist Society of India.

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