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Animals which used to eat grass thousands of years ago are eating grass now also. Animals which ete hunted meat in that age are eating meat now also. Thousands of years ago, human beings used to eat leaves, raw vegetables fruits and hunted meat and lived with fear about natural forces. Now human human beings are not living in that style. Human beings have overtaken fear about natural forces and made their lives easy. Questioning mentality is typical characteristic of human beings. That characteristic created lot of difference between human beings and animals. That characteristic resulted development of science. In past, human beings used to have little knowledge. They did not knew about many things. By using ignorace of people, some people created fictious scriptings like Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Khuran etc. People are still believing such books even in this modern age. People are enjoying inventions and discoveries of science but they are unable to come out of religious feelings. Science is developing due to mentality of frequent questioning. Religions restrict questioning against religious books. That's why religious books are still existing. We should also question against matters in religious books. Then only we can get rid of problems caused by religion. We are seeing hindu fundamentalist parties like BJP and Siva sena which use hindu vote bank and pseudo secular parties like Congress and other which use muslim and christian vote bank. Superstitions and fundamentalism are seen all over the world. In history, more people were killed in crusades(religious wars) than wars between kingdoms. Now also religious hatred is continuing. If we want to stop religious hatred completely, we must remove religious feelings completely in society. Religious people must question against their religious books. Most of the religious people are not having dare to question against religious books. Rationalists and atheists must encourage people to question againt religious books. For educating majority of the religious people, authors like Mr A. Haranath, Mr A. Surya Narayana, Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju, Mr S Jayarama Reddy etc wrote books against religious books.
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