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Updated: May 2006
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Western Cape

The Western Cape is the only one of the nine provinces to confer its own honours. They were established by the provincial legislature in May 1999, and are awarded annually.


Western Cape Golden Cross (1999- )
For an exceptional achievement which has served the interest of the province.

Insignia: A gold cross of disa flowers, displaying the provincial coat of arms on the reverse. It is worn on a neck ribbon.

Order of the Disa (1999- )
For meritorious service in the interest of the province. There are three classes:

• Commander - for excellent meritorious service.

• Officer - for outstanding meritorious service.

• Member - for noteworthy meritorious service.

Insignia: A gold (commander and officer) or silver (member) convex cross displaying four disa flowers (obverse) and the provincial coat of arms (reverse). The commander's badge is worn around the neck, and the others are worn on the chest.

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