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Mr Penmetsa's research on bible.

Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju joined rationalist movement and he had done research on bible. He wrote many articles in journals criticising bible. He raised many question regarding bible and christianity. He saw a book criticising god in house of famous rationalist Mr Gurijala Seetharamaiah. Then he got idea of writing books against bible for educating christians. Bible - Devuni aata kattu is one of those books written by Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju. Bible - Devuni aata kattu was written against christianity but we need not think that other religions are clean and unquestionable.

Though that book was written for christians, it can be also read by rationalists and other religionists. If rationalists read that book, they will also learn more about trends of christianity. All the questions in this book were raised after abserving bible, bible history, different sects of christianity and present christian trends. If normal christian reads this book, he will get doubts on christianity and he may desert his own religion is he is having minimum scientific sense. If christian bishops read this book, they may scold Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju. There is no fault in Mr Penmetsa regarding this.

Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju had noticed that very few christians read bible completely. Christian pastors and bishops teach bible in churches but they don't teach completely. Normal christians have only faith and they are ignorant about bible. Pastors and bishops who read bible completely are also rare. Even those pastors and bishops notice flaws in bible, they don't tell about them to devotees. If any devotee gets doubt on bible, they say that questioning against scripts in bible is result of Satanism. So, normal devotees do not dare to question against scripts in bible.

There are many good questions in the book Bible - Devuni aata kattu. Many christian missionaries in India conduct examinations about bible and issue certificates. They print easy questions in question papers and people who are ignorant about bible can also answer them. When Mr Penmetsa was studying in college, he saw an advertisement about examination on bible. He wrote that examination to know about certificates issued by missionaries even he didn't had idea on bible at that time. But he got certificate even he wrote that examination for fun. Question papers published by missionaries increase faith in people. Questions raised by Mr Penmetsa encourage thoughts in christians and reduce faith on bible.

Christians may think that questions raised by Mr Penmetsa Subba Raju are irrational. That's because of ideal slavery in devotees. Mr Penmetsa is not having any hatred on christians. Mr Penmetsa oppose religious propaganda. He do not hate people of any religion. To remove theocracy(domination of religion) in society and organize humanist society, we must talk against religious feelings and educate them against religion. This book was written for that purpose only.

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