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Rationalist leader Jana Nageswara Rao's talk.

If we question about every thing and think rationally and get rational reply, we can develop truthful way of thinking. Blindly believing propaganda of others and following it can cause many superstitions. Instead of believing those people who promote wrong propaganda, we should think in scientific way and remove superstitious feelings from our minds.

Practice without rational thinking results danger like stones thrown by mad persons. Impractical thinkings are useless. Rational and practical definitely benefit human beings.

Scientists do research on every thing and question multiple times and observe carefully multiple times. But religion stands only on belief and do not allow questioning against it. Christianity also stands only on belief like all other religions. Bible is base for religious beliefs of christians. They say that bible is god's book but only few of them read bible completely. People who read bible on observation look are very less.

Before writing this book, Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju translated an english book titled The Bible Hand Book into telugu. That book contains 5 parts with titles Irrationals, Unfeasables, Attrocities, Vulgarism and Errors. Mr Penmetsa is also good speaker. People who agree with truth without any fear were influenced well by talks of Mr Penmetsa. They have also read and observed bible certified that bible is irrational.

Mr Penmetsa played the role of lawyer who do cross examination in court by writing this book.

Example questions: Can diseases be cured by praying to god?
In bible, it was written that doctor is needed for sick people only and healthy people need not think about doctor. Do you believe it? Even healthy people patronise doctors for checkup or suggestions for good health.
Christian missionaries are running hospitals in India. Don't they have confidence that diseases can be cured by prayers?
There are lot of questions other than these.

If we try to reply all the questions raised by Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju, we can break our faith on bible god. Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju acted like a doctor who detects disease by x-ray, scanning etc and detected ingorance in devotees of bible.

Introduction by Jana Nageswara Rao
Former president of Andhra Pradesh Rationalist Association
West Godavari district
Andhra Pradesh

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