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Updated: May 2006
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Contents (Sitemap)

This website covers the official orders, decorations, and medals of the Union/ Republic of South Africa; its colonial predecessors; the former territory of South West Africa under South African administration; and the ten former African homelands within the Republic, which were self-governing or independent from the 1970s until 1994. It also includes some unofficial awards.

The contents are grouped under the following headings: general; civil; military; police; prisons services; intelligence services; and miscellaneous awards. Current series of awards are highlighted in bold.

Historical Development
Legal Aspects
Literature & Sources
Post-Nominal Letters
Precedence (Order of Wearing)

Civil Orders, Decorations, and Medals
Cape of Good Hope (Colony)
Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek
Natal (Colony)
Union of South Africa
Republic of South Africa: 1967-2002
Western Cape (Province)
Republic of South Africa: 2002-

Military Orders, Decorations, and Medals
Colonial Military Forces
Boer Republican Forces
Union Defence Forces: 1913-39
Union Defence Forces: 1939-52
SA Defence Force: 1952-75
SA Defence Force: 1975-2003
Bophuthatswana Defence Force
Venda Defence Force
Transkei Defence Force
Ciskei Defence Force
Liberation Armies
SA National Defence Force
Unofficial Awards

Police Orders, Decorations, and Medals
SA Police: 1923-63
SA Railways Police Force: 1934-66
SA Police: 1963-2004
SA Railways Police Force: 1966-86
Transkei Police
Ciskei Police
SWA Police
KwaZulu Police
Bophuthatswana Police
Gazankulu Police
QwaQwa Police
Venda National Force
Venda Police
KaNgwane Police
KwaNdebele Police
Lebowa Police
SA Police Service
Municipal/Metropolitan Police

Prisons Service Decorations and Medals
Prisons Department: 1922-68
SA Prisons Service: 1968-80
Dept Correctional Services: 1980-96
SWA Prisons Service
Transkei Prisons Service
Bophuthatswana Prisons Service
Venda Prisons Service
Ciskei Prisons Service
KwaZulu Correctional Services

Intelligence Service Decorations and Medals
National Intelligence Service
Intelligence Services

Miscellaneous Decorations and Medals
British Honours and Awards
Foreign Honours and Awards
Local Authorities
Statutory Bodies
Private Institutions

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