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While it's always a pleasure to receive e-mails from visitors to this website, unfortunately I can't always answer the questions, or provide the services requested. This website is purely a hobby � a means of sharing information gathered over more than 28 years � and resources are limited.

So, if you're looking for someone's post-1910 military or police service records, or for medal ribbons or emblems, or for copies of citations, or if you want to know if you qualify for a particular medal, you'll get better results by contacting:
• the SA National Defence Force, or
• the SA Police Service, or
• the Department of Correctional Services, or
• the Chancery of Orders,
as the case may be.

If you're looking for someone's pre-1910 military or police or prisons service records, you may find them in the Cape, Natal, Orange Free State, or Transvaal Archives Depots, which you can access through the National Archives website.

You will also find contact details for government departments on the South African government website.

The SA National Museum of Military History has a wonderful website full of useful links and references: click here to reach it.

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