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Ravipudi's works against bible fundamentalism

In India, pseudo secularists mostly talk against hindu fundamentalism and do not criticise fundamentalism of other religions(especially muslim fundamentalism and christian fundamentalism). Because muslims and christians are main vote bank for pseudo-secular politicians. Mr Ravipudi Venkatadri is true secularist and he opposes oppressions encouraged by all religions. Nowadays, imperialism mixed with christian fundamentalism and imperialists are attacking islamic countries. Christian fundamentalists also want to vanish hinduism, buddhism and other religions from the world. In past, a christian fundamentalist named Potluri Deva Sundara Rao made ugly comments on Mr Ravipudi. Mr Ravipudi titled him as bible maniac. Some people asked Mr Ravipudi "Why did he title that person as bible maniac? That person used to challenge with many people on bible. Sundara Rao claims himself as Jayashali(victorious person). If any one had ignored his ridiculous challenges, he used to think that he only won that challenge and used to publish about his so called victory in his telugu magazine named "Bhootalakrindulu". In telugu, word "Bhootalakrindulu" means "Wrong headed earth" or "Earth that turned from uphead to downhead". Name of the journal indicates that editor of that journal is ridiculous person.

That bible fundamentalist anounced in his journal that he challenges with any genious person of the world. No one in the world can stop him and he is waiting to see such person and he is darely forwarding on his way between people.

Mr Ravipudi remembered about story of mad bull that hit a train by over courage and broken in to many pieces of flesh by seeing the madness of that bible fundamentalist. That bible fundamentalist and his lover commited forgery and they were arrested by police. Though Mr Ravipudi couldn't stop that fundamentalist, police stopped him by keeping him in prison. That staunch fundamentalist wrote letters to Mr Ravipudi from prison for questioning him. Mr Ravipudi replied to those letters. By reading those letters, Mr Ravipudi understood that that staunch fundamentalist is also staunch liar. In past, Mr Ravipudi did not write much against christian fundamentalism. He was inspired by seeing worse behavior of that staunch christian fundamentalist and started writing more against bible.

Mr Ravipudi wrote a book titled "Bible ganacharam". In that book he wrote pages titled "Bible ganachari prahasanam" about behavior of Sundara Rao and described about his staunch christian fundamentalism. Sundara Rao did not reply about that book to Mr Ravipudi. It may not be possible to reply about critisims on filthy stories in bible.

In 1955, 5 christian fundamentalist leaders organised a meeting in village Gonasapudi in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh and called Mr Ravipudi to common platform. According to their agreement, each of those 5 fundamentalists should talk 20 minutes and Mr Ravipudi should give reply to lecture of each fundamentalist in 20 minutes. Very big public meeting was arranged in that village. There was no decency and morality in the talks of christian fundamentalists. Those christian fundamentalists played cheap gimmicks to defeat Mr Ravipudi. One christian fundamentalist tried to attract hindus by using sentiment causing impression that hindus, christians and all others are having god but atheists are only not having any god for them. He said that a hindu devotee saw Jesus Christ in a temple of lord Rama in Bellary while he was doing tapasya in temple. Mr Ravipudi replied "Where was Rama at that time while Jesus Christ was visible to hindu devotee in his temple? Was he enjoying in brothel house? Hindus understood about plan of christian fundamentalists and rebelled on them. Another christian fundamentalist argued that atheists commit incest(sex with cousins or sisters\brothers etc). Mr Ravipudi opened bible and read story about 'Lot' who slept with his 2 daughters and impregnated them. There are so many porno and incest stories in bible. At first, those christian fundamentalists tried to justify incest stories in bible. Christians who attended that meeting shouted not to argue with Mr Ravipudi and arguing with him will spoil the reputation of christians and requested those fundamentalists to come down from the stage of the meeting. Then, those christian fundamentalists ran away. Fundamentalists of all religions do baseless arguements to justify their slavery on religion. That story was written in the article "Bible bhaktula garvabhangam" by Mr Ravipudi.

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